👻🎃 Monster Mash Haunts BSE this Friday 🎃👻

The 11th Annual Monster Mash is set to spook again this Friday, 10/19, from 6-8pm.  This fall tradition is jam-packed with awesome activities for our Bonny Slope families, including a Glow-in the Dark DJ Dance Party, the mysterious Haunted House, Selfie Photo Booth, Cookie Decorating, the always popular Cake Walk and more!

As of noon Tuesday we still have 33 volunteer spots and need your help. Parents, grandparents, friends, and older siblings make great helpers at this fun event!

Monster Mash Volunteer Sign-up

There is still time to donate a small store bought cake or baked treat for the Cake Walk!

Monster Mash Cake Walk Donations Needed

Families are encouraged to come in costume, but please leave the truly scary items at home.  No blood, masks, or weapons will be allowed.  Pizza and Drinks will be available for purchase in the cafeteria.  

Once again, this Monster Mash is free of charge due to the incredible fundraising effort in 2017-18.  Questions can be directed to Monster Mash chairs Jennifer Farias, Nima Patel, and Kailey Oswald at monstermash@bonnyslopebsco.org.

The Next Geography Club Check Day is Thursday, October 18


Geo Club Check Day is coming a little sooner than usual due to October conferences.   Study up with your kiddos.   The basic idea is to complete the number of levels equal to your child’s grade level, but it’s not required.  Even one level for any grade is great.  It’s all in fun and the idea is to give kids exposure to maps.   Encourage your kids to give it a try. 



Remaining Check Days:

  • Thursday, October 18-- Asia & Middle East Part 1

  • Thursday, November 29-- Asia & the Middle East Part 2

  • Thursday, December 20-- South America

  • Thursday, January 31-- Africa Part 1

  • Thursday, February 28—Africa Part 2

  • Thursday, March 21—Europe Part 1

  • Thursday, April 25—Europe Part 2

  • Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania

  • Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day


Please see our FAQ page or email geoclub@bonnyslopebsco.org



This Year’s Jog-a-thon was a Huge Success Despite the Downpours!

The 11th annual Jog-A-Thon went off without a hitch despite the less than ideal weather. Our students didn’t let the rain slow them down as they ran their little hearts out around the track representing their classroom’s country.  To date, this generous community has already fundraised over $48,000, with over 400 students donating in some capacity. Once again, an all-school glow in the dark dance party is on the line as the school works toward the participation goal of 526 students, roughly 80 percent of BSE’s student body.  

The purple hair dye is on standby and Mrs. Maza & Ms. Montelongo are eagerly awaiting students to reach their goal of 90% all school participation. We can do this!



There is still time to earn the in-class donut party! Individual classrooms are working toward their 85% participation goal. As of now, Dell’s, Kang’s and Henely’s classrooms have earned that reward, with several classrooms very, very close.




$50 - Mini Animal Squishy

$150 - GollyOlogy Juggling OMSI show (before school)

$300 - Game truck & pizza party (TBD)

Top lappers for each grade will also earn a special prize!


Parents still have two ways to continue the momentum and join the cause.  

  1. Head to http://pledgestar.com/bonnyslope and donate to your favorite little jogger.

  2. Return cash or check (made out to BSCO) to the school office by Tuesday, 10/16.  Lost your Jog-a-thon envelope?  Return in any envelope just be sure to include your students name & teacher.

Lastly, a HUGE thanks to all our parent & community volunteers! There is no way we could have done it without you.

Still have questions: jogathon@bonnyslopebsco.org

Fifth Grade Event Planning Meeting - Thursday 10/11 6:30pm


The first planning session for 5th grade events - both Activities and its components and Pancake Breakfast - will be Thursday, October 11 from 6:30-7:30pm at Erin Hire’s house. (Please email contact@bonnyslopebsco.org if you need Erin’s address.)

Fifth grade, the final year at Bonny Slope, is a special year for our oldest students.  Several programs and events are designed to help commemorate and celebrate the achievements of the departing class, including: PYP Exhibition, Pancake Breakfast, Science School, Fifth Grade Send-off Party and Slide Show, Pie Eating Contest, and Field Games with Parents.

