Geography Club Needs Just One Hour of Your Time on Sept 27th

Our first check day is the busiest of the year.  Please consider signing up for a shift with Geo Club.  It's a fun hour and a great opportunity to work with kids from different grades levels.  No previous geo club experience required.  

Sign Up Here: 

Send Mindy and Stacey (the geo club chairs) questions at

Geo Club webpage:

See you on Check Day!!

Volunteers Needed for Walk to School Day on Oct 10th

Looking for that perfect volunteering opportunity early morning? (check off your daily dose of activity, plus it's okay to do it in your active wear!)

Seeking ways to activate your kids? (get them outdoors, show them a healthy lifestyle, and release their morning mood)

Explore who's also living on your route to school? (since the student directory is not yet available)

Join us for International Walk to School Day on October 10 to chaperone students and help out with the event!

Sign up at:

Note: Chaperones help lead the routes, but are not responsible for individual students. K-3 students must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

For more information on times and routes, check out

Other questions? Contact

Visit and Book Order Opportunity: Suzanne Selfors, Due 9/25

On October 10, 2018 we are very excited as author Suzanne Selfors will be giving three presentations during the day for all grade levels at Bonny Slope. Suzanne is a national best-selling author of the Imaginary Veterinary series, Wedgie & Gizmo series, Ever After High School Stories series, the Smells like Dog series, and many other books.  She's earned five Junior Library Guild Awards and a WA State Book Award. She's been a Kid's IndiePick, a Scholastic Book Fair bestseller, and been included in Bank Street's 100th Edition of Best Children's Books, Smithsonian Magazine's Notable Children's Books, and Amazon's Best Children's Books. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest where rain falls like music and slugs frolic beneath ferns. 

Hurry! Autographed Book Orders Due Soon

In order to guarantee an autographed copy of Suzanne’s books please submit orders no later than 10 pm Tuesday, September 25th, 2018.  If you are interested in ordering one of these books, visit (Bonny Slope Elementary families only please).

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Miksovsky at


Books available:

Wedgie & Gizmo (Hardcover) $10.99

When a bouncy, barky dog and an evil genius guinea pig move into the same house, the laughs are nonstop! Wedgie is so excited, he can’t stop barking. He LOVES having new siblings and friends to protect. He LOVES guinea pigs like Gizmo! He also LOVES treats!

But Gizmo does not want to share his loyal human servant with a rump-sniffing beast! He does not want to live in a pink Barbie Playhouse. Or to be kissed and hugged by the girl human. Gizmo is an evil genius. He wants to take over the world and make all humans feel his wrath. But first he must destroy his archenemy, Wedgie, once and for all!


Wedgie & Gizmo vs. the Toof (Hardcover) $10.99

Wedgie LOVES the new micro-pig next door. And she LOVES him! They both like to go for walks and roll in smelly things. They are going to be in the school pet parade together. They are best friends.  But Gizmo knows the truth. The pig is Wedgie’s new sidekick. Super Wedgie and the Toof have teamed up to stop Gizmo from taking over the world.


But they will not win! Gizmo is an evil genius. He is smarter than most comic book villains. And more powerful than even Darth Vader! He ordered a flying machine online and he will use it to set free all the guinea pigs at the pet parade.


Wedgie & Gizmo vs. the Great Outdoors (Wedgie & Gizmo #3) (Hardcover) $10.99

Wedgie and Gizmo’s humans are taking their first family vacation—to a campground by a lake! And their pets are too destructive to stay home alone. Wedgie the corgi is super-excited. He can’t wait to chase squirrels and poop in the woods!


But Gizmo, the evil genius guinea pig, has no time for games. He must convince the forest critters to join his Evil Horde and help him take over the world—one tent at a time.



Wish Upon a Sleepover (Hardcover) $13.46

Five misfits. One magical wish.  A novel about a group of misfits who find true friendship when they least expect it.

Leilani dreams of being friends with the most popular girls in her class—the Haileys—who are always throwing awesome themed sleepovers. She devises a master plan: throw her own sleepover of the century and invite them!

When Tutu, her grandmother, accidentally mails Leilani’s invitations to the DO NOT INVITE list, the best sleepover in the history of the world becomes the worst. Instead of the Haileys, the only guests are the three kids Leilani definitely did not want to show up: the neighbor who never speaks, the girl who draws mean pictures of her, and her farting older cousin. At least her best friend August will be there.

Leilani and her guests decide to make Tutu’s recipe for Sleepover Soup, which requires each of them to collect one ingredient that has significant meaning in their lives. They embark on a scavenger hunt that reveals unexpected surprises. What Leilani finds is not what she wanted, but it might just be even better.


Spirit Riding Free the Adventure Begins (Hardcover) $12.46

Twelve-year-old Lucky Prescott craves adventure, but as a young lady of society she's only been allowed to experience adventure through books. That is, until one fateful day when Lucky, her father, and her aunt leave their neat-and-tidy city life and travel to their new home out west-the Wild West.


