"Cheers to 10 Years" Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets are now on sale for this spring’s community-building fundraiser, the BSCO Soiree and Auction.  Once again, this exciting event will take place at the Tiffany Center Ballroom in downtown Portland on Saturday, April 21st.  

BSCO Poster White 11x17.jpg

This year’s evening, titled “Cheers to 10 Years,” will celebrate the impressive community effort and achievements of Bonny Slope’s first decade. Admission, golden raffle tickets, teacher experiences, and sponsor-a-teacher opportunities are all available for purchase through the auction website.

Admission includes dinner, drinks, and an adults-only evening socializing with your friends and neighbors.  In addition to an extended cocktail hour with a silent auction, the night will include a live auction with classroom art and impressive packages, a champagne toast, and for the first time, a highly anticipated dessert dash.  

Ticket pricing is as follows:

Early Bird: $50 (Feb 22nd - April 2nd)
Regular: $65 (April 3rd - April 19th)

Buy tickets here!

Please note that tickets will not be available at the door.

Please also take a moment to look through the teacher experience offerings.  Kindergarten through fourth grade teachers are generously donating their time to entertain and hang out with students after school in a fun, casual and themed event.  These items are available for presale online and are $25/student.

If you have questions regarding the depth and scope of BSCO’s annual budget and programs, please check out our 2017-18 budget or contact Ashish Gupta, BSCO President (president@bonnyslopebsco.org)

Join Us for Final Parent Ed - Tuesday, March 6

Please join us for our last parent education offering for the 2017-18 school year.

Tuesday, 3/6/18
Executive Functioning and the Pre-middle School Transition w/ Dr. Allan Cordova


Executive Functioning (EF) refers to a set of brain-based "command and control" skills. They are critical for effective planning, time-management, attention, and impulse control. EF skills emerge and improve as children mature, but at times, students struggle with EF when it's most needed. In this presentation, we'll explore basic concepts related to EF, identify common barriers to implementing effective EF, and learn some strategies parents can use to support and reinforce students' increasing independence in utilizing EF skills. 

Allan Cordova received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Denver and completed his internship and postdoctoral work at the University of Washington. He has worked with youth and families in hospital, clinic and school settings. A native Oregonian, he joined Children's Program in 2002. He enjoys working with families and children of all ages. Areas of expertise include assessment and therapy with pre-teens and teens; couples therapy; and treatment of anxiety and depression.


Candy Readers Head to OBOB Regional Tournament

It’s been an exciting last few weeks, and what a finish! The fifth grade team, Candy Readers took the Bonny Slope School Championship title on Feb 12, narrowly defeating the fourth grade champs, The Joyful Purple Fire Breathing Hawaiian Dogs. The Candy Readers will represent Bonny Slope at the OBOB Regional tournament on March 17.

All teams put their hearts into reading the books, doing mock battles and were very composed with their expertise, all the while exemplifying great sportsmanship.

During the last few weeks, teams showed up prepared to battle for the opportunity to represent Bonny Slope at the regional.  In one case,  two fourth grade teams endured eighteen (18) tie breaker questions to determine the winner, with many battles resulting in close and exciting finishes.  Congratulations to all the kids for their hard work.

OBOB participation embodies the IB attitudes of confidence, cooperation, curiosity, enthusiasm, independence, integrity, and respect.

A huge thanks to all the participants, their parents, the fourth and fifth grade teachers, volunteers and BSCO’s OBOB chairs, Chevy Pham, Aparna Srinivasan and Kai Chen. OBOB is supported through your generous BSCO donation.

Share with us your thoughts about this year’s OBOB programming.  Your input will help guide next year’s OBOB experience.  The parent survey is here.  The student survey is here.  

We need a few willing parents to organize next year's OBOB.  Please email obob@bonnyslopebsco.org if would be interested in making OBOB a reality for next year's fourth and fifth graders.

The BSE OBOB Championship Battle

The BSE OBOB Championship Battle

Submit your Science Project entry by Sunday, 2/25!

