BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: March 2016 Meeting

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

March Meeting 3/14/2016

The Board was back at it this month, reviewing current grant and budget requests as well as peering forward into 2016-17.  Board members Christy Bishop and Matt Hire were unable to attend.

The BSCO Listening Sessions are set for 8:30 am on 4/5 and 7pm on 4/6.  Hannah Donohue, President, will have a small list of talking points to generate conversation and if possible, attendees will break into small groups with a Board member to gain valuable feedback. The 2016-17 Board application is already online, seeking two candidates for Directors of Volunteers and one candidate for Director of Committees.  Doug Bergmann will serve as Parliamentarian.

Ava Palmquist, VP of Fundraising, reported that Auction continues to roll along.  Tickets and procurement indicate a successful event thus far.  Their net goal is $50k.  Teacher experiences are available for pre-sale, which is a change from the past.

Yolanda Leal, co-Director of Volunteers, reported that the new MvP system has had a few hiccups, but Bonny Slope is a go this week with the new log-in.  Jessica Gaibler, co- Director of Volunteers, is working with Janet to transition the Talent Show into a parent-led event.  This will be a topic at the Principal Chat.   Some discussion ensued about possibly adding a Talent Show lead for next school year.  A “Help Wanted” ad will be going out soon with a listing of open committee positions for 2016-17.  

Elia Freedman, Secretary and Tech Advisor, had a productive meeting with both BSE’s teacher tech team and officials from the District. BSE is slated to be Future Ready next school year, which will mean an influx of devices from the District.  A recent write up discussed the BSD Tech Vision.  The remaining Tech and Tech maintenance budgets from this school year were used to purchase two more charging carts and 20 iPads.  This completes the tech purchases for 2015-16.

Our year to date totals are looking excellent.  The latest treasurer’s report can be found here.

Brian Rothery, Treasurer, also presented his first 2016-17 draft budget.  Several committees had given feedback as to their budget needs for next year, including an increase in Geo Club, Bobcat Trail Club and the Community Garden.  

The Board is continuing to seek out expenditure ideas for next year in order to actively manage BSCO savings.  During a meeting with Hannah, Janet Maza indicated that a wall mounted projector for the gym and more inquiry-style playground supplies would be her top two requests.  Two quotes for the projector listed it between $22-$25k.  Auction totals will impact if/how this request is presented, either by a voted expenditure in May or added to our 2016-17 budget.  

A 2016-17 draft budget will be available at the listening sessions for initial community feedback.  Brian hopes to have a final budget confirmed a month prior to our vote on 5/18, allowing the community ample time to review and provide input.

Teacher Grant Application Review

The Board approved the third grade team Our Mindset Book Set grant request.  These funds will purchase two sets of 20 fiction and nonfiction books that discuss growth mindset and mental health.  These materials will support the third grade “Who We Are” unit as well as contribute to reading standards and character analysis for any grade.  The grant total is $452.44.

As a review, the Teacher Grant line item has already purchased the following grants this school year:

  • Light Table Inquiry- $1100 (Kindergarten team)  *taken from Technology Budget  
  • Calm Down Kits-- $134.87 (Counseling team)
  • Aquaponics System -- $159.99 (Tonia Anderson, ELL)
  • Stream Table Kits-- $303.20 (Fourth Grade team)

Budget Request Review

Geography Club requested an additional $500 this school year for materials improvement (laminating and binding all of the maps for check days). This is a one time improvement cost to better organize the program long-term and greatly help their Check Day volunteers.  This request was approved.