BSE Science Night Is Back

Science Night is back!  Don't miss it!  Head to BSE Friday 3/16 from 6-8pm to have the most electrifying experience yet!  We are celebrating BSE student discoveries in Science, and bringing recognized and inspirational Scientists from our community to share more about the REAL WORLD IMPACT each of these have on our lives.  Keep an eye out for the First Lego League Team composed of our very own BSE students! 

#scienceislikemagicbutreal #bsesciencenight18

Volunteers needed to review projects!


Thursday, March 22nd is the Next Geography Club Check Day

Study up, Europe part 1 is the next map.  Maps can be printed at home using the following link:

Sign-up genius for volunteering: 


Remaining Geography Club Check Days

  • Thursday, March 22—Europe Part 1
  • Thursday, April 26—Europe Part 2
  • Thursday, May 24—Australia & Oceania
  • Thursday, May 31—Recheck Day

If you missed a month you can recheck on May 31st or any of the above regular check days.

February Geo Club was canceled due to snow.  We decided to make the month a freebie instead of trying to reschedule.  February will not count for or against prizes at the end of the year. 


Many Methods to Join the Auction Effort

Tickets to the “Cheers to Ten Years” Bobcat Soiree are now available online.  Don’t miss this opportunity to support the programs and events that make Bonny Slope a special place to be.

There are MANY METHODS online to join the celebration and make an impact on BSE’s success:  

  • HOST A TEACHER: Pick up an admission or two for our awesome staff members!

  • GOLDEN TICKET: A limited number of these sweet tickets are sold for $100 each and a winner (drawn the night of the event) is able to choose any live auction package to keep. Yes, you read that right.  ANY LIVE AUCTION PACKAGE OF THEIR CHOICE. You do NOT need to be present to win, so take a chance at scoring an awesome deal for only $100! (Proxy notifications must be made by 4/19-- see website for more details). Live auction packages are continuously being added to the website, so keep an eye out for your favorite!

  • 50-50 RAFFLE: Try your luck in our fifty-fifty raffle.  The winning ticket holder will win 50% of the total money taken in by this raffle.  The winnings could grow to $2,000! Cost is $20 per ticket and you need not be present to win.

  • TEACHER EXPERIENCES: Sign your kids up for their hugely popular grade-level parties, hosted by teachers! These are an awesome opportunity for students to spend time with classmates and teachers in a fun atmosphere outside of school hours.  No need to attend the Bobcat Soiree to be mom and/or dad of the year!

  • TICKETS: Admission tickets also continue to be on sale, through Thursday, April 19. It's not too late to join the fun and make memories for years to come.  Grab the $50 price before April 2nd!

Many in our community want to further the fundraising effort, but don’t have a Sunriver rental or Blazer tickets to donate.  Here are two opportunities to contribute to Auction’s success.

Help us fill the wine wall by donating a bottle of wine (retail value $25+).  All donors will be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card to

For the first time, the Soiree & Auction will include a "Portlandia Dine & Dash."  Your donation of $25 gift cards to locally-owned, Portland-area establishments will create an Auction opportunity that's sure to be a hit.  All donors will be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card to

Sign up HERE to further the Auction effort by donating to our wine and Dine and Dash walls.

We are looking forward to a night of fun, laughs, and memories, as we continue to build and improve Bonny Slope Elementary.  Together.

BSE 5th Graders Ascend to Mazama Lodge for Science in the Snow


Hopefully, the memories of the fantastic time you had at this year’s 5th Grade Pancake Breakfast are just as hot and fresh as the sausages served! Our BSE 5th graders THANK YOU again for your participation, as they were recently able to enjoy some science in the snow at Mazama Lodge as part of this year’s outdoor science adventure.


The weather didn’t freeze out the kids’ enthusiasm (and only held up buses...temporarily) as they learned about …

  • Ice glaciers + forts (and the insulation they provide) + snow volcanoes
  • The physics of sleds… or as the exercise became known - HOW CAN I GET THIS SLED TO GO FASTER?
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Building snow caves and tunnels similar to the animals who live in cold climates
  • Snowshoes and what makes them work

We did an informal poll of some of the 5th graders, and here are the experiences they valued most:

  • Playing in the snow
  • Sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Campfire sing-a-longs
  • Working on projects with kids they hadn’t before
  • Experiments

A lot of prep goes in to getting the campers winter weather ready. Some of the best tips we collected from parents of this year’s crew include:

  1. Layer up. It’s cold in the cabins at night. Heed the warnings on the paperwork!
  2. If you’re short on packing space, it might be helpful to keep these things in mind:
    • Layers are important, but based on this year, it seems the kids won’t change the middle layer as often as you might hope.
    • Boots and slippers seemed to be sufficient footwear-wise.
    • Wear boots on the bus
    • Pack sleeping bags, blankets and pillows in one of the trash bags you’re bringing. This saves space in bags, and keeps bedding clean.
    • Showering didn’t seem to be a widely-offered option, so you may not need a towel, etc.
  3. Bring a snack and reusable water bottle on the bus. It’s a good ride, and some kids may benefit from having something to hold them over before lunch at the lodge.

