Jog-A-Thon 2018 Is A Runaway Success!

In an amazing effort, the Bonny Slope Community has come together to raise over $65,000 to help enrich the school experience for all students. This student led fundraiser was achieved with 567 students participating.  A huge THANK YOU is in order to all parents, volunteers, donors, and sponsors who helped us surpass our goal. We have successfully earned the All School Glow-In- The-Dark Dance Party and are looking forward to seeing what shade of purple Mrs. Maza and Ms. Montelongo will be rocking!

Classroom Participation Rewards

A record number of 20 classrooms reached the 85% participation goal and will receive an in-class donut party.  A special shout out to Mrs. Dell, Henely, Swardstrom, and Taylor/Oordt’s classes for reaching an astounding 100% participation!


Individual Prizes Scheduled

$50 prize:   429 students will receive a mini squishy. These will be distributed individually during student conferences.  

$150 prize:  205 students have earned an opportunity to attend the OMSI Golly-ology juggling show, scheduled for Tuesday, October 23rd from 7:30am-8:15am in the gymnasium. An email has gone out for those who reached this goal.  

$300 prize: 62 students will enjoy an on-site Game Truck and pizza party. An email will follow for those who reached this goal.

Thanks again for an amazing event!  

Jog-A-Thon committee

This Year’s Jog-a-thon was a Huge Success Despite the Downpours!

The 11th annual Jog-A-Thon went off without a hitch despite the less than ideal weather. Our students didn’t let the rain slow them down as they ran their little hearts out around the track representing their classroom’s country.  To date, this generous community has already fundraised over $48,000, with over 400 students donating in some capacity. Once again, an all-school glow in the dark dance party is on the line as the school works toward the participation goal of 526 students, roughly 80 percent of BSE’s student body.  

The purple hair dye is on standby and Mrs. Maza & Ms. Montelongo are eagerly awaiting students to reach their goal of 90% all school participation. We can do this!



There is still time to earn the in-class donut party! Individual classrooms are working toward their 85% participation goal. As of now, Dell’s, Kang’s and Henely’s classrooms have earned that reward, with several classrooms very, very close.




$50 - Mini Animal Squishy

$150 - GollyOlogy Juggling OMSI show (before school)

$300 - Game truck & pizza party (TBD)

Top lappers for each grade will also earn a special prize!


Parents still have two ways to continue the momentum and join the cause.  

  1. Head to and donate to your favorite little jogger.

  2. Return cash or check (made out to BSCO) to the school office by Tuesday, 10/16.  Lost your Jog-a-thon envelope?  Return in any envelope just be sure to include your students name & teacher.

Lastly, a HUGE thanks to all our parent & community volunteers! There is no way we could have done it without you.

Still have questions:

Jog-a-thon is here! Live updates...

Hero Image.jpg

It’s Jog-a-thon day, and Bonny Slope children are running, walking, and jogging their laps to raise money for all the great programs BSCO has in store this year. It’s always a fun time too, even with the rainy forecast!

Head on over to BSCO’s Facebook page to see live updates from the event!

You can still get those donations in online at and by turning in your envelopes.  The last day to have your donations count towards prizes is Tuesday, October 16th.

For more information, visit

4 Days Until Jog-a-Thon!

Jog-a-Thon participation counts have been updated!  With just 4 days to go until our BIG event on 10/5, it's clear our Bonny Slope classrooms are working hard for their Donut Parties! If your student’s class is falling short, it's not too late!  Any donation, large or small, is considered participation! You still have time to create your child’s online fundraising page at or turn in your JAT envelope. For more details go to  Let's do this Bonny Slope!!


Jog-A-Thon Gaining Speed

Hero Image.jpg

This year’s Jog-a-thon event is scheduled for Friday, October 5th. The early numbers are IN and we are gaining speed!


View our handy chart for class/grade race times, countries, and class colors. In the coming weeks each class will learn more about their country thanks to our awesome Cultural Enrichment team.

We need you to make this happen! If you’d like to volunteer, you can sign up here.