For more information see https://www.bonnyslopebsco.org/fifth-grade/

 2017-18 Pancake Breakfast served up by 5th Graders

2017-18 Pancake Breakfast served up by 5th Graders

Jog-a-thon is here! Live updates...

Hero Image.jpg

It’s Jog-a-thon day, and Bonny Slope children are running, walking, and jogging their laps to raise money for all the great programs BSCO has in store this year. It’s always a fun time too, even with the rainy forecast!

Head on over to BSCO’s Facebook page to see live updates from the event!

You can still get those donations in online at https://pledgestar.com/bonnyslope/ and by turning in your envelopes.  The last day to have your donations count towards prizes is Tuesday, October 16th.

For more information, visit http://www.bonnyslopebsco.org/home/2018/9/18/jog-a-thon.

BSCO Community Meeting Minutes 9/25/2018


BSCO Community Meeting
Date:  9.25.2018
Location:  BSE Library

Attendance:  Jenn Klingner, Andrea Sangston, Chris Massey, Clare Bourquein, Nicole Hastings, Heidi Bossert, Andrea Steyskal, Bitsy Parks, Taylor Kash, Ryan Rotner, Allison Mark, Jessica Canessa, Kelly Kinzer, Sara Peters, Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu, Michelle Mulholland, Mindy Poorman, Jenna Dornblaser, Ellen Rothery, Josh Resch, Stephanie Wilson, Kaitlyn Watz, Jacob Whitehead, Jessica Osika, Frances Kang, Elia Freedman, Katie Kammer, Hannah Donohue, Ashish Gupta

Call to Order At:  7:04pm

Slides attached here

Budget attached here


Approved minutes from 5/22 community meeting

SPECIAL GUEST, Dana Strand, Beaverton Eco-School Network

Organization which offers training, retreats and network/support to help parents promote sustainable practices in schools

Invitation to upcoming events:  Informational dessert meet-up on 10/1, 7pm

Signup sheet was distributed

For more info, contact Rachel Willis, rachel@ecoschoolnetwork.org

PRINCIPAL'S REPORT, Janet Maza/Ali Montelongo

  • Important reminders about student drop off/pick-up procedures and safety measures (see slides for details)

  • Ali has caught and corrected many situations since the beginning of the year.  More help needed from parents/community members in adhering to safety guidelines

  • Janet asked for help to keep last minute changes to after-school plans to a minimum.  These changes are disruptive to staff and students' education time.

  • The school-wide initiative to recognize and promote positive actions/behaviors continues in its 2nd year.  Kindness board is up in the school and "Kindness matters" t-shirts are available for purchase. Parents can encourage acts of kindness and kind behaviors at home.  The first parent ed night on 10/9 @7 features Ann DeWitt, MA, MFT on the topic of raising kinder kids.

  • Preschool classrooms in session starting 9/24.  Classes are full. BSE received grant for age appropriate furniture and playground equipment.


President, Ashish Gupta

  • Introduced '18-19 board members.  Several positions will be open for '19-20.  Any interested community member is welcome to inquire or reach out to anyone on the board at any time.

  • BSCO's focus areas haven't changed.  They include strengthening connections through volunteering, smarter giving and inquiry based STEM opportunities.  Pleased to announce recent $2k grant awarded to BSCO from ThermoFisher Scientific to support makers space project. Special thanks to Victoria Foord for providing the contact.

  • Reviewed 2018-19 budget fo $108k, majority of which goes for student enrichment, inclusive of student coding programs, author visits and artist in residence.  The special projects for the year include a $20k music grant and $3k in better equipping the school for emergency preparedness.

  • Special guest - Clare

  • 3 Parent ed nights (funded by community dollars),

  • JAT - in need of the cultural speakers

Special Guest, Clare Bourquein and Chris Massey, BSE Music Teachers

Vice President of Fundraising, Ellen Rothery

  • First and largest fundraiser is approaching - school-wide Jog-a-Thon (JAT) on Friday, 10/5.  School wide participation is encouraged, all pledge/donations are meaningful. Request to continue momentum and creating Pledge star pages if you haven't done so - all students with pages are automatically eligible for raffles.  For any questions, email Ellen or jogathon@bonnyslopebsco.org.  All parents, relatives and community members who wish to come to the event on 10/5, are reminded to get background checks done in advance.