On behalf of all 5th grade parents around the ‘Slope, we’d like to send a special shout to the parent chaperones. We owe you some Advil!

Finally, with the official outdoor school experience becoming a district-wide offering for all Beaverton School District sixth graders this year, we extend our appreciation to the BSE fifth grade teachers for sourcing an alternative option for our Bobcats, and to BSCO for their continued support of this much-loved tradition. It was snow much fun for all involved. (Oh yes we just did that.)



Don’t miss this year’s #SCIENCENIGHT18 on Friday, 3/16!  We want every student, with or without an experiment or engineering design, to charge up, stop in and meet a number of incredibly instrumental and significant scientists in our community.  Each Maker & Demo Space Vendor has something engaging, and can’t “weight” to connect with you and send you home charged about a unique aspect of science!

As you enter the building, consider putting your “ion” a slice of Friday Night Pizza from Pizza Schmizza while supplies last!

Vendors & Spaces include:

  • Beaverton School District Future Bus | Mobile Engineering & Design education, LED pin-making
  • BSE First Lego League Mini Team | Lego Robotics Water Conservation demos
  • Catlin Gabel Robotics Team 1540: The Flaming Chickens | Software, Mechanical Engineering, Control System Ride-On Robotics
  • Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute | Exhibition of cancer treatment options for children
  • Mountain Wave Search & Rescue | On-board demo of the Communications Big Rig for Rescue Missions
  • Pet Science & Education | Pet Health & Food Nutrition Analysis & craft
  • Saturday Academy in affiliation with the University of Portland | Forensics: Hands-on Fingerprint identification
  • Tualatin Valley Water District | Source to the Home display: Pipes & pathways of water take-home education tools
  • Pizza Schmizza: West Hills Plaza-7535 SW Barnes Rd., Portland, OR 97225

Volunteer Sign-up

Volunteer Sign-up - Your review of 2 to 3 science projects provides significant value and honor to each Junior Scientist. Thank you!

See you there!

BSCO Science Fair Page:

Order Autographed Greg Pizzoli Books by April 1

On Thursday morning, April 12th, author and illustrator, Greg Pizzoli, will be visiting the Bonny Slope School to talk about his new book, This Story is for You.  Greg’s first picture book, The Watermelon Seed, was the recipient of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award.  In 2015, his nonfiction picture book Tricky Vic was selected by the New York Times as one of the Ten Best Illustrated Books of the Year.  In 2017, he won a Geisel Honor award for the picture book, Good Night Owl.  This is your opportunity to pre-order your copy that he will autograph.   Orders are due by Sun. April 1st, 2018.

Order here:

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Miksovsky at

BSCO Adds Incoming Kinder Facebook Group

Kindergarten Round-up is coming up fast this April. For those parents ready to get a jumpstart,  BSCO has added a new Facebook group for all parents who will have kindergartners in 2018-19. Search for “Bonny Slope INCOMING Kinders” and request to be added to this closed group.

Also, here’s a quick recap of BSCO’s social media presence.


  • Like our main public page “Bonny Slope Community Organization- BSCO” for any BSCO news or updates this summer.  Every article from our blog is automatically published to Facebook, so you are always in the know. (And don’t be shy about like a post-- that helps spread the word).
  • Join a grade level Facebook group.  Every grade has a Facebook group, which operate a bit more inclusively than our main page and allow for better conversations between parents.  These are a great avenue for announcements outside of general BSCO news that are relevant to your specific student and anyone within the group can add their Facebook friends.



  • Subscribe to our blog and receive the full text, straight to your inbox, on the day it is published.  All the day’s posts are put into one evening email, so your inbox stays clutter free. Go to our website, and look for the “Subscribe Via Email” box in the far right side column.  A confirmation email will be sent before you begin receiving updates.

Questions can be directed to Josh Resch, BSCO’s Director of Communications.