You can create your page now at pledgestar/Bonny Slope. Each student who creates an online fundraising page is automatically entered into a raffle for a prize. These raffles happen during lunch for each grade giving everyone a solid chance to win!

Updated Tax Receipt Form

The blue parent guide inadvertently included tax receipts from last year. If your sponsors would like a paper tax receipt, you can download and print out the correct version here: 2018 Tax Receipt Form.


Reminder: ANY AMOUNT DONATED is considered participation.

If 80% of student body participate Bonny Slope earns a school-wide Live DJ Glow in the Dark Dance-a-Thon

Dance a thon.jpg

If 90% of student body participate Mrs. Maza & Ms. Montelongo will dye their hair purple!

Purple Hair.jpg


Donut Party - Each class that reaches 85% participation earns a donut party during school hours. Track your class’s progress by watching the thermometer for your classroom and be sure to look at the poster outside the front office to see how every classroom is doing.



$50 - Mini Animal Squishy
$150 - GollyOlogy Juggling OMSI show (before school)
$300 - Game truck & pizza party (during lunch/recess)

Top lappers for each grade will also earn a special prize!

individual prizes.jpg

For additional information & for details about matching funds please go to

More Questions? Reach Angie Bruxer, Hayley Drimmel, Christa Meyer and Regina Noonan at

Thank you Bonny Slope families!

2018 Jog-a-thon Kicks Off “Running Around the World!”

Our 11th Annual Jog-A-Thon is off to a running start! This school-wide event promotes fun and fitness while raising funds for BSCO’s annual budget. Students will solicit pledges/donations, then run, jog, or walk their way to the finish line on Friday, October 5th. The money raised supports programs that directly enrich students' education and experience here at Bonny Slope.

With the success of last year’s Jog-A-Thon, we will keep with the theme “Running Around the World.” Each classroom will be assigned a country or region and will learn about that country or region in the classroom. The Cultural Richness committee is planning some fun and educational experiences for all grades. Every classroom will have a designated shirt color.

The Parent information booklet (blue) went home last Friday in each student’s backpack. In it you will find information on Pledgestar, FAQ, prize list, and classroom country list for each teacher.  Below you will find important information to get you started.


Students may start soliciting pledges today!  There are two methods to raise money. Choose the most convenient method or feel free to utilize both.

1. Online Method:

Build a quick, simple, and secure online fundraising page through  *EASY ONLINE PLATFORM! After several easy steps, parents and students will be able to email, Facebook, and Twitter their page to friends and family.  Create pages early to be entered into a weekly prize raffle.  (Note: If all your pledges happen to be online, bringing in the envelope is optional.)

2. Envelope Method:  

Students solicit pledges and then collect them in the JAT envelope. Each sponsor should write their name, pledge per lap, and maximum pledge on the attached envelope.

If the sponsor would like a tax receipt, the student should fill out the receipt (donation amount and date) and give it to the sponsor immediately. 2018 Tax receipt forms are found here. (Our apologies, the receipts in the blue packet have the wrong date on them.) Students may also collect flat donations in advance, but should keep the money and the pledge envelope until after the event.  Envelopes need to be turned in by Tuesday, October 16, 2018 to be eligible for prizes.

Envelope: collect pledges and then, after Jog-a-Thon, return to collect donations.

Electronic versions of these documents: 2018 Pledge Form2018 Tax Receipt Form

  • Many companies provide Matching Funds for donations to BSCO. Please see below for details.
  • More Questions? Angie Bruxer,Hayley Drimmel, Christa Meyer, and Regina Noonan at


Maximizing your company’s matching funds is an important aspect of BSCO’s fundraising.  Please visit for a list of local gift matching programs. This is an incredible way double our goal!!


School Prize:

  • If 85% of our student body participates AT ANY LEVEL, Bonny Slope earns a GLOW IN THE DARK DANCE PARTY with a live DJ!  ANY amount of donation is considered participation!
  • If 90% of the student body participates AT ANY LEVEL 90% participation- Mrs. Maza and Mrs. Montelongo will dye their hair PURPLE!!!

