BSCO Fall 2019 Community Meeting Minutes and Video Replay

The first BSCO community meeting was held on Tuesday, Sept. 24th, following the Principal Chat with a great turnout to both!  The BSCO meeting kicked off with a discussion by Steve Sparks from the BSD on the middle school boundary adjustment process, which will begin it’s advisory committee meetings this October.  We heard from our own Janet Maza and the new vice principal, Jim Hiller, as well as updates on technology purchases by 5th grade teacher Jennifer Klingner. 

The 2019-2020 BSCO Board members were introduced and provided updates and news about all the exciting things going on this fall.  For those not able to attend in person the meeting was available livestream via Youtube. If you missed both, a replay is available along with the slides from the presentation and meeting minutes. 


DATE:  September 24, 2019



SLIDES: 2019 Fall Community Meeting.pdf

ATTENDANCE:  Taylor Kash, Jeff Cook, Stephanie Wilson, Michelle Mulholland, Heather Vonk, Aaron Muhs, Carin Ruiz, Katie Kammer, Nima Patel, Nicole Hastings, Julie Mullavey, Shannon Bekins, Ajith Jain, Currie Reese, Ashley Bolick, Angie Bruxer, Mara da Silva, Bitsy Parks, Mandeep Bawa, Doug Bergman, Kim Lyon, Ge Li, Yeni Sindrawati, Andrea Steyskal, Kelly Kinzer, Ashish Gupta, Darren Faulk, Allison Mark Rotner, Lan Xu, Josh Rosch, Melissa Manos, Regina Noonan, Hannah Donohue, Marnellie Bishop, Scott Bishop, Yael Gideoni, Jenna Dornblaser, Jessica Canessa, Mindy Poorman, Jessica Osika, Laura Dunlap, Emily Shiraishi, Tracy Shiraishi, Miwon Jung, Jacob Whitehead, Frances Kang, Jim Hiller, Janet Maza, Lisa Teuber, Liz Bannas, Rebecca Sutton 

CALL TO ORDER:  7:05pm

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Approved 5/21/19 meeting minutes

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER:  Steven Sparks, Executive Admin for Long Range Planning – 

Talking today about middle school boundary adjustment for new middle school, Timberland.  No plan has been prepared yet. They are still gathering data. Objectives: 1. Create attendance boundary for Timberland MS that provides a projected student population sufficient for comprehensive middle school.  2. Adjust the attendance boundary for Stoller. 3. Review and adjust the attendance boundaries of other middle schools. 4. IF warranted study and recommend minor adjustments to elementary and/or high school in the future.  Existing boundaries remain for elementary and high school.

Committee Meeting will take place every 2 – 3 weeks from now through March 2020.  They will be hosted at different middle school locations each time. Legacy students will also be considered.  They are currently recruiting members for the advisory committee. Applications are on the web page. Recommendations will be made to superintendent and then board will make decision in June.  Effective Fall 2021. No kick off map will be published. All info will be public on website. Goal to be very transparent. Want 2 members from each middle school. 8 middle schools = 16 total members.  


  • Introduced Jim Hiller new BSE VP.  

  • Kids did a great job the first few weeks.  School Safety Reminder. Please make sure you follow the rules and protocols.  Pull all the way forward when dropping off in morning…don’t get out of car. Have kids get out quickly.  No parking up front at pick up time in afternoon. Crossing Guards – please pay attention and ask your neighbors to also be mindful.  If you bring your dog make sure to bring a baggie…just in case.

  • Kindness matters.  Schoolwide focus – Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  Giving kids words gives them power. Highlight students who demonstrate positive behaviors PBIS.  What you pay attention to grows. Focus on Kindness.

  • Lockout:  What went well?  Staff acted accordingly with info given.  Buses quickly diverted. Law Enforce responded to help students get to safety.  Students handled a scary situation with a huge amount of poise. Areas for improvement:  Timely Communication. How to alert families that do not know about lockout without having staff outside.  Timely comm. Keep in mind, during lockout the WA County Sheriff are in charge. They tell us what to communicate and when.  

  • Speak up 4 Student Success:  Listening sessions (see handout and online).

  • After School Clubs:  There are ADA requirements for after school programs.  Many are not meeting this, so that is why they have not set up yet.  As they are able to meet the ADA requirements they will start again.