February 2018 Principal Chat

Quite a full house last Friday.  And by “full house,” we mean eight parents. But while the crowd wasn’t huge, the discussion was important.  Read on for a full recap.

Levy Perplexity

Beaverton School District has a levy on this May’s ballot.  This measure has been painfully misunderstood, so here’s a quick little recap to help educate the masses.

  • Levies are for learning. Bonds are for building.  Levies and bonds help make-up the gap between state funding and the actual cost of running a school district.  This levy funds STAFF ONLY. In fact, BSD says there are 300 staff positions on the line, including several at Bonny Slope. No construction projects are a part of this current levy measure, unlike the bond measure passed in 2014 which initiated the construction and repairs of many BSD schools.  Take a look here for the projects funded by the 2014 bond that have absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming levy.

  • This levy is a RENEWAL of a levy passed in 2013, which was a direct result of the bloodbath of 2012-13 when BSD lost 300 teachers, class sizes ballooned, and parents cried themselves to sleep.  How can we so quickly forget those dark ages? This 2018 levy will MAINTAIN your current level of taxes, not increase it, which for the average family in Beaverton, is less than $25/month.

Mazama Madness

While there were a few hiccups to the fifth grade’s trip to Mazama Science School (AWOL nurse, snow day, late busses), the experience proved to be a memory-making adventure.  The program was geared to the scientific method, having students create experiments and explore theories– everything from how to build a faster sled, how snowshoes work, and what would happen if all the snow melted on Mt. Hood.

However, BSD has recently laid down the hammer when it comes to elementary overnight trips.  Next year, elementary schools will no longer be allowed to have school-sponsored overnight trips and school sponsored overnight trips won’t happen over the weekend.

Walk Out Walkabout

Recent and continuing incidents of gun violence in American schools have galvanized many passionate Bonny Slope parents. March 14th’s National School Walkout is urging students to walk out for 17 minutes at 10am.  Can BSE participate? What would that look like? Several parents were on hand to chat with Janet and Ali about their hopes and expectations for what this could look like at Bonny Slope.

First, whatever action BSE decides to take, it needs to be mindful and appropriate for our children.  Secondly, it’s an incredibly important topic to many parents in our school community. Finally, it’s an excellent opportunity for our students to see the PYP “take action,” and to learn valuable civic lessons regarding free speech and the right to peaceful protest.

As one can imagine, green-lighting a school walkout is a tricky subject for elementary administrators, especially as BSD is still working on their official messaging and stance. UPDATE:  BSD has responded to possible school walkouts. Janet is committed to creating some sort of age-appropriate activity that will not include students actually walking out of the school and will focus on kindness, inclusion, and unity.  This will work perfectly with BSE’s current “Kindness Matters” campaign.

Other schools in the area are walking into the hallway, observing 17 minutes in silence, and/or creating different lessons for younger versus older grades.  Whatever BSE decides, together with parents and staff, it will not be political and it will protect our children’s innocence.

Other Juicy Tidbits

  • Conferences are coming up and while they are not being LED by students, many teachers want students present.

  • Friday’s day off from school is compensation for teachers working 12 hours days on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • BSD’s 2018-19 calendar has a LOT of full weeks next year, with the school year beginning 8/27.  Better double check your vacation plans, folks, ‘cause your usual week in Sunriver might be out.

  • While students don’t need to be totally silent when transitioning from recess into the cafeteria, they do need to quiet down and calm themselves to eat.  Students should not be losing lunch time due as a “punishment” for not being silent. IAs usually try and line them up a bit earlier to give them time to chillax.

  • Our flag takes a beating.  Due to the rain, wind, and ice, Janet replaces our flag every year.  Wondering why it’s often at half-mast? Well, Janet and Steve Sparks have a direct line to the governor, who communicates with all state employees when the flag should be down.

And that’s a wrap!  See you at our next Principal Chat on Friday, 3/23 at 2pm, with special guest, Cedar Park principal, Dr. Shannon Anderson.

Auction Teacher Experiences Available Online

The 2018 Auction Teacher Experiences are now available for purchase online.  These are an awesome opportunity for students to spend time with classmates and teachers in a fun atmosphere outside of school hours.  

How does it work?
Bonny Slope kinder through fourth grade teachers have graciously donated their time to host these grade-specific events.  Admission is $25 per student and can be purchased online (along with your Auction admission!).  All events take place after school.  Kinder through third grade will take place at BSE, while the fourth grade event will take place at Sunset Lanes.

Parents do not need to attend the auction in order to purchase admission to a teacher experience.