Science Night is only 3 weekends away and we need your Science Projects!  All entries received by Sunday, 2/25 will be included in grade level raffles for Plasma Ball Lights.  Do not delay!  Visit the Science Night BSCO site for more information and then submit an entry form.

Trifold display boards are also on sale in the Bonny Slope Office for only $3.00

Questions?  Please contact the BSCO Science Night Team sciencefair@bonnyslopebsco.org


Thursday, February 22nd is the Next Geography Club Check Day

Study up, Africa Part 2 is the next map.  Maps can be printed at home using the following link:

Sign-up genius for volunteering:

Remaining Geography Club Check Days

  • Thursday, February 22—Africa Part 2
  • Thursday, March 22—Europe Part 1
  • Thursday, April 26—Europe Part 2
  • Thursday, May 24—Australia & Oceania
  • Thursday, May 31—Recheck Day

If you missed a month you can recheck on May 31st or any of the above regular check days.

Questions? geoclub@bonnyslopebsco.org

Principal Chat January 2018

It was a whirlwind of riveting topics at last week’s evening Principal Chat.  Because time is precious and we’ve all got kids to feed, here’s a recap you can skim in two minutes.  We’ll even time ya.

  • Fourth grade’s lunch hour social experiment got mixed reviews from the students.  Our little cherubs had to pick a number as they walked in to sit at a table with random kids in hopes that it would prompt a bit more outreach and build some social skills and new friends. However, most of the kids thought it was a brutal form of arcane punishment for being too loud. It was only for one week, but something of this sort might make its way back to the BSE cafeteria every now and then for all the grades. Oh, the torture!

  • Fifth grade's No Homework Policy is a misconception. Although expectations are somewhat different for each classroom, homework is a requirement in 5th grade. Most teachers require a minimum of reading 30 minutes per night as well as finishing any classwork that was not completed during the day. Many also require writing about reading and Dreambox work.  Occasionally, you should see the old school type of math worksheet come home as well to support what is being done in the classroom.

  • Is Dreambox optional?  Can we just let them keep playing? Oh Dreambox-- where all your math dreams come true.  Online, that is.  Some parents would prefer a hard copy homework handout, but honestly, it’s the teacher prerogative.  And is your little hooligan surpassing all his math grade level dreams and wanting to climb that dreambox ladder?  Consensus here is to keep him challenged and let him go as far as he wants.

  • How is it possible that people are still parking in the “No Parking” areas of the parking lot at pick-up?  Seriously, folks.  It’s February.  Have we not figured this out yet?  (cue eye roll) Just a heads up-- BSE is taking names and Washington County is on the case, so YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.  

  • Oh hey, turns out your kids need to be IN school to do well AT school.  Beaverton School District is cracking down on their chronic absentee rate. When it comes to reporting absences, there is no difference between excused versus unexcused. Bonny Slope has a pretty large number of students who are characterized as “chronically absent,” so let’s do better, shall we?  Two major indicators of high school grad rates are socio-economic status and chronic absenteeism. And big brother BSD is watching...

  • The new preschool is a part of BSE, but not quite FULLY BSE.  Preschool students will have breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, attend assemblies, and use the playground and community events such as parent education and Carnival.  However, they won’t have all BSCO programs (like Art Lit, Bobcat Trail) or specials.  Each class only has 2.5 hours of instruction per day, so it’s all about hitting those preschool standards with a heavy focus on social emotional growth.

  • We’re not the only preschool circus in town.  This past fall, two other schools in Beaverton School District (Aloha-Huber & Vose) opened preschools. Eventually, our superintendent would like them at every elementary.

  • Our IB higher-ups will be checking us out next fall so we need to get our IB ducks IN A ROW.  Start drinking the kool-aid, people!  We’re still in the middle of a self-study, so if you’d like to participate in taking a crazy short survey, or even being the hero and sitting on a discussion panel next fall, then connect with Jennifer Oordt, our PYP Coordinator (jennifer_oordt@beaverton.k12.or.us)

And that’s a wrap!  Join us for February’s Principal Chat on Friday, 2/23 at 2pm.

The PYP Leadership Committee Needs to Hear From You!