At first Lucky is excited, but during the long train ride to her new hometown of Miradero, she begins to worry. What if she doesn't make any new friends? Everyone in the West rides horses, but she's never been allowed to even sit on one. How can she possibly fit in? Anxious about the future, Lucky looks out the train window and sees a majestic wild stallion. When their eyes meet, she senses a connection. But when the stallion is caught by wranglers, Lucky's heart breaks. And when she next sees the stallion, he's tied to a post, refusing to be "broken in."

Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins is the story of a girl and a wild horse, equally out of place in a strange, new world, but equally fierce and brave. With each other to lean on, will these two free spirits be able to find a home together?


The Sasquatch Escape (Imaginary Veterinary Series) (Paperback) $6.88

When Ben Silverstein is sent to the rundown town of Buttonville to spend the summer with his grandfather, he's certain it will be the most boring vacation ever. That is, until his grandfather's cat brings home what looks like . . . a baby dragon?

Amazed, Ben enlists the help of Pearl Petal, a local girl with an eye for adventure. They take the wounded dragon to the only veterinarian's office in town -- Dr. Woo's Worm Hospital. But as Ben and Pearl discover once they are inside, Dr. Woo's isn't a worm hospital at all -- it's actually a secret hospital for imaginary creatures.

After Ben accidentally leaves the hospital's front door unlocked, a rather large, rather stinky, andveryhairy beast escapes into Buttonville. Ben and Pearl are tasked with retrieving the runaway creature, and what started out as an ordinary summer becomes the story of a lifetime.


The Lonely Lake Monster (Imaginary Veterinary Series) (Paperback) $6.88

Pearl Petal and Ben Silverstein can't wait for their first official day as apprentices of Dr. Woo, veterinarian for imaginary creatures. That is, until they are tasked with clipping the sasquatch's toenails. Gross!

Then Pearl spots a monster in the lake behind the hospital. Even though they were told not to leave the building for any reason, Pearl sets off for a closer look, with Ben trailing cautiously behind.

The outing goes awry when Ben is captured by the creature and held hostage on an island in the middle of the lake. It's up to Pearl to hatch a rescue mission. Will she save the day or cement her reputation as the town troublemaker? And will the hospital's secret patient be able to help?


Ever After High: Once Upon a Pet: A Little Collection of Pet Stories (Hardcover) $10.99

Pets come in all different shapes and sizes. But enchanted little pets have one thing in common: They are the beloved companions of the students at Ever After High! 

Lizzie Hearts loves her hexcellent hedgehog, Shuffle. Darling Charming gallops confidently on her horse, Sir Gallopad. Dexter Charming hangs out with his well-mannered jackalope, Mr. Cottonhorn. Duchness proudly parades her swan, Pirouette. Ginger Breadhouse adores her gummy candy fish, Jelly. And Hopper Croakington II delights in his fire-breathing dragonfly, Drake. 

This hexclusive volume collects these spelltacular stories, plus two brand-new tales. Read all about Apple White and her sweet snow fox, Gala. Then share a spot of tea with Madeline Hatter and her dapper dormouse, Earl Grey. 

Be prepared to squeak with joy when you cuddle up with these furry, fairytastic tales of the sweetest pets ever after! 

Calling all Green Thumbs! Fall Clean Up and Planting Day Sat 9/22

Calling all green thumbs and families interested in sustainability and eating homegrown, organic produce.

The Bonny Slope Garden serves as an edible classroom, where students can connect with the life cycle of plants and insects, observe the growth and abundance of vegetables, herbs and berries. 

This year, we are inviting classes to get growing in the fall garden. Right now, there are tons of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, kale and beans ready for harvest. Soon, we will plant fall and spring bearing crops like lettuce, spinach, leeks, onions, garlic and fava beans.

 With more than 20 4’ x 8’ plots and a large bed for corn, squash and melons, there are many ways to get involved!

  • Join us for occasional weekend planting and clean up days,

  • become the parent point person for your child’s class

  • assist with planning, planting and maintenance of the class bed or

  • adopt a bed for the summer.


Please email Christine ( or contact your child’s classroom coordinator to learn more.


Join us for our Fall Clean Up and Planting Day
Saturday, September 22 - 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Check out this cool video on our garden!


2018 Jog-a-thon Kicks Off “Running Around the World!”

Our 11th Annual Jog-A-Thon is off to a running start! This school-wide event promotes fun and fitness while raising funds for BSCO’s annual budget. Students will solicit pledges/donations, then run, jog, or walk their way to the finish line on Friday, October 5th. The money raised supports programs that directly enrich students' education and experience here at Bonny Slope.

With the success of last year’s Jog-A-Thon, we will keep with the theme “Running Around the World.” Each classroom will be assigned a country or region and will learn about that country or region in the classroom. The Cultural Richness committee is planning some fun and educational experiences for all grades. Every classroom will have a designated shirt color.

The Parent information booklet (blue) went home last Friday in each student’s backpack. In it you will find information on Pledgestar, FAQ, prize list, and classroom country list for each teacher.  Below you will find important information to get you started.


Students may start soliciting pledges today!  There are two methods to raise money. Choose the most convenient method or feel free to utilize both.

