2017 Spring Community Meeting Nets New Board, Bylaws and Budget

On Tuesday, May 23rd, our community gathered to say goodbye to the Hannah Donohue administration and welcome the Ashish Gupta administration.

Like the US as a whole, Bonny Slope Community Organization also embraces a peaceful transition of power. Along with Hannah, VP Ava Palmquist, Treasurer Brian Rothery and Secretary Elia Freedman are also leaving the Board, having completed their two years each in their respective roles.

In their place will step Ashish as President, Ellen Rothery as Vice President, Andrea Steyskal as Secretary, Melissa Gatchell as Treasurer, Josh Resch as Director of Communications, and Kelly Kinzer as Member-at-Large.

The Community also voted for an overhaul of BSCO's bylaws and a new budget for 2017-18. The bylaws were completely rewritten based on recommendations by the BSCO bylaws committee assembled this past school year. The 2017-18 budget highlights include a slight decrease in the Auction budget and expenses ($5,000 each) in an attempt to simplify the fundraiser, increased income from Jog-a-Thon, a $15,000 decrease in the technology budget, and a new line item for STEM in Residence.

Other highlights include an update on the Wall Mounted Projector (installation in July!), grant updates, an update on Auction, and updates on all the programs sponsored by or paid for by BSCO around the school.

2016-17 budget is coming into focus. Auction generated $95,000 for BSCO and, once all expenses are accounted for, $70,000 net. That's $20,000 more than expected. As in previous years, BSCO fundraisers netted more than expected. Our $152,000 balanced budget ended with $184,000 in revenue and expenses not as high as expected due partly to underspending and partly to parents not turning in receipts for reimbursement. While 2016-17 will not be successful in spending down reserves, we will try once again in 2017-18 with free Monster Mash, Carnival, a new math application subscription, BSCO covering student purchased paper in the fall, and starting a replacement program for classroom projectors.

Click here for the full minutes and financials.

Get Cash! Request Your Reimbursement Today

As the school year winds down, don’t forget to submit your reimbursement requests as soon as possible.  This includes any outstanding receipt for party coordinators, committee leads or event planners. BSCO’s fiscal year ends June 30th, so submitting as soon as possible will ensure accurate accounting for our year.

Please follow these three easy steps to receive your refund:


  1. Fill out the Reimbursement Check Request.

  2. Take a picture of your receipts and email to Brian Rothery, BSCO Treasurer, at treasurer@bonnyslopebsco.org

  3. Expect a check via snail mail from U.S Bank auto-pay.

Many parents feel their $8.36 refund isn't worth the trouble.  Please remember that every receipt give us an accurate accounting of what it truly takes to run our programs and events. 

You've already generously donated to JAT and Auction; it is unnecessary to pledge more.  Let us pay you back and update our accounting records.

Help Those In Need - Volunteer At Clothes Closet for a One Hour Shift

The Beaverton Schools Clothes Closet is a volunteer service organization that provides clothing for children in grades K-12 enrolled in a Beaverton school. Beaverton School District parent groups and community volunteers staff the Clothes Closet.  BSCO day to staff the Clothes Closet is June 7th- please consider signing up to help!

Students can find gently used school-type clothing at the Clothes Closet such as: jeans, shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, warm coats, new socks and underwear. What an amazing opportunity we have to serve the school children in our community!

Please consider signing up for a time slot.

Questions- contact Sara Peters at saraparkerpeters@gmail.com.

Matching Funds for Volunteer Hours

In addition to matching cash donations, great local companies like Intel and Nike also provide matching funds for volunteer hours. It only takes a couple of minutes to log your time and there are step-by-step instructions for both Intel and Nike in the Matching Funds section of the BSCO Fundraising page.
To log your hours with either employer, you will need the dates that you volunteered, which are easy to find in the district’s volunteer system. Just log in to myvolunteerpage.com with the username/password you use at school, and click on the Hours tab at the top of the page to see your most recent volunteer activity. If you’d like a more detailed report, click on the Reports tab along the top and enter your date range in the Detailed Hours Report section at the bottom of the page.

Also, don’t forget to submit those Auction receipts for Matching Funds! It’s a great way to double your Auction donation. When you log your Matching Funds, please send a quick note to auction@bonnyslopebsco.org. Companies submit matching funds in lump sums, and BSCO appreciates the ability to match contributions to parent donations.

If you have questions on Matching Funds or information on your employer’s program that we can add to our site, please contact matching@bonnyslopebsco.org

Field Day Scheduled June 16th, 2017

Field Day, Bonny Slope's annual day of fun, outside activities, will take place June 16th. We are super excited about Field Day this year, but need your help to have it be a success like it has in years past. Please volunteer to run a station!

Don't forget, parents, to participate you must be cleared by the District beforehand. Click here to get your background check completed.

Questions?  Please contact Jacob Whitehead.

Help Plan 2017-18 BSE Cultural Event, May 25th from 6:30-7:30pm

During the 2017-18 school year, Bonny Slope will be establishing an annual "United Around the World" event to celebrate our School's cultural differences. On Thursday, May 25th from 6:30-7:30pm, join Susan Acosta at BSE's Library to share great ideas on what to include in this celebration. Please RSVP to Susan Acosta at susan_acosta@beaverton.k12.or.us if you can attend.

