BSCO Board Listening Sessions Apr 5th and 6th

Your BSCO Board is ready and waiting to listen. Next week we’ll be breaking it down into small groups for a productive and friendly conversation.  Sneak a peek at next year’s current draft budget, clue us in on the unknown roadblocks or frustrations, and give us some fresh thoughts and perspective on our fundraising, events and communication.

Or just come for the snacks.  

Two listening sessions are scheduled for next week.  Please join us at either time.  Or both.  

MORNING SESSION-- Tuesday, April 5th
8:30-9:30am in the BSE Cafeteria
*Coffee and Doughnuts. Two words: With. Sprinkles.

EVENING SESSION-- Wednesday, April 6th
7-8pm in the BSE Library
*Chocolate covered potato chips.  Need we say more?