What’s the lineup this year?


Ice Cream Social
You scream...I scream...we all scream for ice cream! Along with their teachers, kindergarteners will get to build ice cream sundaes and maybe play a game or two! Thursday, May 3th right after school until 4:30pm at BSE.


Field Day Fun
Bonny Slope 1st graders are invited to join Mr. Whitehead and the first grade teachers in an action packed afternoon as they run, play, and have fun together through multiple games, activities and a snack on the BSE Field!  Tuesday, May 1st right after school until 4:30pm.


Art Party with Ms. Acosta
Once again, 2nd Graders get to spend the afternoon participating in an art class and project in Ms. Acosta’s classroom. Thursday, May 3rd, right after school until 4:30pm. Limited to 25 students.


Board Game Mayhem
Let the games begin!  All 3rd graders are welcome to join the third grade teachers in the library for an afternoon of skill, strategy, and FUN!  An assortment of board and card games will be available for students to learn, play and enjoy with their classmates.  Friday, May 11th, right after school until 4:30pm.


4th Graders will once again knock down some pins at Sunset Lanes with their fun and favorite teachers! Thursday, May 3rd, from 4pm to 5:30pm. Transportation not provided.

Purchase your Auction tickets and teacher experiences at the same time at Questions regarding the teacher experiences can be directed to Hannah Donohue (

BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot February 19, 2018

On the cusp of Portland's first snowstorm of the year, the board met to discuss initial plans for next school year, auction preparation, upcoming board member vacancies and a number of other areas of business.  

Kicking off this meeting was a presentation from Ashley Vanderjagt, Emergency Coordinator for BSD.  Ashley shared the district's guidance on emergency preparedness and the training rolled out to all BSD's schools on developing their own emergency plans.  Ashley has also led the distribution of orange supply buckets which reside in every classroom.  Ashley's talk with the BSCO board highlighted opportunities for the various community/parent organizations to contribute further to emergency preparedness of the schools.  The district does not have budget in place to fund water, supplies and other materials which would be needed in the case of a natural disaster (e.g., earthquake), which may leave students on school grounds for several days before being picked up.  The estimated volume of water for BSE's size is 13-19 55-gallon drums, assuming students/staff are stuck on school grounds for 2-3 days.  Storing water (even just 1-2 drums) requires an accessible location within the school or a shed/shipping container somewhere on school grounds.  Outside of water, the existing orange buckets in each classroom are not full.  Ashley recommended toilet paper, ponchos and nut-free snacks such as granola bars may be valuable supplies to add.

President, Ashish Gupta, facilitated some initial discussion around budget and project planning for the upcoming calendar year.  In addition to existing committee/program support and continued free admission to Monster Mash and Carnival, other projects such as music equipment refresh, storage cabinets in the volunteer room, emergency preparedness and other capital updates/improvements were discussed.  Exact plans are pending final fundraising results.  Under Susan Acosta's continued leadership, the cultural awareness team is looking to showcase country flags in the school library.  

Two BSCO board member positions are slated for re-election prior to the start of the 2018/19 school year.  These include Director of Committees and Directors of Volunteers (ideally shared by two people).   The time is now to get the word out on these opportunities.  Both roles are open to all interested community members and both offer meaningful and exciting ways to be a voice and contributor in the BSCO programs at BSE, as well as team with fellow board members.  More communications are expected.  Application form and full description of the positions are accessible at the BSCO website under business.  New board members will be voted on during the final 2017/18 community meeting in May.

The auction planning is in full swing.  While no lead sponsor is expected for this year's event given the departure of Noyes, the secured sponsorship is projected at $15k.  In response to community survey feedback, early ticket price is $50 per individual through spring break.  The committee is still looking for more donations of restaurant certificates and event tickets, as well as those who may be experienced with MSFT publisher for creation of event programs.

BSE's Science Night on Friday, Mar 16th, will feature an impressive number of science demos and booths from local vendors and organizations.  It’s not too late to submit an entry and two more weekends remain to pull together a project.  It’s a fun and unique experience for any age participant.  

The final parent education night is Tuesday, March 6th, 7-8:30 pm, featuring a presentation on Executive Functioning skills in pre-middle school children by clinical psychologist, Dr. Allan Cordova.  

Artist in Residence has kicked off with classroom sessions happening up until spring break.  Volunteers are needed to support the sessions taking place with the Artist Sarah Ferguson.  Sarah will be teaching painted paper techniques and the art form of constructing collages.  

Full financials report is available at .