Staff Appreciation Last Hurrah!

This is our last HURRAH for the school year, and we're here to cheer on our Bonny Slope team -- the teachers & staff that rock!

We will be providing a "Team Party" lunch for our BSE staff on Tuesday, June 11th.  Let's be real, a team party isn't a team party without pizza.  Think oranges & rice krispie treats too.  Our BSCO funds will cover the cost of the pizza, but we'd love some help filling out the table with some summery sides.  Please consider signing up for an easy slot.  Items need to be at school by 10am on 6/11, and please label your dishes if you'd like them returned.

Team Bonny Slope signup


We appreciate your generosity and team spirit!  Gooooooooo Bonny Slope!

BSCO Staff Appreciation,

Staff Appreciation Hosts Pi Day Event on 3/14

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 3.51.41 PM.png

With a nod to 3/14, let's celebrate by serving pie to our favorite Bonny Slope staff members! 

Bakers rejoice!  This is your day to roll out your grandma's famous pie dough and whip up a favorite pie. 

Shoppers rejoice!  The bakery section in your grocery store has plenty of options to choose from.  We won't judge.  Truly. 

Sign up HERE to provide a delicious pie pick-me-up to our incredible staff.

Please deliver your goodies by 9am on Thursday, March 14th to the staff lounge.

Let’s Spoil BSE Staff with Cookies!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.21.52 PM.png

December's Staff Appreciation event is a twist on an old tradition.  We are asking generous Bonny Slope parents to bring in two dozen of their favorite winter/holiday treats to share with the staff on Thursday, 12/13. 

We are encouraging an international theme, so don't be afraid to bring in a cultural or personal favorite from your family's history. Let's get a wide range of treats!

Also this year, we will be setting up these delectables in a magnificent cookie buffet.  This will allow our staff members to make their own choices (based on their own tastes and dietary restrictions).

Things to Know:

  • Please bring in two dozen treats by 9am on 12/13.

  • Either homemade or store bought is perfectly perfect so do what's easiest!

  • Please note on the sign-up what you will be bringing (if possible).

  • Please include a note card stating the type of cookie and any dietary restrictions (nuts, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc).


Questions? Email Hannah & Jenna (

November Staff Appreciation Event Brings Friendsgiving to BSE Staff

On Friday, 11/16, BSCO’s Staff Appreciation Committee will be providing a Friendsgiving spread of assorted Thanksgiving sides for the 60+ BSE staff members. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.06.15 AM.png

Yes, forget the turkey.  It's the SIDES that make magic happen on Thanksgiving.

Here is the sign-up to contribute to this smorgasbord of deliciousness on Friday, 11/16.

Some things to consider:

  • Please note what you are bringing so we can avoid duplicates. And please take a moment to look through what others are bringing.

  • Items need to be at the school by 10am.  Dropping off before that time?  Please put in staff lounge and mark the items as Staff Appreciation.

  • Don't be afraid to bring in your favorite specialties, even if they aren't necessarily Thanksgiving sides.  Let's get creative!

  • Working parent?  Grab a cold side from any deli counter (Safeway, MOC, New Seasons all have many cold thanksgiving sides that would be a delicious addition).  These could be cheese and cracker spread, antipasto platter, delicata squash salad, wild rice pilaf, farro salad with squash and feta... you get the picture.

  • Kitchen catch on fire and you can't bring in your items?  Text Hannah (971.221.5561) to let us know. We'll happily pick it up at your house! We are nothing, if not full service.

Questions can be sent to Jenna & Hannah (

October's Dine & Dash Event for Staff Appreciation

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.14.41 PM.png

It's time again to start mobilizing the forces.  Fall conferences are coming up and after consulting the experts (the teachers themselves!) we've discovered that the unpredictable nature of conference schedules means teachers need flexible food.

In that vein, we've put together a "Dine & Dash" event this month.  This is an excellent opportunity for working or time-strapped parents– no cooking required.  And if you have a Costco membership, all the better!

Dine & Dash Breakfast

Here's where you come in.  We've put together an incredible sign-up genius with a ton to choose from from sweetbreads/muffins to snacks, Keurig pods, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, and a ton of individual snacks for our teachers to literally grab and go.

