School Support

Classroom Support

Your time, both in and out of the classroom, greatly supports the Bonny Slope staff and learning environments for our students. The BSCO recruits and schedules volunteers into each classroom as well as the library. Volunteers are able to supplement teachers by reading with children, grading papers, making copies, and much more. 

Additional Teacher Support

  • TEACHER FUND-- providing each classroom teacher an annual fund to purchase supplies and setup their classroom
  • TECHNOLOGY-- purchasing current technology such as laptops and ipads for students to use in their learning
  • TEACHER GRANTS-- sponsoring teacher grants for innovative projects and new approaches to learning
  • PRODUCTION TEAM-- staffing a volunteer production team to help with photocopying, laminating and other production work
  • LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS-- organizing library volunteers to shelve and check out books
  • PARTY COORDINATORS-- organizing and staffing three classroom parties each year

Primary Years Programme

The BSCO supports the Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Bonny Slope by providing education to the community, purchasing classroom materials, technology and texts, and providing field trips and unique student experiences.  BSCO also funds a PYP professional development speaker for the entire Bonny Slope staff each year.

Library Support

This team of volunteers contribute valuable year-round support to our Bonny Slope library, assisting BSE’s Media-Library Assistant on a daily basis. Volunteers check out and re-shelve books, repair books, create bulletin boards, and assist with any clerical tasks. 

Staff Appreciation

Our creative Staff Appreciation volunteers find many ways to show all Bonny Slope employees how much we appreciate their commitment and hard work.  From parent-catered dinners during the hectic conference weeks, to holiday cookie boxes delivered to each staff member, BSCO volunteers go out of their way to make our staff feel appreciated.