This is an incredible time in our Bonny Slope community.  Our continuous changing demographics show that our student body is more culturally diverse than ever.  Currently we have 21 spoken languages in our school!  Our PYP academic framework, incredible teaching staff, community organization and beautiful neighborhoods have earned us a reputation that is continuously drawing people from all over the world to our school.  Each one of us are fortunate to be a part of a great learning community.

One of our goals at Bonny Slope is for all of us to honor and share an appreciation for each one of our cultures that is part of our school community.  Each student inherits a cultural richness that is uniquely different and should be shared with one another so that we can continue to broaden our thinking of who we are as individuals with regard to our global world.

Please join us!

Susan Acosta
Teacher, Second Grade
Bonny Slope Elementary

BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: May 15, 2017

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

May Meeting-- 5/15/2017

The BSCO Board finalized both the revised bylaws and the 2017-18 budget, both of which will be up for public vote at the 5/23 community meeting.  Brian Rothery was unable to attend.

The Board reviewed the bylaw draft and agreed to two final revisions -- the restoration of the Member-at-Large position and a clarification to the reimbursement policy.  The separate bylaw committee had previously agreed to both changes.  The draft is now considered final and will be presented to the community.  This draft has since been made public, along with a detailed explanation of the final changes via an all-school email.

The classroom projector project will move forward this summer.  Replacing and improving the image quality has become a tedious and tenuous endeavor, with many aspects to consider, including price, location of projectors, avoiding a lengthy Facility Improvement Plan (FIP), specs of projector, whether to upgrade to HDMI cable, BSE’s wireless capacity and many other options.  The Board agreed to add $25,000 into next year’s Carry Over Reduction, hoping to replace at least 15 failing projectors.  Elia Freedman, BSCO Tech Advisor, will finalize a projector set-up and wireless device and beta test in a classroom next fall, to ensure that all systems are successful prior to purchasing the remainder of devices.

The 2017-18 budget was also finalized.  Significant changes from this year’s budget include a $1000 line item for Cultural Enrichment and $8000 to bring in a STEM in Residence.  Technology is also greatly reduced due to BSD’s recent purchase of devices.  Auction’s net total didn’t change, but the expense and gross income were reduced by $5000.  The Carry-Over Reduction items will again include free admission to Monster Mash & Carnival, a TBD online math subscription, the fund for the classroom projectors, and a Student Body Paper Fund, in which BSCO will purchase two reams of paper per student (eliminating these items from our school supply lists).  The Board is using the Carry-Over Reduction items to help actively manage our savings and ensure all of money fundraised this year is spent in a timely manner.  

Hannah Donohue, President, reported that the GYM projector project finally has a scheduled start date this July.  After a year of patience and planning, it appears this project is actually happening this summer.  The Dates to Remember are continuing to come together as BSD recently sent over conference dates.  The balance of the PYP Training line item, which funded science specialist Tonia Anderson’s work with teaching teams, will be used on professional development materials for each classroom.

BSCO’s treasurer’s YTD report looks on track. Nothing is significantly over budget.

Director of Committees, Holly Vanderploeg, shared that parents can register their kids online for Carnival to provide them a better estimated headcount. The fifth grade service project has been finalized and communicated to that grade.  Clothes Closet is around the corner on 6/7, Yearbook is looking for committee pictures and Bobcat Trail will run until 6/15.

The Board reviewed the various committee lead openings for next year.  Current openings include Auction and Carnival.


The Board reviewed two teacher grant applications.  The Reader’s Notebook application, submitted by Leslie Crannell, was approved.  This will provide 130 reader’s notebooks to the fifth grade next school year.  With just one month of school left, the Board opted to spend the remainder of the fund on this item ($900).

The second application, Ride and Learn, was submitted by Aliyah Taylor and requested four “ride and work” bikes that generate electricity, one for each fourth grade classroom next year.  These would be used as part of their Sharing the Planet unit tied to harnessing energy.  At $2500 each, the total requested was $10,000.  The Board opted to decline this grant at this time, mainly due to the close proximity to our community meeting next week.  Historically, the Board has given 30 days notice of non-budgeted expenditures over $1500.  (Note:  our revised bylaws require 10 days notice for any non-budgeted expenditure over $1000.)  Ms. Taylor and her team are welcome to request these items again in early September, which would allow for more community communication prior to a vote at the Fall community meeting.


The Board approved two budget requests.  The first, submitted by Hannah Donohue, was $145 for a 100 piece bingo set, to be taken from Miscellaneous.  These could be used by party coordinators, BSE teachers and administrators (during birthday lunches or on freezing winter days), and at any BSCO event.

The second approved  budget request was for a hanging magnet system, submitted by fifth grade activities lead, Kim Kennedy.  The request totaled $110 and would provide components of the clik-clik magnet hanging system, which would allow BSCO to more easily hang decorations from both the ceiling and outside pillars (anything metal).  This will be taken from Committee Discretionary.