  • Second fundraiser is the adults-only auction event on Sunday, April 14th at Top Golf.  Reduced $ goal, given the scaled back live auction.

  • Reminder to take advantage of corporate matching programs for both monetary donations and volunteer hours.  BSCO website has great information for how to take advantage of the additional dollars. While matching funds go a long way in supporting BSCO's budget, they will not count toward child JAT prizes/awards.

Director of Committees Report, Katie Kammer

  • As liasan to the 30+ different BSCO committees, Katie shared current and upcoming committee events/programs.  Volunteers always welcome and appreciated.

  • Upcoming opportunities:  geo club, bobcat trail, art lit, walk to school day on 10/10, author Suzanne Selfors visit on 10/10, STEM in Residency

  • Monster Mash, free and popular event for families on the evening of 10/19, requires a lot of volunteers.   Even 30 minutes of your time during the event would help with handing out candy or helping with lines

  • Scholastic Book fair - Nov 5-8

  • 5th grade activities - contact Erin Hire, initial planning meeting on 10/11, 6:30-7:30pm

  • Leading the Community Outreach committee, Sara Peters shared vision for this year's community outreach activities.  Sara and team have already planned and lined up a variety of activities and service opportunities throughout the school year.  Hoping for 50% of student body to participate in 1+ service activity over the course of the school year.

Director of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland & Stephanie Wilson

  • Michelle invited the community to set up and update My Volunteer Page (mVP).  Volunteer interests can be selected so that committee leads know who to contact for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

  • All classroom coordinators are filled.  In need for party coordinators, which are assigned to each classroom and coordinator grade level parties 3x's per year.

Director of Communications, Josh Resch

  • BSCO communicates via multiple channels:  email, facebook, instagram, blog. See bonnyslopebsco.org for how to get started, connect with the community, and subscribe to notifications and calendar

  • BSCO Newsletter published every other Friday (opposite the Paw Prints)

Treasurer's Report, Melissa Gatchell (Ashish covering)

  • As per by-laws, annual BSCO audit was completed over the summer with no findings

Special guest:  Jennifer Klingner (5th grade Teacher), Andie Sangston (Technology IA), Technology vision

  • Jennifer shared her experience with several hands-on technologies/robots as well as her thoughts on how to utilize tech to enhance the classroom experience.  

  • Examples:  Ozobot, Dash by Wonder Workshop, Coding with Osmo


Thank you to the impressive line up of staff members present for the community meeting!

Adjourned At:  8:06pm

September 2018 Principal Chat REVEALED

We had 15 parents attend last month’s Principal Chat.  Full stop, America. That, sadly, is a NEW RECORD. We are packin’ ‘em in tonight, baby!

Our inaugural chats each September always include Janet briefing us on the rules.

Have questions about school and district policies, decisions, and upcoming news?  Welcome. Take a seat.

Personal attacks about students and teachers?  Nope. Not happening. Don’t be coming up in here thinking this is some personal gripe session.  Set up a private meeting with Janet and Ali if you need to share personal concerns.

Now that we have put the principles into principal chat, let’s get started.

Snow Day Dilemas

Oh, honey. Starting out with the hard-hitting questions– our very lovely BSD Inclement Weather Policy.  Where to even begin to explain this complicated nightmare for our new and novice families?


Alright, let’s give it a go.

Snow day delays/closures are an all-or-nothing kind of thing.  If ANY PART of Beaverton is considered too unsafe to go to school, then the entire district is affected.  We don’t have days where SOME of Beaverton is cancelled. Bonny Slope has the highest elevation of all elementary schools, so if it’s icy/snowy here, but beautiful down off Scholls Ferry, it doesn’t matter. Everybody gets the same result. So just keep that in mind next time you hear people complaining.  It might be fine in our neck of the woods, but if Cooper Mountain is icy, it’s called for the whole district.

When weather is dicey, BSD has three choices:

  1. Cancel school

  2. Have a two hour delayed start (with or without snow routes)

  3. Have regular start, but put buses on snow routes

How do you know which one they’ve chosen?  We’ll get to that soon.

