Business Booms for Second Grade Market

BSE’s young entrepreneurs hawked their wares throughout the second grade classrooms this month.  The annual Second Grade Market returned again in full force, with customers crowding the aisles and young sellers peddling their products for purchase.

As always, this BSE tradition brought out the creativity and innovation of the seven to eight year old crowd.  Students were asked to create, promote, and sell a product during the market as part of their “How We Organize Ourselves” PYP unit.  Goals of the unit were to study economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment, as well as the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities.
Items sold included everything from bookmarks and greeting cards to bracelets and massages. Students chose their own product or service price and kept track of expenses.  Parents, students, and even some BSE teachers and staff were given fake money to use at the market and later students were able to calculate their net and gross profits.

When asked about the student reactions to the market, second grade teacher Kate Moehl stated, “They loved it!  I would describe it as a very proud student moment. They had worked very hard to create their product and had done a lot of learning prior to that day to ensure that they had a good idea of how to run their ‘business.’ But probably most exciting was buying from each other.”

Second grader Evan Palmquist created paint sample bookmarks and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “My favorite part was seeing the cool things the other kids made and getting to buy a bunch of it,” Palmquist shared.  

The Yearbook Committee is currently looking for more pictures of the market.  Parents who have pictures of their child’s booth can send them to