Monster Mash Tonight!

Tonight's the night!  Join us from 6-8 for Monster Mash at Bonny Slope.  The event is free and there is still time to register.

No "tickets" will be sent home, simply show up and check-in at the front or side door.  


Important Notes:  

  • Students must be accompanied by an adult-this is not a drop off event
  • Please leave the truly scary stuff at home (no bloody masks or weapons)
  • Adults/older siblings-please no clown costumes, we have kids that are truly frightened by recent events

If you are interested in helping out, please check out these links:


Looking forward to tonight!

Update on the Student Directory

We now have all of the data that we need from the school to put together the Student Directory! We'll be processing it over the next week and then you'll see a digital version be published and the printed copy will follow shortly after that.

In the meantime, if you need email addresses for a birthday party or playdate, please email and we'll do our best to help you out.

BSCO’s Second Parent Ed Evening, Parenting the Anxious Child, Scheduled for Nov. 14

BSCO’s Parent Education Series continues next month, as Bonny Slope welcomes Dr. Allan Cordova and his presentation, “Parenting the Anxious Child.”  This informative session will be held Monday, 11/14/16, from 7-8:30pm in the BSE Library.  

In this presentation, we'll discuss:

  • "typical" childhood anxieties
  • how to differentiate developmentally-expected worries and concerns from issues that might benefit from formal support or intervention
  • how you as a parent can feel more confident in refining your toolkit to help your child navigate anxiety.

Allan Cordova, PhD., Psychologist received his doctorate from the University of Denver and completed his internship and postdoctoral work at the University of Washington. He has worked with youth and families in hospital, clinic and school settings. 

A native Oregonian, he joined the Children's Program in 2002. He enjoys working with families and children of all ages. Areas of special interest include teenagers, couples, treatment of anxiety and depression, and family transitions.

Please join us for this important and valuable evening.  The Parent Education programs are a no-cost adults only series, made possible through BSCO’s annual budget and your generous Jog-a-Thon donation.  Questions can be directed to Megan O’Malley Cook at

Beaverton School District Announces Option School Process

Fifth grade families: Beaverton School District has announced the process for applying to the District's option schools. Beginning October 24, current Beaverton School District students may apply online using their student ID. Students may only select one option on their application.

  • To apply, applicants must reside within the Beaverton School District boundaries. 
  • Students should give careful consideration to their choice of school. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.
  • Students who do not have Internet access or resident students not currently attending a Beaverton school can complete a paper application or pick one up at a school office.
  • Students interested in learning about the options programs should attend one or more of the scheduled open houses.
  • Applications must be received in the Learning Options Office no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

For more information, please contact the Learning Options Information Line at (503) 356-4440.

Staff Appreciation Committee Kicks Off October Efforts

Bonny Slope teachers and staff work very hard to give our children all they can, and we as parents, are able to return the effort to express our gratitude.  Each month, BSCO's Staff Appreciation committee plan various small events and/or meals to support our teachers and staff.

For October, the Staff Appreciation committee is turning their efforts towards support during parent/teacher conferences.  On October 26th,  volunteers are needed to bring food in line with our Harvest theme.  Volunteers will be on hand to serve dinner.  If you are interested in bringing in a little something for BSE teachers and staff, please sign up now.

Conferences start after school and run into the evening.  On Thursday, October 27th, the Fresh Thyme Company will cater a lunch with a variety of hearty soups.  This is provided through the Staff Appreciation budget and your generous BSCO donation.

In the months to come, you can expect signups for November and December’s theme…. think yummy pies, and holiday cookies!  

If you would like to be added to the Staff Appreciation email list, please contact Stefanie and Sierra at


Still Time to Participate in Jog-a-Thon Fundraising

Bravo, Bonny Slope!

As of Wednesday, 10/12, we are 70% towards our participation goal of 516 students.  365 students have participated in this fundraiser at some level.  Any size donation is considered participation.  Anything.

As we enter Jog-a-thon’s final turn, there are several ways that you can return your donation.