Things to know:

  • We'd like all items to the school by Wed, 10/24 @ 4pm.  YES, THE DAY BEFORE.  This includes the muffins/sweetbreads.  Our teachers' first conferences start at 8am that Thursday, so we'll need to have this set up for them by 7:15am.  It'd be awesome to have it all there and ready to roll.  For non-perishable, they can be dropped off Tuesday.

  • Please deliver non-perishables to the volunteer room on the first floor at the bottom of the stairs.

  • Refridgerated items can be squeezed into the staff fridges.  Room will be tight that Wed (all the teachers' lunches will be there), but I know we can make this work.

  • Please accurately indicate how many of each item you'll be bringing.  If the sign-up says string cheese, pack of 10, and you plan on buying from Costco, go ahead and mark three spots. Just do your best-- it'll all work out  :)

We so appreciate all who donate.  Take a moment to see how you can make this an awesome experience for our teachers.

Dine and Dash Buffet Sign-Up

Questions? Hannah & Jenna (

Thank you Committee Leads!

We appreciate every volunteer at Bonny Slope, but we’d like to give a special 'thank you' to the following parents for their committee leadership this year.  BSCO Committee Leads make such an impact on our community, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Bravo and thank you!


After School Programs           

·        Shubhangi Kulkarni (Chincholkar)

Art Literacy     

·        Maureen Louie

·        Melissa Manos

·        Joshua Madrid

·        Currie Reese               

Artist In Residence     

·        Cori Anger


·        Lauren McCabe

Author Liason  

·        Jennifer Mikovsky

Back to School Picnic  

·        Cara Cook

·        Nadia Wald

Blog Writers   

·        Bridget F Clark

·        Leigh Havelick

·        Hannah Donohue

Bobcat Trail Club        

·        Angie Bruxer

·        Kelly Matsushima

Book Fair         

·        Melissa Gatchell

·        Cindi Otis

Box Tops         

·        Nicole Reynolds


·        Kirsten Forsberg

·        Reilley Keating

Community Garden    

·        Christine Hyatt

Community Outreach/Clothes Closet

·        Melissa Rice


·        Brenda Mayland

Earth Week     

·        Michelle Huss

·        Shannon Bekins

Fifth Grade Activities

·        Rachael Pettit

·        Sheri Bauer

Geography Club          

·        Mindy Poorman

·        Stacey Stefanelli


·        Sydney Keister

·        Cara Cook

Library Volunteers      

·        April Hill

Matching Funds          

·        Julie Gupta

Monster Mash

·        Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu

·        Hannah Donohue

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)  

·        Chevy Pham

·        Aparna Srinivasan

·        Kai Chen

Pancake Breakfast      

·        Leigh Havelick

·        Megan O'Malley-Cook

Parent Education        

·        Megan O'Malley-Cook

Production Team        

·        Michelle Mulholland

Science Night  

·        Holly VanderPloeg

·        Kate Resch

·        Aparna Srinivasan

STEM in Residency     

·        Erin Hire


·        Ryan Puntney

Staff Appreciation      

·        Stefanie Ebenal

·        Sierra Lavelle

Technology Advisor     

·        Elia Freedman

Walk to School Day     

·        Shannon Bekins

·        Leslie Zagelow


·        Melissa Manos

·        Jessica Gaibler


2018 Staff Appreciation "Week of Wellness" Starts May 7th

Staff Appreciation Week is coming quickly and we need your help!  Our theme this year is "A Week of Wellness" and we are focusing on health and self care.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 1.09.33 PM.png

What isn’t listed?  

  • We are using funds to purchase a comfortable couch for the staff lounge and are focusing on making their environment a relaxing place.  
  • We’re also purchasing a neck massage machine to compliment the foot massage machine we purchased last year.  
  • We will continue to ‘Stock the Pantry’ with snacks and coffee/tea as we’ve done all year.  
  • Staff will also receive education and tips throughout the week to help them focus on self care and hopefully come away from the week feeling energized and refreshed!


