Our Brains: Where Science and Art Meet

Bonny Slope welcomed five entertaining and creative neuroscience researchers and artists from NW Noggin (Northwest Neuroscience Outreach Group: Growing in Networks) to the Bonny Slope library last month for three days of exploring the brain-art connection. During the three hour-long presentations, one for grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5, respectively, kids saw a skit about brain function, built neurons from pipe cleaners, mapped brainy pathways in crayon, and even held real human brains!

NW Noggin is a largely volunteer effort to bring scientists, artists, and students of all ages together to share their expertise and encourage young people to get excited about science and art. 

Bonny Slope is currently featured on the NW Noggin website, where you can see some of the fun and interesting aspects of the presentations.

This opportunity was funded through BSCO’s Artist in Residence program.