Parents still have time to set up an online student fundraising page at  Once you’ve registered your joggers, click “Add Family & Friends” to send out fundraising link (even to yourself).

Donors have two options once they enter Pledgestar.

  1. ONLINE DONATION--  Donors may immediately make a secure credit card donation online.  Any donation is split evenly between students sharing a page.
  2. CHECK DONATION-- Pledgestar allows donors to send in a check, generating a code to be included on the memo line.  Please remember to include this code-- it is how your donation is reconciled with the student.  All checks must be received by Wednesday, 10/19 to be counted towards prizes.  Once your check is inputted into the Pledgestar system, donors are automatically emailed a receipt.

Pledge Envelope

Students may also return any donation in the pledge envelopes that went home the first week of school.  Volunteers will outside the school every morning this week to collect those envelopes.

  • Students who have donated 100% online via Pledgestar do not need to return a pledge envelope.
  • If students have misplaced their pledge envelope, families can print out the pledge form.  Donations can be returned in a regular envelope with the printed pledge form included.
  • Checks should be made out to BSCO.
  • After 10/13, students will need to bring their pledge envelope to the office to be collected.

All donations must be received by Wednesday, 10/19, to be counted toward prizes.

To reach our goal of 516 students, an average of 21 students in each section is needed to donate at any level.  Here are the current section totals of participating students by teacher.

  • Acosta-- 20
  • Anderson-- 17
  • Basham-- 8
  • Bergerson-Allen-- 20
  • Breton-- 15
  • Chandler-- 9
  • Crannell-- 6
  • Dell-- 19
  • Halgren-- 13
  • Hammond-- 15
  • Hastings-- 13
  • Henely-- 18
  • Johnson-- 17
  • Maxwell-- 16
  • Osika-- 9
  • Parks-- 14
  • Scoones-- 17
  • Smith-- 12
  • Swardstrom-- 17
  • Tanner-- 18
  • Taylor-- 13
  • Traller-- 16
  • Vanier-- 13
  • Vaughn-- 11
  • Watz-- 15

Jog-A-Thon Passes 70% of Goal

The ninth annual Jog-A-Thon has proven CRAZY successful so far this year with fundraising efforts coming to a close next week. To date, this generous community has already fundraised over $46,000, with 365 students donating in some capacity.  The school participation goal is 516 students, roughly 80 percent of our student body.  Organizers are hopeful that goal can be obtained by next week’s deadline of Oct. 19.  If this participation goal can be achieved, the school will enjoy another dance party with a live DJ.

On Friday, Oct. 7, kids hit the pavement wearing class colors and wild hair do’s all in support of their school.  The Jog-A-Thon is the only student-led fundraiser during the year that puts the onus on the kids to raise critical funding that directly impacts their education experience at Bonny Slope Elementary.

“It's truly humbling the way our community steps up year after year, from volunteering to donating, to ensure every single student at Bonny Slope gets access to the programs and activities that BSCO provides,” said Ava Palmquist, Vice President of Fundraising. “And of course Jog-A-Thon wouldn't succeed without the hard work of our students who give their best and run with all their might. This is a very special place!”

Jog-A-Thon Committee Leads, Christy Bishop and Jenny Johnson, are pleased with the response of the BSE community.  "I am so thrilled with the success of the 2016 Jog A Thon!  Watching the enthusiasm of our amazing students, fabulous teachers and our wonderful parents for this event is such a statement of our dedication to our school's success,” said Bishop.  “This is an important fundraiser for BSE because it sets the stage for our fundraising for the remainder of the school year and we're certainly off to a great start!”

More than 110 parent and community volunteers donated their time on the day of the event.  This ensured the Jog-A-Thon ran smoothly, kids had a fabulous time and, above all, were safe.  “I am constantly impressed by the commitment of our parent community in ensuring our kids, programs and events are well supported.  Thanks to all who made this happen,” added Johnson.

Spirit Wear Sale Extended to Oct 21

The Bonny Slope Elementary spirit wear sale has been extended to October 21st!  BSCO, in partnership with Infinity Impressions, has t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and more available. Clothing is available in both kid and adult sizes.