But first, let’s explain snow routes. Bus snow routes avoid areas dangerous in the snow and ice, like steep hills, elevation etc.  Makes sense, right? Totally. Except…

EVERY bus route for Bonny Slope is considered unsuitable in the snow, meaning NO BUSES SERVE BSE when Beaverton designates snow routes.  NONE.

Just let that sink in.

We still have school, but the roads to BSE are considered too dangerous for bus transportation, and yet we’re all expected to drive our kids to school on those same roads.

Yes, my friends.  And THAT is why snow routes stink at BSE– because they don’t exist.

We are not the only school in this predicament.  Nancy Ryles and Sato Elementary are in the same boat, but man that doesn’t make us feel any better when the crush of cars descend on McDaniel and our parking lot.  Prepare to be patient when you are dropping off or picking up on a day with no bus service. Better yet, add all your neighbors as designated pickups, so your ‘hood can carpool.

Now… how are you going to know which option BSD has chosen?  Oh baby. School messenger reminders are going to hit you all at once-- texts, phone calls, emails.  To both parents, often at 5am. Forget “watching the news” or “looking online.”  Please. BSD WILL NOTIFY YOU 10,000 DIFFERENT WAYS.

So!  Things to know when Beaverton School District announces that buses are on snow routes.

  • If the weather report looks dangerous, then each family has to decide if they go to school

  • BSD will not provide transportation home when buses are on snow routes, even if those same buses took the kids to school in the morning (and snow routes were called later in the day)

  • BSD will tell parents by 1pm if there’s been a change of bus service

You know what we need here?  A flow chart. You’re welcome.

  Click on the image to download a PDF of it

Click on the image to download a PDF of it

Now watch us not get snow this year.

Know the Drill

Oh boy. We went from snow days to school security.  These new faces came to play. Let’s add in lice and our trifecta of elementary nightmare-mongering will be complete.

Humor aside, school security is serious business.  

It might just be easier to list the various safety aspects of Beaverton School District and Bonny Slope:

  • Every elementary is assigned a Safety Resource Officer, who is a Washington County sheriff. Bonny Slope’s SRO, Holly Greener, has several elementaries on her watch and assists BSE administrators with creating and implementing safety strategies.

  • Bonny Slope is the site for the county’s Active Shooter Training each summer.  Let me tell ya, it is TERRIFYING to see those training pictures, but how lucky are we that our school is the VERY LOCATION our sheriffs, police, and emergency responders train.

  • Our new entry forces visitors to go through the office.  Us old timers can remember the easy, breezy days of bypassing the office entirely and heading straight into the hallways.  No more, Bonny Slope. Our doorbell system makes sure that all visitors must be manually allowed in.

  • All of our classroom doors are locked.  Ever notice those pool noodle things attached to the doors?  Yeah-- they keep the doors open for access, but the doors themselves lock automatically.  In case of an emergency, adults can pull those noodle things off and close the door, locking it.  While these things are difficult and scary to think about, the facts support that no child in a school shooting has been shot through a locked door.

  • There are many more safety procedures and features of our buildings that are not public knowledge.  Because advertising all your safety measures online would LEAVE THOSE MEASURES WORTHLESS.  Duh.

Now, there are a lot of different battle plans that the school has to prepare. For all the newbies out there, here’s a rundown of all the different drills that your students will practice at school:

  • FIRE DRILLS: All students walk out silently to the school track and turn their backs to the school (safety against exploding glass).

  • EARTHQUAKE DRILLS: Students get under the desks, pull chairs in, and put one hand on head, one hand on chair.

  • LOCKOUT DRILLS (danger is on or near premises): Usually, this means police activity in the area.  Blinds and doors are closed but instruction continues.

  • LOCKDOWN DRILLS (danger is INSIDE the school): All classroom doors locked, blinds closed, black felt in place, students are hidden and quiet.  

These drills will be a part of your child’s life.  Teachers of younger students often sugarcoat the danger by “pretending to hide from a tiger” or such.  While it’s the teacher’s job to keep the students safe, it is your job, as parents, to share whatever message and details you feel is appropriate.

If parents find themselves in the building during these drills, they must participate and cannot ignore the alarm in order to finish their production projects (as lovely as that seems) or try and leave the building.  You must do what the children do.