Classroom Prize:

  • Classrooms 85% participation: All class donut party (during school hours)

Individual Prizes:

  • $50+ Mini Animal Squishy
  • $150+ Golly-Ology Juggling OMSI show-  Tuesday 10/23 from 7:20-8:20 am.
  • $300+  Game truck and Pizza party- TBD, during lunch/recess
  • Top "lappers" for each grade get a special prize.
  • Weekly raffles for all of those who sign up for Pledgestar!


Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Jog-A-Thon. This is such a fun event to watch your child run/walk and help the event run smoothly. Look for an upcoming sign up to arrive in the next few weeks. *Please note:  A background check via the mVP system is required to volunteer/visit during school hours.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for the background check to process.

More Questions?

Contact Angie Bruxer, Hayley Drimmel, Regina Noonan, and Christa Meyer at


JAT banner1.jpg

Thank you Committee Leads!

We appreciate every volunteer at Bonny Slope, but we’d like to give a special 'thank you' to the following parents for their committee leadership this year.  BSCO Committee Leads make such an impact on our community, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Bravo and thank you!


After School Programs           

·        Shubhangi Kulkarni (Chincholkar)

Art Literacy     

·        Maureen Louie

·        Melissa Manos

·        Joshua Madrid

·        Currie Reese               

Artist In Residence     

·        Cori Anger


·        Lauren McCabe

Author Liason  

·        Jennifer Mikovsky

Back to School Picnic  

·        Cara Cook

·        Nadia Wald

Blog Writers   

·        Bridget F Clark

·        Leigh Havelick

·        Hannah Donohue

Bobcat Trail Club        

·        Angie Bruxer

·        Kelly Matsushima

Book Fair         

·        Melissa Gatchell

·        Cindi Otis

Box Tops         

·        Nicole Reynolds


·        Kirsten Forsberg

·        Reilley Keating

Community Garden    

·        Christine Hyatt

Community Outreach/Clothes Closet

·        Melissa Rice


·        Brenda Mayland

Earth Week     

·        Michelle Huss

·        Shannon Bekins

Fifth Grade Activities

·        Rachael Pettit

·        Sheri Bauer

Geography Club          

·        Mindy Poorman

·        Stacey Stefanelli


·        Sydney Keister

·        Cara Cook

Library Volunteers      

·        April Hill

Matching Funds          

·        Julie Gupta

Monster Mash

·        Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu

·        Hannah Donohue

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)  

·        Chevy Pham

·        Aparna Srinivasan

·        Kai Chen

Pancake Breakfast      

·        Leigh Havelick

·        Megan O'Malley-Cook

Parent Education        

·        Megan O'Malley-Cook

Production Team        

·        Michelle Mulholland

Science Night  

·        Holly VanderPloeg

·        Kate Resch

·        Aparna Srinivasan

STEM in Residency     

·        Erin Hire


·        Ryan Puntney

Staff Appreciation      

·        Stefanie Ebenal

·        Sierra Lavelle

Technology Advisor     

·        Elia Freedman

Walk to School Day     

·        Shannon Bekins

·        Leslie Zagelow


·        Melissa Manos

·        Jessica Gaibler


Jog-a-thon Support Amazes Again!


The incredible Bonny Slope community has again responded to the Jog-a-thon effort, with gross totals surpassing $56,000!  Once again, BSE students will enjoy an all-school dance party with DJ Zeek, scheduled for Tuesday, 11/21.  Huge thanks is due to every one of our BSCO donors who contributed to the success of this fundraiser.

Classroom Participation Rewards

Additionally, nine classrooms earned a participation prize party.  These fun incentives were not based on money earned, but rather the number of students who participated. These dates are TBD, but will take place during school hours.

Classrooms who achieved 80% participation & earned a popcorn bingo party:

  • Halgren (3rd)
  • Hammond (3rd)
  • Parks (1st)
  • Vanier (3rd)

Classrooms who achieved 90% participation & earned a donut bingo party with Bobby the Bobcat:

  • Dell (Kinder)
  • Hastings (2nd)
  • Henely (Kinder)
  • Kang (Kinder)
  • McBride (1st) **ACHIEVED 100% PARTICIPATION!!

Additional Incentives Scheduled

Students who fundraised over $150 have earned an opportunity to see Reptile Man, scheduled for Monday, 11/13 at 7:40am.

Students who fundraised over $300 will enjoy pizza and bowling at Sunset Lanes on Friday, 11/17 from 10:30am-1:30pm. Chaperones will be needed for this fun adventure.  If interested, please email Cara & Sydney (


Jog-a-thon Envelopes Due Tomorrow, Tue 10/17

A friendly reminder that Jog-a-thon envelopes are due at school on Tuesday, October 17th.

  • Finish those donations--perhaps if you were waiting to donate based on number of laps run.  Donations by credit/debit card are made online at
  • All cash and check (made out to BSCO) donations that were not made online go into the Jog-a-thon envelope and get returned to the school office.  Lost your Jog-a-thon envelope?  Return in any envelope and include the pledge sheet.
  • If your employer offers matching contributions, submit the amount to them to have it matched.  More info here.


Thank you for your generous contribution to the Bonny Slope community.

2017 Jog-a-thon Sprints to the Finish Line


The 10th annual Jog-A-Thon enjoyed a beautiful race day last Friday, as students ran their little hearts out around the track to represent their classroom’s country/region.  To date, this generous community has already fundraised over $40,000, with over 350 students donating in some capacity. Once again, an all-school dance party is on the line as the school works toward the participation goal of 511 students, roughly 80 percent of BSE’s student body.  

Individual classrooms are also working toward their own participation rewards.  All classrooms who achieve 80% participation (donation at any level) earn a bingo party with popcorn.  As of yesterday, both Kang’s and Henely’s classrooms have earned that reward, with several classrooms very, very close.

For those classrooms able to achieve 90% participation, that bingo party includes donuts and Bobby the Bobcat.  

One very valuable member of the Bonny Slope community is our new mascot, Bobby the Bobcat.  Bobby was all over the field–-running, hopping, dancing, and at one point, swimming as the kids trotted by.  Bobby was beyond excited for his first Jog-a-thon experience, sharing, “As a JAT rookie, I can honestly say that I have some training to do before the next year if I have any hope of keeping pace with those kids!  Man, they can RUN!  Their hind legs hit the pavement and they ran their paws off.”

More than 82 parent and community volunteers donated their time on the day of the event.  This ensured the Jog-A-Thon ran smoothly, kids had a fabulous time and, above all, were safe through the corners. Bobby adds, “It was a great event-–there’s nothing I like more than cheering on my BSE Bobcats–-especially when they’re supporting an awesome cause like BSCO!”

Parents still have two ways to continue the momentum and join the cause.  

  1. Head to and donate to your favorite little jogger.

  2. Return cash or check (made out to BSCO) to the school office by Tuesday, 10/17.  Lost your Jog-a-thon envelope?  Return in any envelope and include the pledge sheet.



Current Participation Numbers:


Acosta 14/27 (52%)
Anderson  12/28 (43%)
Basham  11/29 (38%)
Breton 16/27 (59%)
Crannell 13/29 (45%)
Halgren  18/28 (64%)
Hammond  13/27 (48%)
Hastings  14/28 (50%)
Johnson   12/25 (48%)
Maxwell  18/28 (64%)
Osika   14/27 (52%)
Scoones  11/27 (41%)
Swardstrom  13/24 (54%)
Tanner  15/24 (63%)
Taylor/Oordt  15/27 (56%)
Traller 12/30 (40%)
Vanier  16/28 (57%)
Vaughn 13/30 (43%)
Watz 10/26 (38%)

Individual prizes:

  • $50+ Emoji Keychain

  • $150+ Reptile Man (plus keychain).  Scheduled for Monday, 11/13 before school from 7:40–8:20am.

  • $300+ Bowling and Pizza Party at Sunset Lanes (Plus keychain and Reptile Man).  Scheduled on Friday 11/17, from 10:30am– 1:30pm.

Classroom Participation Rewards (to be held during school):

  • 80%  Bingo Party with Popcorn

  • 90%  Bingo Party with donuts and Bobby the Bobcat