Staff Appreciation Oktoberfeast, Wednesday, 10/9

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Staff Appreciation Oktoberfeast, 10/9

The BSCO Staff Appreciation committee is welcoming the fall season by stocking the staff lounge pantry with seasonally themed snacks -- an Oktoberfeast (see what we did there?)!

The goal is to give the staff pantry a bountiful boost-- fall produce, bulk size bags, seasonal boxed soups, fun fall snacks... you get the idea. This is less of a buffet lunch and more of pantry upgrade to get them through October.

So! Check out October's sign-up to see where you can contribute.

Please deliver your donations to the front office by 9am on Wednesday, 10/9.

Please remember:

  • Our staff lounge is now UPSTAIRS. Our former location (by the first floor production room) is now a first grade classroom.

  • Non-perishables can be dropped off at the front desk, to the left of Wendy as you enter the office.

  • Items that need to be refrigerated can be taken to the fridges in the upstairs staff lounge. Alternatively, if you see me or Jenna in the office that morning, we are happy to grab it ourselves.

  • Please label your dishes if you want them back.

Hydration Station

THANK YOU to the generous parents that have already brought in coffee & sparkling water. If you haven't yet, please consider donating either one for a Thursday this fall. These dedicated professionals need fuel to teach our babies all day.

**Please take these items to the Volunteer Workroom downstairs (under the stairs) and clearly mark them as "Staff Appreciation."

November Conferences

Conferences are later this year, scheduled for Wed, 11/6 & Thursday, 11/7. This team is super excited about our theme (Pinterest at its best!), so be on the lookout for a signup later in October.

One More Time

Oktoberfeast Sign-up for Wed, 10/9

Fall Coffee/Sparkling Water Sign-up

Questions or would like to join our email list? Jenna & Hannah (

Opportunities & Housekeeping for All Volunteers!


We still have open Committee Lead positions for the 2019-2020 school year, so if you are interested, please check out the most up-to-date open 2019-20 Committee Lead positions when you first log into my under the ‘News’ section.  As of today, the following are still open:

  • Auction - Chair this Annual Spring Fundraiser

  • Artist in Residence - Research and schedule the visiting artist and managing community grants

  • Monster Mash - Help plan this yearly Halloween favorite

Please contact Katie ( if you are interested in learning more about these awesome opportunities. 


  • Returning to Bonny Slope for the 2019-2020 school year?  

    • Update your child(ren)s information for the new year (grade, teacher, etc.), your General Interests, and choose which classrooms and committee(s) you would like to help with.

    • Returning volunteers need not repeat the background check unless notified otherwise.  

  • If you will no longer be volunteering at Bonny Slope next year, please send an email to to add or remove schools, or to archive your profile from the system.  BSCO is not able to remove your profile from the school’s email list.  

Thank you!
Your BSCO Directors of Volunteers, Stephanie and Michelle

To All of Our Volunteers…We Thank You!!!

The 2018-2019 school year is quickly coming to a close…and WOW what a year it has been!!!  Our volunteers at Bonny Slope Elementary never cease to amaze us and we continue to be so grateful for all of you!  

You ALL give so generously of your time and talents, and most importantly you support our kids, the staff, and the school as a whole so that ultimately our kids can have fun, focus on what is important, and be well rounded in their education.  We speak for all of BSCO and the Bonny Slope Community when we say a big THANK YOU for ALL you do and give back to our school! (BSCO = Bonny Slope Community Organization, in case you’ve always wondered ;-))

Here are some fun and eye opening stats from our gracious volunteers this school year (as of June 6th, 2019):

  • Total # of Volunteer Hours thus far for the 2018-19 school year is nearly 7500 hours, and this is just the time spent by our volunteers at school during school hours!

    • Considering we have had 178 student days in 2018-2019 through June 6th, that’s over 42 hours of volunteers per day, which is equivalent to almost 6 full time staff members!  

  • Top 3 Activities in regards to Hours and # of Volunteers:

    • (1) Classroom Support - Majority of our volunteers spend their time in the classrooms, supporting our kids and teachers, with close to 2400 volunteer hours in the classroom and 281 volunteers giving their time to support our kids and teachers in the classroom!

    • (2) Art Literacy - Our second most volunteered activity is Art Literacy, with nearly 1400 volunteer hours and 193 volunteers helping out with this popular activity that all of our kids love and look forward to!  

    • (3) Jog-a-Thon - One of our top fundraisers, Jog-a-Thon brings so many volunteers together to plan this fun event and successfully ‘execute’ it for our kids! 

  • Of course, we have MANY other activities that could not have been successful without our volunteer support - 33 committees / activities if we’re counting!  These activities may require less time and less people to make all the magic happen, but they all have a large impact on our kids and community!!!  

Looking forward to a fun-packed, last week of school next week with Field Day, End of Year Classroom Parties, and 5th Grade Farewell Activities!  Thank you all for a great school year and enjoy your summer!

