2018 Auction Art Projects Amaze Again

Our countdown to Auction night is underway and the annual tradition of beautiful student-made art continues. Swing by the school to view these beautiful student-made art pieces in person, now displayed in the front alcove below the stairs.

These 11 art packages were led from concept to completion by many motivated parents and made by all of our amazing children. All of these pieces will be available for live bidding at our “Cheers to 10 Years” Auction, scheduled for Saturday, 4/21.

Check out these items as well as more detailed info on tickets, live auction packages, teacher experiences, sign-up parties and raffles at our 2018 Auction website.



Abstract Flora  A

Abstract Flora A

Abstract Flora  B

Abstract Flora B

 Abstract Flora    Coordinated by Erika Lee Sears

100 Kindergarteners each had the opportunity to make their mark on this piece. Using acrylic paint and rotating through each classrooms, students were able to simultaneously collaborate together giving the piece depth and layers from each contribution.

Drying between classes, the painting was able to change and morph with the use of color from the students painting strokes. The piece is 3 foot by 3 foot birch gallery edged wood panels. The panels are locally made in Portland, Oregon. Painting is varnished and professionally wired.

Each piece to be sold separately.


First Grade

Connecting Community  Piece A – MCBRIDE & SWARDSTROM  

Connecting Community Piece A – MCBRIDE & SWARDSTROM  

Connecting CommunitY  Series B – JOHNSON & PARKS (1 of 2)  

Connecting CommunitY Series B – JOHNSON & PARKS (1 of 2)  

Connecting Community  Piece B – JOHNSON & PARKS (2 of 2)

Connecting Community Piece B – JOHNSON & PARKS (2 of 2)

Connecting our Community    Coordinated by Jessica Castillo & Nathan Babian

Do you love where you live? Our kids do! Students drew with Sharpies on canvas and made representations of their homes which were then connected by fun and quirky streets. Any of these finished canvases would be a fun, captivating addition to an office or home that loves to celebrate our community.

Piece A (Swardstrom & McBride)  One piece,  measuring 60”w x 36”h.

Piece B (Johnson & Parks) Two piece series, each measuring 36”w x 24”h each.  


Second Grade

I Will Be a Tree That You Come Home To   ACOSTA & HASTINGS 

I Will Be a Tree That You Come Home To  ACOSTA & HASTINGS 

I Will Be a Tree That You Come Home To   Coordinated by Melissa Manos

Acosta & Hastings’ second grade classes were given inspirational photos of birds and nests to create their own birds and/or nest to add to this final compiled piece.  

Using watercolor pencils, these tiny works of art came to life when water was added to the final illustration. We hope our little birds always come home to the tree we have created for them! Finished piece is 35”w x 43“h.



Chasing Rainbows   BRETON & MAXWELL (1 of 2)

Chasing Rainbows BRETON & MAXWELL (1 of 2)

Rainbow Showers   BRETON AND MAXWELL (2 of 2)

Rainbow Showers  BRETON AND MAXWELL (2 of 2)

Rainbow Showers & Chasing Rainbows   Coordinated by Melissa Manos

A composition filled with color and movement, these two pieces could be displayed together or easily stand on their own.  The second graders in Breton & Maxwell’s class were asked to create their own umbrella design keeping in mind pattern, color, and balance.

Using watercolor pencils as their medium, each umbrella illustration brightened with the addition of water.  Just like the owners of these umbrellas, will you walk home with these beautiful pieces? Each piece is 17”w x 26“h. Sold as a set.


Third Grade

Make a Splash   HAMMOND & HALGREN

Make a Splash  HAMMOND & HALGREN

Make a Splash    Coordinated by Julie Gupta

Remember when your little ones would stomp through puddles in their cute little rain boots? They may be big kids now, and probably won’t wear bumblebee galoshes, but they can still make a splash!

Using oil pastels, each student from Hammond’s & Halgren’s classes colored several wooden shapes. The shapes were arranged to create two colorful splashes. Both pieces are 16”x20” and are matted and finished in coordinating white frames. Artist names featured on the back.  Sold as a set.


Whirling Wonders    ANDERSON & VANIER  

Whirling Wonders   ANDERSON & VANIER  

Whirling Wonders     Coordinated by Julie Gupta

You don’t always need paint, markers or crayons to make art. Sometimes everyday objects can be used to create something extraordinary. Each student in Anderson’s and Vanier’s class used strips of recycled magazines and colored printer paper to create individual spirals. The spirals were mounted on 27”w x 25”h dark stained wood to create a unique piece that is sure to be the centerpiece of your home.  


Fourth Grade

City of Roses  Piece A

City of Roses Piece A

City of Roses  PIece B

City of Roses PIece B

City of Roses    coordinated by Melissa Gatchell

Using metal templates, each fourth grade student created their very own Portland rose.  The students brought the individual roses to life using vibrant watercolor paints in class-coordinated colors.  The combined piece features a collage of these beautiful roses. The piece is 24”w by 36”h.  

Each piece sold separately.


Fifth Grade

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.11.17 AM.png
Mosaic details up close

Mosaic details up close

Portraits of Portland     Coordinated by Melissa Manos

The fifth grade tradition continues.  Created with our own spunky fifth graders’ faces, this year's mosaic of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Portland Marquee is a classic, sophisticated image of the spirit of our beautiful city. Now inked into history, the BSE 2017-18 fifth graders faces will be treasured forever in this masterpiece.  Size: 28”w x 52”h.

Tickets for our "Cheers to 10 Years" event are available through Thursday, April 19th.  

2018 Auction art now on display at BSE

2018 Auction art now on display at BSE

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