March 2016 Principal Chat…..REVEALED

As we begin the final lap of 2015-16, the BSCO Board is seeking out possible expenditures to actively manage our savings and give the community tangible results of their generosity.  Essentially--  the Board wants to spend every red cent netted in 2015-16 on items that impact CURRENT students, if not this year, than next.  To learn more about the Board’s recent expenditure discussion, please read the February and March Board Meeting Snapshots.   

Earlier this month, when asked what two items Janet would most like to request, her response was more inquiry-style playground equipment and a new wall-mounted projector in the gym.  The Board asked her to elaborate on the Projector Proposal at this month’s Principal Chat.

Projector Proposal-- Your Money on the Table

Today BSE PE Teacher, Jacob Whitehead, joined us to share more specs regarding a possible projector in the BSE gym.  Jacob teaches PE to our second through fifth graders, as well as serving on BSE’s Future Ready team.  

To make this easier, let’s summarize with the always popular organizational tool-- the bullet point list.


  • More free space.  The projector would be mounted above the blue moveable wall, eliminating any floor bound cords or bulky AV cart. That frees up more a bigger area for kids/parents to sit during school assemblies and presentations, such as Back to School Night and Young Audiences.
  • Brain boosts, baby!  This would allow daily video brain boosts in the gym prior to school, where kids could dance/run/jump.  This is currently impossible as kids can’t be running crazy with the AV cart and ensuing cords on the floor.  What’s a brain boost?  Look here for this BSD initative spearheaded by our own Cheryl Wardell.
  • Better and easier PE Instruction.  Teachers can better demonstrate games/techniques for their students as their image projects on the screen, allowing more visual access to students.    
  • Improved presentations.  Forget the clunky slide show projector & speakers walking into the light.  It’s sleek, easy, and would be wired into our current sound system.
  • The possibilities are endless.  Easier movie nights.  Videos during Science Fair.  Student jump rope routines instantly displayed.  
  • It’s the future.  Newer BSD schools are being built with these installed.  In fact, Bonny Slope was the last school NOT to get one.  Springville, built one year after BSE, had one put in during construction.  Older schools are also slowly transitioning to this technology.  Raleigh Park raves about their upgrade.


  • Ummmm, the price.  Two quotes have the project, including installation and the project itself, hovering between $22-25k.  Most of the fees come from rewiring the gym, which is an initial upfront cost.
  • Maintenance. With all technology, it’ll fail at some point.  Replacement won’t be as excessive as the upfront install, but this aspect must be considered. 

Janet, Jacob & company will continue to gather information and think through any other questions or anticipated needs.  Community discussion about this project will begin out the BSCO Listening Sessions on 4/5 and 4/6.  Auction totals will determine if/how/when this expenditure is presented.

Talent Show: Victim of Growing Pains

Our last Paw Prints mentioned the transformation of this year’s talent show.  What gives?  Well…. the truth hurts.  BSE has simply outgrown having a Talent Show during the school day.  Length, student attention, lack of space for the parent audience, location on the calendar, staff burnout… all factors in the decision to rethink this fantastic Bonny Slope tradition.  This year’s event will be reimagined as a Fifth Grade Showcase.  Held the last week of school?  Check.  Attended by the entire school?  Check.  All fifth graders interested can perform?  Check.  Possible to turn it into another amazing BSE tradition?  Check.

But is this the end of the talent show as we know it?  Hardly.  Moving into 2016-17, the Talent Show will be back.  In the evening.  Probably in winter.  Organized by parents.  But here just the same!  BSE will be transforming the show to be more aligned with what other BSD schools are doing and creating a parent-led, evening event.  That means we’ll need some ambitious parents to step up and help out (nudge nudge wink wink).  If you are interested in leading and/or helping with the 2016-17 Talent Show, please contact Jessica Gaibler (  

Are you Ready for the Future?  ‘Cuz It Arrives Fall 2016.

If you haven’t already heard about BSD’s Future Ready initiative, then buckle up.  A recent write-up describes the impact at BSE.  Next school year will see 25% of the promised devices arriving at BSE next year, translating into 90 more chromebooks, more charging carts, and brand-new laptops for every teacher, plus additional staff development emphasizing student digital citizenship.  Between these Future Ready devices and the chromebooks purchased by BSCO this school year, Bonny Slope will achieve its technology vision in the 2016-17 school year.

The Future Ready program isn’t just about throwing computers at the kids and calling it good.  Explore the Future Ready website to discover the three components-- Classroom Innovation, Library Transformation and Technology Integration. 

Other Juicy Tidbits

  • High School Boundary Map-- it is finished & has been presented to Jeff Rose, BSD Superintendent.  Bonny Slope remains entirely in the Sunset High School boundary.  Elementary and middle school boundaries will also be redrawn in the near future, with the addition of the elementary school on Kaiser and the middle school at Timberland.  The north side of Beaverton is booming, baby!
  • Speaking of Mr. Rose, he’s got Georgia on his mind and will be leaving BSD at the end of the school year.  An interim superintendent will be appointed while BSD seeks out official candidates.
  • As a reminder, parents should not be photographing any student but their own during school hours.

And that’s a wrap!  We look forward to next month’s Principal Chat on April 22nd.  See you then!