We need your contributions on Wednesday (5/9) and Thursday (5/10).  For "WE are What We Eat Wednesday," we are asking volunteers to bring in healthy salads and side.

For "Thirsty Thursday," we are looking for a variety of healthy beverages for staff to try in lieu of their regular go to drink.  


To sign up, go to this link


Finally, on Friday, we’ll supply baskets in each classroom and be asking all students to bring their teacher a piece of fruit.  

Thank you in advance for all of your support.  This has been a very successful year for Staff Appreciation and it’s all because of you.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Stefanie  & Sierra (

BSCO Staff Appreciation Co-Leads

Staff Appreciation Update

We showered our BSE staff with Thanksgiving pies in November and holiday cookies in December.  Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make these two events a huge success!  Looking forward in the new year, we’ll focus on the “Stock the Pantry” program in January as they dig deep into educating our children.  Stay tuned for a fun February staff appreciation where we’ll shower staff with LOVE.


Staff Appreciation: Cookies for the holidays!

Thanks to all of you who helped PIE day be wonderful.  As always, the staff were wowed by the generous gesture. 

It's almost December and therefore holiday cookie time! It's a BSE tradition and rated at the top of the staff's "My Favorite Things" list (cue Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music).

Consider baking a dozen or two of your favorite holiday morsels to share.  BSE is growing and we have 75 boxes to make up as we include all teachers, staff, assistants and even bus drivers!  


Baking not your thing?  Don't fret....we need helpers to package all the goodness and deliver around the school too.  

Tuesday, December 19th: Please have your goods to the volunteer room at school by 12:30 pm so packaging can begin at 1:00 pm.

Here’s the signup

Thanks so much for continuing this Holiday cheer!
Stefanie & Sierra
Staff Appreciation Committee


Prospective Staff Appreciation Volunteers Wanted

Hello Staff Appreciation Volunteers!

First of all, thanks to each and every one of you for considering volunteering for Staff Appreciation.  We think this is one of the most rewarding committees to lead because it lends us all an opportunity to give back to the teachers and staff. And, listen up guys and gals…. THEY LOVE US!

If you’re new to us this year, hang on for a fun and wild ride.  

We’ve got a great year planned.  Our budget remains the same as last year and we will continue to purchase the items for "Stock the Pantry” as well as continual coffee and tea pods.  Some events, we plan to repeat and also have some fresh ideas to throw in.  Take a look!

  • SEPTEMBER:   Just last week, we kicked off our first activity, known as “Stock the Pantry.”  We purchased a variety of foods and drinks, coffee and tea,  and stocked the cupboard and fridge in the staff lounge and it was a huge success!  Our email inbox filled up with huge thanks from the staff.  We plan to repeat this two more times this year to help supplement their lunches and help out in times that a fast snack is necessary.  

  • OCTOBER:  Conference dinner on 10/11 and conference snacks on 10/12.  These will be potlucks and provided by YOU! Sign-up here to donate some deliciousness.

  • NOVEMBER:  “We Want Pie”  will be back and you’ll have the chance to Martha it up with your greatest pie recipes to date!  Save the date 11/20 and stay tuned for a Sign-up Genius.

  • DECEMBER:  Holiday cookie boxes.  We’ll need lots of volunteers to bake their favorite cookies and elves to help package and distribute.  Save the date 12/18 and stay tuned for a Sign-up Genius.

  • JANUARY:  “Stock the Pantry”  

  • FEBRUARY:  Valentine’s day something or other.  TBD— holler if you have a great idea!

  • MARCH:  Conference dinner on 3/7 and conference snacks on 3/8.  These will be potlucks and provided by YOU!  Stay tuned for a Sign-up Genius.

  • APRIL:  “Stock the Pantry”

  • MAY:  Staff Appreciation Week 5/7-5/11.  Theme yet to be determined.  Again, holler with thoughts and ideas!

The beauty of this committee is that you don’t have to volunteer for every event.  Jump in when you can and rely on your community when you can’t.  We’ll keep you informed and send the Sign-up Genius link 2-3 weeks prior to the events. Email if you’d like to be added to our mailing list.

Here’s to a great year!

Stefanie & Sierra