The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Leadership Committee needs to hear from you!  Our International Baccalaureate (IB) Standards Self Study brought up some issues we are discussing as a staff. We would love some community members to have the opportunity to weigh in. Your voice can be heard two ways:

1) Participating in this survey  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K66KW6D

2) Joining a focus group that will meet twice this spring and one time next October during our IB consultation visit. If you are interested, please contact the PYP Coordinator, Jennifer Oordt   jennifer_oordt@beaverton.k12.or.us


Volunteers Needed for Artist In Residence!

Volunteer to assist our students and learn the art of the collage yourself.  Our Artist In Residence program begins on 2/20 and runs through 3/23. Each classroom will spend two sessions with local Artist Sarah Ferguson to learn the techniques of painted paper and collaging.  It's fun and easy to volunteer and a great way to work with our students as they learn about art. This year we are tying the theme of the art to a PYP learning practice so the experience comes full circle within the students curriculum.

AIR K-4.jpg

Our artist is looking for 2 - 3 volunteers per each classroom session to help with getting the students to and from the artists workshop and to move through the lesson. For more information and to sign up to help visit: http://signup.com/go/YwjJOSH

For the complete BSCO 2017-2018 Artist in Residence program overview and volunteer information visit the following: 

Link to AIR overview

Link to AIR schedule with CURRENT volunteer needs

Question or Ideas: air@bonnyslopebsco.org

We Need Your Help Collecting Photos for the 5th Grade Slide Show!

Attention 5th grade parents -- we're looking for your photos!  Every year during your student's final week at Bonny Slope, they view a video retrospective of their elementary school years.   We need your help to make it a memory. 


Submit up to 4 photos of your student during various ages from K-5.   These can be any type of photo (with family, professional, candids, you name it).    Don’t delay!  It’s better to do it now, than be in a rush at the end of the year.   First 10 people/families to submit their photos qualify for their name listed in the end credits!!!   (plus, we’ll even let you change them if you find something different later on)

How, you ask?   

email to slideshow@bonnyslopebsco.org 
drag & drop on the web at slideshow.wetransfer.com **

We’re also looking for Bonus Photos — these do not count toward your 4 photo max !!    Older things from past Field Trips, general classroom group photos, Jog A Thons, Read Across America Day, 2nd Grade Market, with the bus driver, their teachers, or other staff.   There’s also a category for “Things That Aren’t There Anymore” (ex: snow in the parking lot, Mrs. Bishop)

Questions?   slideshow@bonnyslopebsco.org

** note: web submissions aren’t compatible with Android or smaller iOS devices.

Auction Items Needed

The Auction procurement team is working overtime to find fun, interesting, and valuable items to populate this year’s silent auction. The success of Bonny Slope's auction depends on your generous donations of items, trips and experiences, to be bid on at the event. Your donations are tax deductible and will be packaged for sale in the evening's silent or live auction.

Do you have season tickets to any local sports teams? If there is a game that you are unable to attend, consider donating those tickets!

Do you have extra SHARC passes? We can bundle them with a vacation home to create an amazing family vacation.

Do you have a small business? Consider donating a small gift basket of your products or a gift certificate for services to introduce your business to our school community.

Please take a look through this list to see if you have a connection that can help Bonny Slope.



  • Sports Tickets
  • Team Memorabilia
  • Home Décor
  • Wine: Bottle ~$25
  • Gift Certificates
  • Jewelry and Fashion
  • Local Celebrity Shadowing


  • Salon and Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Home Maintenance
  • Photography
  • Chef and Catering


  • Airline Miles
  • Hotel Points
  • Car Rental
  • Concert Tickets
  • Personal Vacation Homes
  • Anything you can think of!

The Bobcat Soiree team is looking for people to donate personally or from businesses you frequent. You may approach them yourself with our attached forms, or our procurement committee can make contact on behalf of BSCO. To inquire about Donations, please contact Lauren (auction@bonnyslopebsco.org)


Ask companies with whom you do business — or your own business — to become an event Sponsor. Many levels of sponsorship are available, most of which are accompanied by perks for the event itself. To inquire about sponsorships, please contact Lauren (auction@bonnyslopebsco.org).