  • Introduced the BSCO Board.  6 new members (Taylor Kash/President, Carin Ruiz/VP, Heather Vonk/Treasurer, Aaron Muhs/Secretary, Jeff Cook/Director Communications, Nima Patel/Member at Large) and 2 returning positions (Katie Kammer/Director of Committees and Stephanie Wilson & Michelle Mulholland/Director of Volunteers.)

  • Who is BSCO?  Every parent/guardian, teachers, staff at Bonny Slope.  We support education missional, enhance with enrichment activities.  Have fun. Focus on Communication, Manage Budget and fundraising events.  Volunteer committees oversight. Over 1,000 volunteers.

  • Budget:  Added Movie Night.  Food Pantry. Total $165,000 all is donated.  Teacher Grant funds increasing from $3k to $6k.  Educational Support increasing from $12k to $18k.  STEM in Residence increasing from $6k to $10k Library Grant $5k refresh.  Field Trip increasing from $3k to $5k.

  • Computer Science STEM:  Topics Covered - Coding and internet safety, Digital citizenship, Scratch Jr. for younger students, Scratch and for older students, Mobile tablet stands for teachers. Heathphones with microphones for upper grades Breakout EDU.  Jenn Klingner – purchased sets for classrooms. Stands for all teachers who requested.  

  • Cultural Enrichment Committee / Jog a thon:  Each class will represent a different country.  Supplying each teacher with their country’s info, flag, guest speaker from each country.  Also received items from cultural box.  

  • VP – Fundraising:  Jog-A-Thon $50k goal, Auction $45k goal, Pancake Feed $3.5k Box Tops $1k, Matching Funds $22k…Bridge the Gap if necessary.

  • JAT lots of prizes for kids and classes.  Currently at $27k Goal is 85% participation school wide.  School will have Dance a thon if we reach 85% participation. If school reaches 90% participation, teachers will put on a dance.

  • Maximize matching funds:  Many employers provide matching funds.  Check with your employer to see if they do too.  List of some employers that match: Columbia, FEI, Intel, Mentor Graphics, Nike, Symantec.  Intel and Nike also pay $10/hr for volunteering.

  • Box Tops are going digital.  You can still Clip them and send to school.  Amazon Smile is also available.


  • There are committees for everything and everyone!  

  • Bobcat Trail Club, Geo Club, Volunteers needed.  

  • Art lit – teach a lesson on a particular artist and then do an art project with a class.  

  • Directory deadline approaching.  PDF version is free, Printed Version is $5.  

  • Walk to School day – Wed Oct 2nd.  

  • Parent Education Events – Topic: Positive Parenting Strategies, Tuesday 10/8/19 7pm-8:30pm.  

  • Author Visits – 2 of them this year.  10/18 and 11/26.  

  • Monster Mash – Volunteers needed, building haunted house, decorating, clean up.  Donations also needed: Items for cake walk, carved pumpkins, & Individually wrapped candy. Oct 25th 6-8pm FREE EVENT.  

  • Book Fair – Nov 4-7

  • Movie Night 12/6 6:30pm – 830pm

  • 5th Grade Activities – Pancake Breakfast Initial Meeting on Oct 11th @ 6:30pm Erin Hire’s House 

  • Community Outreach Committee – Parents and kids can volunteer throughout the community.  

  • Pantry Provisions Committee – new, they support the backpack program.  Pack food for kids for the weekends. Email Karen @


  • In order to Volunteer:  All must have background check, sign in and sign out in office, create profile in My Impact Page, choose interests.  BSCO events and classroom opportunities available.

  • Class Coordinators are filled. Party Coordinators have many spots still needed.  Upcoming Needs Walk/Bike to School 10/2, Cultural Richness, JAT prep, Library.


  • BSCO Newsletter sent every other Friday.  BSCO website. – subscribe by email or RSS Feed, calendar, Store, Contact Us.  

  • FaceBook Groups:

  • Instagram 

  • Combined BSE and BSCO calendar.  Starting November 1 BSE will be the only calendar.  


  • 2018-19 Audit Completed.  

  • Carry Over Funds Reduction:  $39,000.

  • Technology Updates - $15,000

  • Library Grant - $5,000

  • Emergency Preparedness - $2,000

  • Capital Improvements - $7,000

  • Carnival 2020 - $4,500

  • Monster Mash 2019 - $3,000

  • Student Body Paper Fund - $2,500


  • None.


  • None.