1. Online Method:

Build a quick, simple, and secure online fundraising page through  *EASY ONLINE PLATFORM! After several easy steps, parents and students will be able to email, Facebook, and Twitter their page to friends and family.  Create pages early to be entered into a weekly prize raffle.  (Note: If all your pledges happen to be online, bringing in the envelope is optional.)

2. Envelope Method:  

Students solicit pledges and then collect them in the JAT envelope. Each sponsor should write their name, pledge per lap, and maximum pledge on the attached envelope.

If the sponsor would like a tax receipt, the student should fill out the receipt (donation amount and date) and give it to the sponsor immediately. 2018 Tax receipt forms are found here. (Our apologies, the receipts in the blue packet have the wrong date on them.) Students may also collect flat donations in advance, but should keep the money and the pledge envelope until after the event.  Envelopes need to be turned in by Tuesday, October 16, 2018 to be eligible for prizes.

Envelope: collect pledges and then, after Jog-a-Thon, return to collect donations.

Electronic versions of these documents: 2018 Pledge Form2018 Tax Receipt Form

  • Many companies provide Matching Funds for donations to BSCO. Please see below for details.
  • More Questions? Angie Bruxer,Hayley Drimmel, Christa Meyer, and Regina Noonan at


Maximizing your company’s matching funds is an important aspect of BSCO’s fundraising.  Please visit for a list of local gift matching programs. This is an incredible way double our goal!!


School Prize:

  • If 85% of our student body participates AT ANY LEVEL, Bonny Slope earns a GLOW IN THE DARK DANCE PARTY with a live DJ!  ANY amount of donation is considered participation!
  • If 90% of the student body participates AT ANY LEVEL 90% participation- Mrs. Maza and Mrs. Montelongo will dye their hair PURPLE!!!

Classroom Prize:

  • Classrooms 85% participation: All class donut party (during school hours)

Individual Prizes:

  • $50+ Mini Animal Squishy
  • $150+ Golly-Ology Juggling OMSI show-  Tuesday 10/23 from 7:20-8:20 am.
  • $300+  Game truck and Pizza party- TBD, during lunch/recess
  • Top "lappers" for each grade get a special prize.
  • Weekly raffles for all of those who sign up for Pledgestar!


Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Jog-A-Thon. This is such a fun event to watch your child run/walk and help the event run smoothly. Look for an upcoming sign up to arrive in the next few weeks. *Please note:  A background check via the mVP system is required to volunteer/visit during school hours.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for the background check to process.

More Questions?

Contact Angie Bruxer, Hayley Drimmel, Regina Noonan, and Christa Meyer at


JAT banner1.jpg

BSE Volunteers! Join us for Orientation 9/11

Bonny Slope Volunteers!  Come hang out with us and learn the ins and outs of being a Bonny Slope volunteer.  Get your picture taken for your badge as well.  You only need to come to one of these sessions.  

  • Tuesday, September 11th – 8:30-9:15am in the cafeteria.
  • Tuesday, September 11th – 6:00-6:45pm in the library.

Check out opportunities here and make sure to complete the background check, if you haven't already.

If you're new to Bonny Slope this year or you haven't volunteered before, look at our handy dandy New Family Checklist.

Submit your Student Directory Change Requests and Place Your Order Today

Each year BSCO publishes a Student Directory to assist in organizing playdates, birthday celebrations, etc.  It includes child and parent names, street address, email, and phone numbers. 


The data in the directory comes from the Beaverton School District (BSD). If you have indicated with the district that your address and/or phone is unlisted, you will also be unlisted in the Bonny Slope directory.  If you are unlisted with BSD, but would like to ensure that your information is included in the directory, please submit a change request using the link below. This will not change your preference for being unlisted with BSD.


If you would like any changes made to the information that will be printed about you and your student(s), please complete this on-line form by Friday September 28th, 2018.   Click here to change your student’s information.


The student directory will be available online for free downloading as a PDF in late October.  To order a spiral-bound printed copy, please submit your order online no later than Friday October 5th, 2018.  This year’s cost is $5.  Click here to order your physical copy !

Geography Club Kick Off for the 2018-19 School Year


Start studying your September map with your student at home. September is an easier month and a great way to get back into the routine.   The first check day is Thursday, September 27th.

Pick up a map packet for the entire year in the front office. You can also print maps out at home using the geo club link below. Remember we use the same maps as last year, if you still have ‘em, use ‘em!

2018-19 Geography Club Check Day Schedule

  • Thursday, September 27-- North & Central America

  • Thursday, October 18-- Asia & Middle East Part 1

  • Thursday, November 29-- Asia & the Middle East Part 2

  • Thursday, December 20-- South America

  • Thursday, January 31-- Africa Part 1

  • Thursday, February 28—Africa Part 2

  • Thursday, March 21—Europe Part 1

  • Thursday, April 25—Europe Part 2

  • Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania

  • Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day


We need you.  Check days require an additional 12-16 generous people to volunteer about one hour of their time.  It's a fun hour and a great opportunity to work with kids from different grades levels.  No previous geo club experience required.  

Sign Up Here: 



Please see our FAQ page or email