Another Trip Around the Globe with Geography Club 2019-20

Same Check Day: Last Thursday of the Month!!  


New Check Time: Right After Lunch!!

We are trying something new this year for geo club.  In an effort to minimize classroom disruption - and to keep it simple – each grade will come to geo club immediately after their lunch, with an entire grade going all at once.   Don’t worry, not during lunch (that 20 minutes is already too short), but right after lunch.  Students wishing to participate in geo club will stop at the geo club area on their way back to their classrooms after lunch. 

We have 24 volunteer slots to fill for each check day.  To make our new plan work, we need a lot of checkers!!  Please consider spending your lunch hour with geo club once a month.   We need your help!!


Volunteers Sign Up Here:


2019-20 Check Day Schedule September Only 

This schedule allows us to spend more time with the first graders on their first day.

  • 10:40 AM       Seropian-1st Grade (September Check Day Only)

  • 10:50 AM       Johnson-1st Grade (September Check Day Only)

  • 11:00 AM       Swardstrom-1st Grade (September Check Day Only)

  • 11:10 AM       Hazel-1st Grade (September Check Day Only)

  • 11:20 AM       

  • 11:30 AM       5th Grade

  • 11:50 AM       2nd Grade

  • 12:10 PM       Parks-1st Grade (September Check Day Only)

  • 12:30 PM       4th Grade

  • 12:50 PM       3rd Grade


2019-20 Check Day Schedule October-May       

  • 11:30 AM       5th Grade

  • 11:50 AM       2nd Grade

  • 12:10 PM       1st Grade 

  • 12:30 PM       4th Grade

  • 12:50 PM       3rd Grade


2019-20 Check Days

  • Thursday, September 26-- North & Central America

  • Thursday, October 31-- Asia & Middle East Part 1

  • Thursday, November 21-- Asia & the Middle East Part 2

  • Thursday, December 19-- South America

  • Thursday, January 30-- Africa Part 1

  • Thursday, February 27—Africa Part 2

  • Thursday, March 19—Europe Part 1

  • Thursday, April 23—Europe Part 2

  • Thursday, May 21—Australia & Oceania

  • Thursday, May 28—Recheck Day


General Information for Families New to Geography Club

Bonny Slope’s Geography Club is a student enrichment program for 1st through 5th graders. Participating in Geography Club is voluntary. It’s a fun way to build a student’s knowledge of the greater world.


How Geography Club Works

No sign up is required to participate in Geography Club.  

Each month there is one map to study at home.  The countries on each map are grouped into five levels, with level 5 containing capitals. It is recommended that students study up to the level that corresponds to their grade.  

For example, a first grader would study level one each month, while a third grader would learn the countries in levels one, two and three. 

Each month on check day (during the regular school day) students that have studied will show volunteer checkers the locations of the countries they learned on that month’s map. 


How to Get Study Maps

Please note the maps have not changed.  Reuse your maps from last year!!!

If you need new maps they can be printed at: 

Be sure to print the “annual schedule” for your study list each month.  Print the “study map” and the “blank map” for each month as needed.

In addition all nine maps for the entire year will be available in one Geography Club Map Packet that can found in the front office during the month of September.


Challenge Maps

Geography Club also offers third, fourth, and fifth graders a chance to take their geography lesson a step further with supplemental challenge maps. These map packets are also available on-line and in the front office during the month of September.

Challenge Maps-

  • 3rd Grade—Monuments & Landmarks

  • 4th Grade—States & Capitals

  • 5th Grade—Geographical Details (oceans, seas, deserts, mountains etc.)


Geography Club Raffle

The Geography Club raffle is a motivational event, with hopes of boosting student participation and excitement. For every level a child earns their name is entered into the raffle. The more they learn, the more chances they earn!  Each winner walks home with a $5 gift card to Powell’s Book Store!


End of Year Awards

Grade Level Distinction—completion of all nine maps at student’s grade level (For example, a first grader completing at least level one on every map; a fourth grader completing levels one through four on all nine maps).


Level Five Distinction—completion of all five levels on all nine maps.

Challenge Distinction—completion of all nine challenge maps for each grade level.


Contact Information: