Translations Needed for Mother Language Day

As a celebration of Mother Language Day (February 21st), the Cultural Richness committee is working on translating the signs around the school in several languages.

So far we have translations in Chinese, Bengali, Arabic, German, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Gujarati.

If you would like to contribute translating another language, please send an email to with the translation of the words and sentences below.


Thank you,
Mara da Silva
Cultural Richness Committee

Assistant Principal
Small Group
Conference Room
Volunteer Work Room
Work Room
Staff Room
English Language Development
PE (Physical Education)
Girls Restroom
Book Storage
Custodial 1A
Lost and Found
Bus Entrance

Swing into Spring with the Bonny Slope Auction at Top Golf on April 14th!

With the excitement of the snow this week it’s easy to look towards warmer weather.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 14th as you are invited to join us at the Bonny Slope Spring Auction! Our auction and game play will run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Top Golf in Hillsboro.  

Tickets on sale February 22nd!

This year we are very excited to host our annual auction on a new day and at a new location.  The primary focus of the auction is to raise funds to support our BSCO programs, our BSE classrooms and our students.  With that in mind we want to ensure that funds raised by YOU go towards the programs for YOUR students. As in the past, the evening will allow for the community to gather and to connect as we help to support our BSCO programs.  

So come and take a few swings in the golf bays, bid to win one of the many silent auction packages, and make some new friends over dinner and drinks.  It is sure to be an evening you won’t fore-get!

Things to know:

golf logo for website.jpg

Q. Will the fundraiser still feature a silent auction?

A. Yes. We will have a prize-filled silent auction like in previous years. The live auction will not be included as all items will be featured in the silent auction. We’re also trying out new technology for easy bidding while you play your round of golf.  

Q. Is this still a community-building event?

A. Yes. The golf theme and backdrop is just the location for the auction.  We will have plenty of space to mingle and connect with other members of our wonderful BSE community. No golfing experience necessary for the TopGolf game play activities.

Q. Can I bring my kids?

A. No. While Top Golf is a fun family activity, the auction event is an adults-only night. Come check out the location and book a tee-time for another family outing.

Q. Is this a theme party?

A. Yes and No! We know our community loves a theme so if you feel like it fairway attire is encouraged. Of course dressing up is always optional.  The photo booth will have fun golf themed props for you no matter how you arrive.

Q. What if I can’t attend?

A. There are many ways for you to support BSCO programs outside of attending the auction. There will also be raffle tickets and teacher experiences available to purchase on the auction website in the coming weeks.  You can also offer your support by volunteering or donating items.

Q. Want to sponsor the event, donate items for the silent auction, or help with the event planning?

A. We need you!  Send an e-mail to  

More questions?  E-mail

The Roving Desk and How Your Funds Revolutionize Teaching

As Bonny Slope prepares for their annual auction, it is natural for families to wonder what has been done with the monies gathered from previous years.  Our family movie nights are due to the amazing projector in the gymnasium, instruments for students’ music classes, iPads and headphones also for the students.  And, now, we have two teachers who have “roving desks”.  Both Mrs. Parks in First grade and Mrs. Tanner in Kindergarten, have been able to ditch their name sitting table desks for ones that allow for more flexible – both figuratively and literally – when it comes to doing lessons and teaching their students.


Mrs. Melinda Tanner was the first teacher to get the fancy set up.  She likes being on the forefront of technology, utilizing it for the possibilities it can give her; and she knows that sitting isn’t as healthy for her as it is to stand.  Thus, her desire to create a working desk station that is cord free, wifi compatible (thanks to the Apple TV donation, also from BSCO), and standing only. In 2018, Mrs. Tanner went to BSCO with her “wish list item” and was quickly given the new set up.

Mrs. Bitsy Parks took notice of Mrs. Tanner’s new desk, and realized she wanted one too.  She liked that the new desk would allow her to give her a better dynamic to move around the room.  And, as a petite woman, it also worked better for her height.  It also eliminated the need for an actual desk.  As she said, “Having the permanent desk in the corner was like a barricade between you and the students.  Now I have more freedom and flexibility.”

Both teachers repeatedly mentioned the freedom and flexibility that has come with their new “roving desks.”  Instead of having to have a desk in one spot, they can go wherever.  All of the cords and plugs are gone, so they don’t have to worry about blocking their students’ views when utilizing the in-class projectors or Internet.  Everything is connected to the desk, which includes: an iPad, with a camera and projector, Apple TV, and then wifi built in.  There is also freedom of movement.  The teachers both noted, they have been given more space, “more real estate” in their classroom and when a teacher is using every possible inch, even going vertical, taking away a bulky desk is a game changer.  They also have reduced their need for “stuff” which is important to both Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Tanner, and Bonny Slope Elementary.  The desire to reduce your carbon footprint is something all students and staff work towards, and these computers allow them to do this as well.

As Mrs. Tanner put it, having this new set up is just like a “delicious day”, it just tastes better now.  Delicious indeed.


Pancake Breakfast Hits the Spot!

Bonny Slope Elementary’s fifth grade class hosted its annual Pancake Breakfast this past Saturday. Over 600 people ate pancakes, sausages, and oranges, and washed it all down with juice and coffee. The fifth grade raised more than $5,500 to help with this year’s science school, to be held February 28th and March 1st.


Our fifth graders, parent volunteers and Bonny Slope staff did a great job selling tickets, hosting, cooking, and serving. Thank you to everyone who helped!

A special thank you to Jenny Johnson, Walmart, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and Bale’s Thriftway, and Costco for all of their generous support!  

Take a look at some pictures…

Winter Community Meeting Slides and Video Posted

The Winter Community Meeting of the Bonny Slope Community Organization was held Wednesday, January 30. A recording of the event as well as the slides are posted below.

Catch up on all current BSCO business

  • Learn how to talk your kiddos about the safety drills at school

  • Hear from our teachers on their classroom innovations, funded by your generous donations!

  • BSCO’s survey results - you spoke, we’re listening.

  • Our 2018-19 financial health, new teacher grants and some good news from Matching Funds committee

  • Maker Space progress

  • Upcoming events including Pancake Breakfast, Science Night

  • Our Annual Auction!

  • Our plans to store water at BSE for emergency preparedness

  • 2018-19 Board Applications - we’re hiring! President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications, Member-at-Large are all available.

  • Open volunteer opportunities

  • And more..

Winter Community Meeting Slides

Bobcat Explorers Never Stop Exploring

By now you must have seen our Beautiful Bobcat Explorers Wall, next to the volunteer room. We received many great pictures and stories after the summer, but we want to continue receiving them.

Exploring the worlds various cultures, either from your hometown by visiting cultural festivals or by traveling the world, enriches us. With this project and wall, we want to share the fun experience of expanding your horizon. We want to awake and enthuse the Bobcat Explorer in all of us.

Think about the photo opportunity when visiting a monument or location, eating exotic food at a local food cart, or enjoying a folklore performance.  You might be discovering something or somewhere new, or a place with great historical importance. Think about a fun fact too, like how food is prepared or how people greet each other in a different manner. Of course you can be in the photograph, but don’t have to be.

Download the Bobcat Explorer Card For Your Photo here

Send your photograph to Add your name, the place where you took the photograph, together with your fun fact or what you have seen or learnt.  During this school year we continuously will share them on our Explorer Wall.

The Cultural Enrichment Bobcat Explorers team
Mara, Barbara & Marieke

Volunteers Needed for Beaverton Clothes Closet 2/20

Clothes Closet Volunteer.jpg

Come join fellow Bonny Slope Parents and Staff and volunteer at the Beaverton Clothes Closet.  The Clothes Closet is operated by volunteers from the School District's parent groups and Beaverton community to provide free clothing for students in grades K-12 from families with limited income. It's a truly wonderful experience to help children and families in our own community.  Shifts are for 2 hours and run from 9:15AM-4:30PM on Wednesday, Feb 20th.

Sign up here-

BSCO Board Seeks New Officers for 2019-20, Applications due Apr 5

Greetings amazing BSE community.  The BSCO Board is looking to fill several leadership positions for the 2019-20 BSCO Board, as officers roll off their term.