Health Room Hardens Up

After that heavy, somewhat depressing topic, let’s switch over to something easier to imagine-- scraped knees and bumped heads.  Let’s chat the scope of our health room!

Bonny Slope does not have a full-time nurse.  Our nurse rotates to several schools and mainly manages medication and health plans.  The brunt of students’ care comes from our unacknowledged front office staff, who are on hand to take a temperature, put on a band-aid, and offer ice.  Anything more than that will warrant a call to parents.

Now-- what if your sweet cherub decides that they rather like those squishy plastic “beds” and suddenly “have a headache” every other day or so?  Haha! The district is onto them. This year, BSD staff must record how many minutes a child is in the health room (and missing learning time). This will help monitor if a pattern is developing.  So sayonara to the books, extra pillows, and sweet comforts in there-- you gotta get back to class, cupcake!

Now is the Summer of Our Discontent

That calendar survey BSD sent out that allows us to vote for the next two school years?  Neither option has us starting after Labor Day.  

LET ME REPEAT– neither option has us starting after Labor Day, meaning this year’s August start date was not a random anomaly.  At this point, we WILL be starting the last week of August in 2019 so mark your calendars accordingly. You have until 10/14 to fill out your preference for the two options.

Other Juicy Tidbits:

  • The District is cracking down on school attendance.  The new state report card will show attendance rates of every subgroup. Missing more than two days a month is considered chronic absenteeism-- even if it IS for that fun vacation or long weekend at the coast.  Studies show that elementary attendance predicts high school graduation so it’s a big push throughout Oregon & BSD. Look for our Attendance Olympics on the front hallway wall!

  • Our class sizes are SO CLOSE to getting more teachers…. but not close enough. Even though all of our classrooms are anywhere from 27-30 students, we haven’t crossed that golden threshold for more sections. Staffing decisions are made by central office, so while Janet and Ali can plead and beg, it’s just not their call.

  • Students aren’t evaluated for TAG services until third grade. It doesn’t matter that much anyway in elementary school.  Students are almost always taught at their rate and level.

And that’s a wrap!  We will see you at our next Principal Chat on Friday, 10/19 at 2pm.

Monster Mash Spooks Again on Friday, 10/19


The 11th Annual Monster Mash is set to spook again on Friday, 10/19, from 6-8pm.  This fall tradition is jam-packed with awesome activities for our Bonny Slope families, including a Glow-in the Dark Dance Party, the mysterious Haunted House, the fun Monster Mash Treat Trail, and the always popular Cake Walk.  

Families are encouraged to come in costume, but please leave the truly scary items at home. No blood, masks, or weapons will be allowed. Pizza Schmizza will again be on-hand for pizza and beverage purchases, beginning at 5:30pm in the cafeteria, cash only please.

This fun-filled evening would not be possible without the time and talents of our greater parent community.  Volunteers are needed to work various jobs including decorations, line control, and the registration desk.

We really need your help!—>Monster Mash Volunteer Sign-up

Donations of candy and small baked goods are also needed.  Candy donations can be dropped off at the front office next week (look for the monster) and baked goods will be collected Thursday, 10/18, and Friday, 10/19.  All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Monster Mash Donations Needed

Once again, this Monster Mash is free of charge due to the incredible fundraising effort in 2017-18.  Questions can be directed to Jennifer Farias, Nima Patel and Kailey Oswald, Monster Mash chairs (monstermash@bonnyslopebsco.org).

MM Blog Post-Flyer-2018_02.jpg

Walk to School Details, Wednesday, October 10th

Happy kids, happy teachers!


Bonny Slope and BSCO join the international Walk to School day initiative, this year on Wednesday, October 10th. Walking to school provides children with another way to get the healthy exercise they need. Morning exercise has been found to help increase focus during school.

Since Bonny Slope was founded in 2008, there has been progress made on routes to school with sidewalks, paved pathways, and widened shoulders added. More work is still needed, but here we will explore the existing walkable routes.

We still need some leaders to guide the troops. This is a nice beginning of the year event and often parents can squeeze it in before heading to work.

Click here to volunteer to walk a route!

How does it work? 

