Want to get involved? Consider becoming a Committee Lead in 2019/2020!

Updated May 18, 2019

Even though the "C" in BSCO stands for Community, it could also easily stand for Committee because without the efforts of our Committee Leads and Committee volunteers, BSCO would not be able to provide the amazing variety of enriching activities that our students have come to love and the resources on which our school has come to rely.

Please consider volunteering your time by becoming a Committee Lead.  It's a great way to meet other parents, get more involved with the school, and share a skill or talent.

Don't be intimidated by the commitment.  Time commitments vary!  We can find a way for you to get involved in a way that works best for your interests and bandwidth. 

Don't want to go it alone? Get a few of your BBFFs (Best BonnySlope Forever Friends) together and tag team the job. The more the merrier!!

The positions that are open for 2019/2020 include: 

  • Auction - Chair this Annual Spring Fundraiser

  • Carnival - Be part of the team that plans the annual Bonny Slope Carnival in the spring!

  • Community Garden - Assemble a team of green thumbs to help the students learn about how to tend to the organic garden on the Bonny Slope campus.

  • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) - Coordinate the reading program for 4th & 5th graders.

Co-Leads Needed - this means there is already a lead, but they need a wing-man or woman!

  • Science Night - Encourage student projects and coordinate vendors to excite our kiddos about science.

  • Yearbook- Preserve these amazing memories forever in our annual yearbook celebrating each school year.

Please contact BSCO's Director of Committees, Katie Kammer, at committees@bonnyslopebsco.org if you have any questions about a particular position or are interested in leading one of these amazing opportunities.

For more information on each committee please see the BSCO Volunteer Handbook.

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"Make Way for the Nerds" OBOB Team Heads to Regionals

On February 21st the final OBOB battle was held in the school library.  The 4th grade champions "Book Buster" and 5th grade champions "Make Way for the Nerds" met in the final OBOB showdown to determine the Bonny Slope OBOB Champ and the school's representatives for the Regional OBOB tournament. 

With classmates from 4th and 5th grade watching on the edge of their seats....the tied battle was determined by the last question!!  In the end, Make Way for the Nerds was victorious and will move on the OBOB regional play March 9th. 

We wish to congratulate all the OBOB teams this year. There were a lot of very close and hard fought battles.  We had tiebreakers and challenges that determined outcomes of the battle....it was intense for the volunteers and the students!!!

To all of our AMAZING volunteers, teachers, administration and students....we thank you and appreciate all of your support! 

Let's support Make Way for the Nerds and wish them all the best in OBOB regional play.

And finally to all of our students.....some of the OBOB books for next year have been posted


OBOB Teams Advance to Single Elimination Tournament

Over the past two weeks, twenty-two 4th and 5th grade Bonny Slope OBOB teams have participated in some very fun and exciting pool play.  After twenty-four hard fought battles with 192 questions asked by 19 amazing parent volunteers and countless Rice Krispie Treats and Fruit by the Foot treats consumed, we are happy to announce the results of the 2019 OBOB Pool Play!

Pool Play scores.jpg

Now the top eight teams in each grade with the highest total scores from pool play have advanced to the single elimination OBOB tournament. The tournament begins Tuesday, February 5th and the winning teams will move on to the next round February, 12th. To view the schedule, visit the BSCO OBOB website.

A few reminders for parents and students about the OBOB tournament:

  1. The bracket is developed based on scores earned by the teams in pool play.

  2. This is a single elimination tournament, only winning teams from each battle will advance to the next round.

  3. Tie-breakers will be used in the event of a tie to determine the winning team.

  4. Teams are still allowed to challenge any question their team was asked first and was determined to be incorrect by the moderator.  Teams have 2 minutes to find their answer in the book.

  5. We need parents to be volunteers for these battles. Sign up here

  6. Parents may not moderate their own child's battle.

  7. If parents wish to watch a battle, you must have completed the volunteer screening through the district. http://www.bonnyslopebsco.org/volunteering/.  We also remind parents that students are excited and working for the opportunity to represent Bonny Slope at the OBOB regionals.  It is their time to shine!! Therefore, it is very important that any spectators refrain from acting in any way that may distract or interfere with the outcome of a battle. Any spectator interference may results in a team's disqualification from the tournament.

The OBOB battle is heating up.  We remember the goal of OBOB is to encourage students who enjoy reading, to broaden reading interests, to increase reading comprehension, promote academic excellence, and to promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students. We appreciate all of the time and hard work the teams have put in to OBOB this year and appreciate your continued support of their efforts.

We are so proud of all the students!  Their time, teamwork and dedication shone through these past two weeks.  Our parent volunteers were very impressed with the student’s teamwork, knowledge and sportsmanship in the battles.

OBOB Update January 2019

Students have been working hard with their teams to read books, practice questions and prepare for the OBOB battles to begin. The last tactic session will be held during recess on Tuesday, January 15th. During tactic sessions students have completed team challenges to increase their OBOB knowledge, learn teamwork skills and earn raffle tickets for the prize giveaway to be held at the school championship OBOB final in February.

A big thank you to students and parents for completing all the needed paperwork, forming teams and getting OBOB off to a smooth start this year.

Some reminder for students:

  • Continue to read and practice as much as you can

  • Work with you team to decide on your spokesperson and practice for the battles

  • If you need questions, look for copies in the school library on the OBOB shelf.  You may also find them online

  • Have fun with your team and enjoy the reading and competition!

The general OBOB schedule has been set and team battles will be released after the final tactic session.  Students may check the OBOB bulletin board or the OBOB website for a listing of upcoming battles.