While every position is up for re-election, the confirmed openings are as follows:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Director of Communications

  • Member at Large

While board members are encouraged to serve two years in a position, all positions are elected on an annual basis.  As restricted in our bylaws, no member can serve more than two consecutive years in a position. Given the large number of board members transitioning out of their role this year, the board is considering having a current board member stay one additional year in a different role in order to equal out the number of transitions each year.  The chart below outlines the responsibilities of each role.

If you are interested in the long-term vision and general attitude, atmosphere and culture of our parent organization, serving on BSCO’s board allows for an incredible amount of input.  Specifically, serving on the board allows you to:

  • Approve/deny all teacher grants

  • Approve/deny budget requests under $1,000

  • Direct input into writing BSCO’s annual budget

  • Direct input into special projects that exceed the annual budget

  • Direct input into scheduling BSCO’s Dates to Remember

  • Contribution to the overall goals of the Board – such as this year’s goals of building the volunteer pipeline, smarter giving and increased STEM oriented programs

The time commitment varies between positions, but the minimum requirements are:

  • Monthly Board meetings (averaging about 2 hrs each)

  • Three community meetings

  • Setting-up/picking-up at one Parent Education night per year

  • Participation in at least one August playdate or Back to School Night to meet new and returning families

All positions can be done by a working parent.  The bulk of all the positions (aside from the meetings) takes place online or via email.  Additionally, several of the current members rolling off this Board will still be parents at BSE next year, allowing for an ease of transition where new members can have veteran support to answer questions.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please complete the online BSCO Board Application Form no later than Friday, April 5, 2019.  The 2019-20 ballot slate will be voted on during the final community meeting on Tuesday, May 21.  If you have any questions, please email Ashish Gupta, BSCO President, or this year’s nominating committee lead, Andrea Steyskal or any of the current board members.



  • Preside at all BSCO community meetings and at all BSCO Board meetings.  The president shall be an informal member of all committees.
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda for BSCO community meetings
  • Act as a liaison between BSCO and the Principal of BSE, with at least one private meeting annually.  The President serves as the representative for BSCO to the Administration of BSE.
  • Ensure representation of BSCO at all regular meetings of the District parent group officers’ meetings.
  • Monitor BSCO funds with the Treasurer to ensure appropriate transactions


  • Perform duties of the President in his/her absence
  • Act as a liaison between the fundraising committee leads and the Board
  • Ensure proper acknowledgements to all sponsors


  • Keep accurate record of official business transacted at each Board meeting and community meetings
  • Have on-hand at each meeting a copy of the Bylaws, minutes of previous meetings and a list of the committees and their chairs
  • Post the recorded meeting minutes for each community meeting within 2 weeks of the meeting date
  • File the annual report with the Oregon Secretary of State.  Renew yearly insurance coverage.
  • Oversee the election and ensure that each election is conducted in a fair manner.  Create the ballot used by BSCO to vote for officers


  • Receive all monies of BSCO, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approved budget
  • Present a financial statement at every Board and community meeting
  • Responsible for ensuring the filing of annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Maintain financial and audit records


  • Responsible for the BSCO website, updating current information and managing, soliciting and publishing content including blog posts
  • Administer email accounts assigned to BSCO Board members and Committee Leads
  • Serve as administrator of all official BSCO social media
  • Act as liaison with the BSE administration and front office for all community communication needs


  • Serve in a supportive role to the duties of the President and Board of Directors
  • Organize and/or provide support for any Board projects that further the mission of BSCO, based on the needs of the current year.  Examples include, but are not limited to community surveys, facility improvement projects and additional community outreach.
  • Remains vacant until all the other Director offices are filled.

Online applications can be found at:

DUE APRIL 5, 2019

Time to submit Science Project Entry Forms!

Once your student has decided on their Science Project for Science Night, please make sure you submit an entry form at  This ensures space is reserved for the display board and that the student’s project information is listed in the program.

You can also purchase a science display board for $3 online and have your student pick it up in the office.  To pay online, please log on here, choose your student's name then school items and clubs to purchase.  You may alternately send $3 (exact change) in with your student to purchase in the office.   

Questions? Please contact