There are six different starting locations that you can meet at. K-2nd grade children should walk with an adult (either you or someone you arranged for them), and 3rd-5th graders are allowed to join by themselves at your discretion. At each location a few leaders will guide the walk which starts around 7:50.  The walk takes 15-20 minutes. Once they get to school, they head to the field area and have a warm welcome with some nice treats. Choose a starting point close to your house. No need to sign up, just show up, rain or shine! If you live close to school, but not near a route, you can come to school as normal or try to get in line, somewhere along the six routes. 

Trader Joe & New Seasons were very kind to provide apples for our walkers as well as BSCO President, Ashish Gupta, who plucked apples to make sure we have plenty. The national and local Walk & Roll organizations provided the stickers and pencils. A big thanks to them all!

Walking Routes

  • East Route - 7:50am - NW Harding Ct & NW Robinia Ln
  • North Route - 7:50am - NW Talon Terrace & NW Blackhawk Dr
  • Northeast Route - 7:50am - Bonny Slope Park on NW Thompson Rd
  • South Route - 7:50am - NW Coleman Dr & NW 119th Ave
  • Vintage Neighborhood - 7:50am - NW Appellate Way & NW Supreme Ct
  • West Route - 8:00am - NW Big Fir Cir & NW McDaniel Rd

See the interactive map on our webpage.

Walk & Roll

All children who come by bike or bus are also considered to be part of this event! (Note: Biking is not guided by our volunteers.) Riding the bus helps to reduce the car congestion around school. All “rolling” kids—bus riders and bikers—are also welcome to head over to the field area and get a treat!

Park & Walk

If you have to drive your children there are still options. You may drive to the starting area of a walking route, for example Bonny Slope Park, and let your kids join the walk. If you don't need to accompany your children (3rd-5th graders) you can leave once they are with the group. This will help lower the traffic around school between 8:00 and 8:30. If you can’t make a walking route please take extra care when driving with all the walking and biking activity. Weather permitting, children who got rides may be able to walk around the track and get their treat as well.

Let's celebrate and encourage

If you live near a route, please help put a smile on our children's faces by raising your flag and putting up encouraging decorations or chalk drawings. Please be careful when backing up from your drive way and inform your neighbors to do the same. 

Last but not least, walking to school is a great habit which is safer when children walk together. This event is definitely fun and engaging, so let’s work to find buddies that our children can keep walking with for this school year and beyond!

More information and questions
Sign up as volunteer for this one!

Cheers, to healthy habits!
Marieke Pepers
Committee lead, Walk to school 2018.

October's Dine & Dash Event for Staff Appreciation

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.14.41 PM.png

It's time again to start mobilizing the forces.  Fall conferences are coming up and after consulting the experts (the teachers themselves!) we've discovered that the unpredictable nature of conference schedules means teachers need flexible food.

In that vein, we've put together a "Dine & Dash" event this month.  This is an excellent opportunity for working or time-strapped parents– no cooking required.  And if you have a Costco membership, all the better!

Dine & Dash Breakfast

Here's where you come in.  We've put together an incredible sign-up genius with a ton to choose from from sweetbreads/muffins to snacks, Keurig pods, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, and a ton of individual snacks for our teachers to literally grab and go.

Things to know:

  • We'd like all items to the school by Wed, 10/24 @ 4pm.  YES, THE DAY BEFORE.  This includes the muffins/sweetbreads.  Our teachers' first conferences start at 8am that Thursday, so we'll need to have this set up for them by 7:15am.  It'd be awesome to have it all there and ready to roll.  For non-perishable, they can be dropped off Tuesday.

  • Please deliver non-perishables to the volunteer room on the first floor at the bottom of the stairs.

  • Refridgerated items can be squeezed into the staff fridges.  Room will be tight that Wed (all the teachers' lunches will be there), but I know we can make this work.

  • Please accurately indicate how many of each item you'll be bringing.  If the sign-up says string cheese, pack of 10, and you plan on buying from Costco, go ahead and mark three spots. Just do your best-- it'll all work out  :)

We so appreciate all who donate.  Take a moment to see how you can make this an awesome experience for our teachers.

Dine and Dash Buffet Sign-Up

Questions? Hannah & Jenna (staffappreciation@bonnyslopebsco.org)