Your BSCO Directors of Volunteers, Stephanie and Michelle

Volunteers for Barnes Elementary School Field Day

What a wonderful opportunity this is!  The folks over at Barnes Elementary could use some help running their Field Day on June 14.   Volunteers are needed to help with set up, running field activities, and manning the water station. 

Because this is the last day of school, we realize this might be challenging for many but are hoping we'll be able to offer support in some capacity. Please take a look and sign up if you can! 

Date:06/14/2019 (Fri.)
Location:Barnes Elementary School

For more information about our partnership with Barnes Elementary, take a look at this story from 2018.


Northwest Children's Outreach: Assembling Care Packages

The Outreach has organized another NWCO event! Please consider working with your child to help create a special care package.

Northwest Children's Outreach is a fantastic non-profit that focuses on helping children in the community. Work alongside your child (age 6 and over, please) for a short shift gathering items on the list that will make a huge impact! This will be a great opportunity to have fun, fill a need and model caring for people in need. Note that you're free to leave prior to the end time if that's too late for your family.

A link to the organization and what they do can be found here:

This is also a wonderful organization to consider when making donations (bonus points for bringing with you).

Date: 05/08/2019 (Wed.)
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm PDT
Location: 5525 SW Menlo Drive Beaverton, OR 97005 **Operating out of Westside Church of Christ Entrance is to the back of the building on the Southwest corner

To sign up, please follow this link.

The Community Outreach Team

Want to get involved? Consider becoming a Committee Lead in 2019/2020!

Updated May 18, 2019

Even though the "C" in BSCO stands for Community, it could also easily stand for Committee because without the efforts of our Committee Leads and Committee volunteers, BSCO would not be able to provide the amazing variety of enriching activities that our students have come to love and the resources on which our school has come to rely.

Please consider volunteering your time by becoming a Committee Lead.  It's a great way to meet other parents, get more involved with the school, and share a skill or talent.

Don't be intimidated by the commitment.  Time commitments vary!  We can find a way for you to get involved in a way that works best for your interests and bandwidth. 

Don't want to go it alone? Get a few of your BBFFs (Best BonnySlope Forever Friends) together and tag team the job. The more the merrier!!

The positions that are open for 2019/2020 include: 

  • Auction - Chair this Annual Spring Fundraiser

  • Carnival - Be part of the team that plans the annual Bonny Slope Carnival in the spring!

  • Community Garden - Assemble a team of green thumbs to help the students learn about how to tend to the organic garden on the Bonny Slope campus.

  • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) - Coordinate the reading program for 4th & 5th graders.

Co-Leads Needed - this means there is already a lead, but they need a wing-man or woman!

  • Science Night - Encourage student projects and coordinate vendors to excite our kiddos about science.

  • Yearbook- Preserve these amazing memories forever in our annual yearbook celebrating each school year.

Please contact BSCO's Director of Committees, Katie Kammer, at if you have any questions about a particular position or are interested in leading one of these amazing opportunities.

For more information on each committee please see the BSCO Volunteer Handbook.

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BSCO Staff Appreciation Hosts Spring Buffet, 4/17, Donations Needed

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.18.40 PM.png

Hard to believe that we are in the final lap of this school year.  Spring conferences are in just two weeks and it’s time to make some magic for our BSE stuff. This sign-up is long, but easy.  Zero cooking required.

Burrito Bowl Buffet- Wed Evening
On Wed, 4/17, we will be providing a catered smorgasboard of delicious options so our staff can create their own burrito bowls.  Our budget will provide all the major components, but we need YOU for all the accompanients!

Dine & Dash Smorgasboard- Thursday Morning
Our first go-round last fall was a huge hit!  Let's treat them with another "Dine & Dash" buffet so they can take what they need to make it through those meetings.

The idea here is to have individual-sized items so that our teachers can literally just grab their favorites and head off to their classroom.  If you have a Costco membership - this is the signup for you!  ;) We've listed prices to be helpful - feel free to purchase your items anywhere that's convenient.

Drop-off- Wed, 4/17
Please bring your donated goodies on Wednesday (4/17) by 2pm.  Non-perishables can be dropped off in the volunteer work room (which is located on the first floor, under the stairs).  Perishables can be tucked into the refrigerators in the staff lounge.  Please LABEL your dishes if you would like them returned to you.

Don't wait to volunteer for this awesomely important event for our teachers and staff.

Questions can be directed to Hannah & Jenna (

Volunteers Needed for Beaverton Clothes Closet 2/20

Clothes Closet Volunteer.jpg

Come join fellow Bonny Slope Parents and Staff and volunteer at the Beaverton Clothes Closet.  The Clothes Closet is operated by volunteers from the School District's parent groups and Beaverton community to provide free clothing for students in grades K-12 from families with limited income. It's a truly wonderful experience to help children and families in our own community.  Shifts are for 2 hours and run from 9:15AM-4:30PM on Wednesday, Feb 20th.