Parents, we will need your help starting January 22nd for pool play battles.  Volunteers are needed for moderators, timekeepers and scorekeepers. You do not need prior OBOB experience and we will teach you what to do!  There will be 2 battles each day per grade level between 10:50 and 12:10 each day through February 1st. We will be sending sign-ups shortly!

Oregon Battle of the Books Update

Please make sure your 4th or 5th grade students are registered if they wish to participate in the OBOB battles this January. No new registrations will be taken after December 3rd. You may register online here:  Online registration link

OBOB tactic sessions start Tuesday, December 4th during recess. Students are encouraged to participate in all of the four sessions with their team members. During these sessions students will learn strategies, team building and what to expect during the OBOB battles.

OBOB pool play battles will be held during recess beginning in January, information will be posted on the OBOB bulletin board outside the library and on the OBOB website early next week.


Oregon Battle of the Books Begins

It’s here... Bonny Slope’s Oregon Battle of the Books!!!  OBOB kicked off on Wednesday, November 7th for 4th and 5th graders. You will soon receive emails from teachers and Friday folders with more information.

This fun reading incentive program is completely optional for fourth and fifth graders. Students will participate on their own time and will commit to their team by reading at least five books from the OBOB list.

Students who want to participate must complete the Parent Permission form before November 26th, 2018.  When registering include your child’s team name in the registration form or leave blank if they have not made a team and still wish to participate. If you need a paper copy please have your student request one from their teacher.


For more information please visit the BSCO OBOB website for the list of books, online registration, FAQ and OBOB rules.

We are also looking for volunteers to help make OBOB a more meaningful experience for the students. We need assistance with the tactic session starting in December and OBOB battles beginning in January. Contact obob@bonnyslopebsco.org if you wish to volunteer.

Questions can be directed to obob@bonnyslopebsco.org.

OBOB is sponsored by the Bonny Slope Community Organization and is organized by parent volunteers.

Candy Readers Enjoy an Amazing OBOB Run


Parents, siblings, Principal Maza, Mr. Traller and Aparna Srinivasan showed up at Pilgrim Lutheran to support Bonny Slope OBOB school champion and fifth grade team Candy Readers at the OBOB mini regional on Saturday, March 17.

The day started with two rounds of pool play against Fir Grove Elementary and Hazeldale Elementary, both of which Candy Readers won by a wide margin.  Since there were 22 teams at the mini regional, only eight (8) teams advanced into single elimination battles. 

The Candy Readers faced Raleigh Park Elementary in the Elite 8 play-off and defeated their opponent by a healthy lead.  But in the end, Bonny Slope's Candy Readers lost by 1-point to a well-prepared team of 3rd graders from Findley Elementary in the semi-final.

Hope Chinese Charter School, a newbie to OBOB, won the mini regional and will advance to the State Tournament. For Bonny Slope, there's always next year...

Congratulations Candy Readers and thank you to all volunteers and staff involved in a wonderful OBOB year!

Candy Readers Head to 2017 OBOB Regional Tournament

It’s been an exciting last few weeks, and what a finish! The fifth grade team, Candy Readers took the Bonny Slope School Championship title on Feb 12, narrowly defeating the fourth grade champs, The Joyful Purple Fire Breathing Hawaiian Dogs. The Candy Readers will represent Bonny Slope at the OBOB Regional tournament on March 17.

All teams put their hearts into reading the books, doing mock battles and were very composed with their expertise, all the while exemplifying great sportsmanship.

During the last few weeks, teams showed up prepared to battle for the opportunity to represent Bonny Slope at the regional.  In one case,  two fourth grade teams endured eighteen (18) tie breaker questions to determine the winner, with many battles resulting in close and exciting finishes.  Congratulations to all the kids for their hard work.

OBOB participation embodies the IB attitudes of confidence, cooperation, curiosity, enthusiasm, independence, integrity, and respect.

A huge thanks to all the participants, their parents, the fourth and fifth grade teachers, volunteers and BSCO’s OBOB chairs, Chevy Pham, Aparna Srinivasan and Kai Chen. OBOB is supported through your generous BSCO donation.

Share with us your thoughts about this year’s OBOB programming.  Your input will help guide next year’s OBOB experience.  The parent survey is here.  The student survey is here.  

We need a few willing parents to organize next year's OBOB.  Please email obob@bonnyslopebsco.org if would be interested in making OBOB a reality for next year's fourth and fifth graders.

The BSE OBOB Championship Battle

The BSE OBOB Championship Battle

OBOB Update for January 25th

OBOB teams, read your Battle FAQs so you know the rules before your battle.  We have a short time (less than 20 minutes) for battles so time spent answering questions about battle rules means we will not be able to finish your battle as everyone must leave for lunch at 11:10 am (for 5th graders) and 12:10 pm (for 4th graders).  

4th grade team:  remind your Specials teachers that you have an OBOB battle so you can be released early enough to get to the battle room on time.  4th grade battles start at 11:50 am and 5th grade battles start at 10:50 am.

Check the battle schedule on the OBOB page.

A big shout out and thanks to all the parents who are volunteering to run the battles!  If you have time and are an approved school volunteer, sign up to be a battle timekeeper or scorekeeper at this link.

See the OBOB page for all OBOB info!

OBOB Needs Moderators!

BSE's Oregon Battle of the Books needs volunteers for success!  OBOB is in need of two moderators per day who will commit to being at the school between 10:40AM-12:20PM.  Each moderator will moderate one 4th grade battle that begins at 10:50AM and the 5th grade battle at 11:50AM.  Parents can volunteer by emailing obob@bonnyslopebsco.org.