Ordering is easy!! Just go to to shop the store and pay via credit card or PayPal.  Sample sizes are located in the cabinet under the volunteer sign-in computer, in the office.

Please contact Michelle Werth at with any questions.

Pancake Breakfast Pre-Order

Come one, come all to the Bonny Slope Annual Pancake Breakfast! Pre-order tickets are now available online or tickets can be purchased at the door.

The tradition continues for our 5th grade class to host this fun family event! Students sell tickets, host, cook, serve, and entertain the community to raise money for Outdoor School.

Please join us on Saturday, November 5th from 7:30am-10:30am in the school cafeteria. Tickets are just $5 per person or $20 per family (max 6 people) in advance. Tickets will be $6 per person or $22 per family at the door on the day of the event.

When and how can you buy tickets?  

  • Online ticket sales begin today October 12th and continue until November 3rd.
  • Fifth graders will have tickets available for purchase beginning October 12th, so find your favorite 5th grade student and hit them up!
  • Don’t know any 5th graders?  Don’t worry – look for the Pancake Breakast ticket sales booth in the main hallway of the school during conferences at the end of October.  We will have volunteers selling tickets there!

Please come out and support our 5th grade Outdoor School fundraising efforts!

Bonny Slope Projector Hits District Backlog

Bonny Slope’s new wall-mounted projector remains at a standstill, awaiting approval from Beaverton School District.  Funding of this project was authorized by community vote at BSCO’s Community Meeting last May.  Currently the project sits 59th out of 86 on the current Facility Improvement Project list.

Nathan Potter, BSD’s Administrator for Maintenance Services, attributes the delay “to the amount of contracted services work our project coordination team has currently queued up.”  Maintenance Services not only handles Facility Improvement Projects (FIPs) like this, but also a wide variety of services for the District.  “To give you some context, this same team handles the district’s regulatory compliance work, hazardous material abatement, annual services and inspection work, and classroom expansion work not being addressed by the 2014 Capital Improvement Bond. Most of this work occurs in the late spring and summer,” Potter explains.

However, late spring and summer are also when most PTOs are prepared to fund and submit school improvement projects.  “Unfortunately, the FIPs take a back seat to this work so we can ensure the school district opens for the next school year.  The team is currently reengaging the backlog of FIP work,” Potter shares.

Looking forward, Potter cannot guarantee an installation date, but expects the project will be assigned a project manager sometime after Thanksgiving.  “They (BSD’s project coordination group) are estimating with their current workload that this project should be assigned sometime after Thanksgiving and depending on complexity of the work, accessing the space, availability of contractors, and construction/installation occurring over winter break,” Potter explains.

Potter acknowledges the backlog and is taking measures to speed up the process, sharing, “Recently, we hired an additional project coordinator and are accelerating the delivery but it is difficult to guarantee delivery any quicker with school in session.”

Part of the appeal to this project was that the same vendor had already completed similar installations at other BSD schools.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can be fast-tracked at Bonny Slope.  “Unfortunately, due to the nature of this work, it does require district oversight. Past project experience does not guarantee the same conditions exist at Bonny Slope.  There are expectations for finish, there are the extension of power and data, along with structural support and protection of the projector, and protection of the facility itself during installation all need be addressed,” Potter observes.

Though the installation has taken longer than expected, the excitement for the project hasn’t dimmed.  “I have a lot of confidence in our maintenance department and their ability to approve our Facility Improvement Project (FIP) as soon as possible.  While we were hopeful that the project would be completed this summer, it is understandable that the urgency to complete the construction of our new schools take precedence. I look forward to using our projector and having our students experience improved presentations during assemblies, opportunities to exercise before school with our exercise videos and using the projector during PE to model skills.  A huge thank you to BSCO for approving this project!” adds BSE Principal, Janet Maza.

Need a refresher?  This FAQ can bring you up to speed on this exciting project coming soon to BSE.