Sign up here-

BSCO Board Seeks New Officers for 2019-20, Applications due Apr 5

Greetings amazing BSE community.  The BSCO Board is looking to fill several leadership positions for the 2019-20 BSCO Board, as officers roll off their term.

While every position is up for re-election, the confirmed openings are as follows:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Director of Communications

  • Member at Large

While board members are encouraged to serve two years in a position, all positions are elected on an annual basis.  As restricted in our bylaws, no member can serve more than two consecutive years in a position. Given the large number of board members transitioning out of their role this year, the board is considering having a current board member stay one additional year in a different role in order to equal out the number of transitions each year.  The chart below outlines the responsibilities of each role.

If you are interested in the long-term vision and general attitude, atmosphere and culture of our parent organization, serving on BSCO’s board allows for an incredible amount of input.  Specifically, serving on the board allows you to:

  • Approve/deny all teacher grants

  • Approve/deny budget requests under $1,000

  • Direct input into writing BSCO’s annual budget

  • Direct input into special projects that exceed the annual budget

  • Direct input into scheduling BSCO’s Dates to Remember

  • Contribution to the overall goals of the Board – such as this year’s goals of building the volunteer pipeline, smarter giving and increased STEM oriented programs

The time commitment varies between positions, but the minimum requirements are:

  • Monthly Board meetings (averaging about 2 hrs each)

  • Three community meetings

  • Setting-up/picking-up at one Parent Education night per year

  • Participation in at least one August playdate or Back to School Night to meet new and returning families

All positions can be done by a working parent.  The bulk of all the positions (aside from the meetings) takes place online or via email.  Additionally, several of the current members rolling off this Board will still be parents at BSE next year, allowing for an ease of transition where new members can have veteran support to answer questions.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please complete the online BSCO Board Application Form no later than Friday, April 5, 2019.  The 2019-20 ballot slate will be voted on during the final community meeting on Tuesday, May 21.  If you have any questions, please email Ashish Gupta, BSCO President, or this year’s nominating committee lead, Andrea Steyskal or any of the current board members.



  • Preside at all BSCO community meetings and at all BSCO Board meetings.  The president shall be an informal member of all committees.
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda for BSCO community meetings
  • Act as a liaison between BSCO and the Principal of BSE, with at least one private meeting annually.  The President serves as the representative for BSCO to the Administration of BSE.
  • Ensure representation of BSCO at all regular meetings of the District parent group officers’ meetings.
  • Monitor BSCO funds with the Treasurer to ensure appropriate transactions


  • Perform duties of the President in his/her absence
  • Act as a liaison between the fundraising committee leads and the Board
  • Ensure proper acknowledgements to all sponsors


  • Keep accurate record of official business transacted at each Board meeting and community meetings
  • Have on-hand at each meeting a copy of the Bylaws, minutes of previous meetings and a list of the committees and their chairs
  • Post the recorded meeting minutes for each community meeting within 2 weeks of the meeting date
  • File the annual report with the Oregon Secretary of State.  Renew yearly insurance coverage.
  • Oversee the election and ensure that each election is conducted in a fair manner.  Create the ballot used by BSCO to vote for officers


  • Receive all monies of BSCO, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approved budget
  • Present a financial statement at every Board and community meeting
  • Responsible for ensuring the filing of annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Maintain financial and audit records


  • Responsible for the BSCO website, updating current information and managing, soliciting and publishing content including blog posts
  • Administer email accounts assigned to BSCO Board members and Committee Leads
  • Serve as administrator of all official BSCO social media
  • Act as liaison with the BSE administration and front office for all community communication needs


  • Serve in a supportive role to the duties of the President and Board of Directors
  • Organize and/or provide support for any Board projects that further the mission of BSCO, based on the needs of the current year.  Examples include, but are not limited to community surveys, facility improvement projects and additional community outreach.
  • Remains vacant until all the other Director offices are filled.

Online applications can be found at:

DUE APRIL 5, 2019

Parents, Students Needed To Hold Pancake Breakfast Feb 2

The ticket pre-sales are wrapping up for this year’s major fifth grade fundraiser, Pancake Breakfast, which will be held in just one week, February 2, 2019. Tickets are still available for any Bonny Slope parents, students, or community members online or at the door!

Now our attention turns to filling in the staff to host this event. We need you, fifth grade parents and students. There are lots of slots that need to be filled if we are going to have this event next week!

  • We have no parent kitchen staff at all for the 9-11 slot, and are still missing some for the 7-9 slot as well.

  • We need students to provide customer support and act as runners to the kitchen.

  • We are missing students for ticket tables.

  • We need griddles! Hey, we are only borrowing them. We’ll give them back. We promise.

  • We need parents willing to stay for a short while afterward and help clean up.

The bottom line: these roles are critical to pulling off a successful event, raising money to send your child to Science School and host other fifth grade activities.

As of this writing, there are 38 parent volunteers for 65 slots, and 96 student volunteers for 121 slots. Parents, we especially need you! If your child needs to be there anyway, hang around, cook some pancakes, and have some fun! 😀

Sign up for a slot today!