2019 Auction Sign-Up Parties Still Available this Fall

Several 2019 Auction Sign-up parties still have room for attendance this fall. Take a peek at these exciting events! Auction parties provide a fun, social atmosphere, as well as financial support to the BSCO programs and events we know and love. Check out the Auction website for the remaining opportunities.

Last year’s Bubbly Brunch.

Last year’s Bubbly Brunch.

Caribbean Island Style Dinner Party, Saturday, Sept. 21st

Indulge yourself in the taste of the Caribbean at the home of Matt and Schonell Ban on Sept 21st. Enjoy Jerk Chicken, Seasoned Tilapia, Caribbean Coleslaw, Veggies, Seasoned Rice, Johnnie Cake, Rum Punch and Island music. Includes beverages.

$50/person. Limited to 20 attendees.

Generously hosted by Matt & Schonell Ban, Ashish & Julie Gupta, Erick & Agi Widman, Justin & Brenda Mayland

Drinks, Cocks & Nibbles, Saturday, Sept. 28th

The title no longer surprises you but no doubt you heard about the racket this party made for the last FIVE years! Join us once again on September 28th for a night out filled with fabulous apps, drinks, and BADMINTON. Don't miss another smashing time of competition and smackdown. Leave your kids at home, but bring your A game.

$40/person. Limited to 30 attendees.

Generously hosted by Jennifer & Kevin Watson, Ryan & Denise Puntney, Chuck & Melissa Gatchell, and Nathan & Kelly Ward

Burn to Brunch, Saturday, Oct. 5th

As the leaves change to red, so will your face as you combine the intensity of interval training with the tranquility of a relaxing brunch in this unique fall event on October 5th. First, push yourself to new heights with a high-energy bootcamp workout class with certified personal trainer Wade Davis. Have fun, challenge your body, and feel the burn with other Bonny Slope parents. Then reward yourself with a catered brunch and mimosa as you unwind in an afterburn glow.

$40/person. Limited to 12 attendees.

Generously hosted by Leigh Havelick and Lauren McCabe

Mixology 301, Saturday, Nov. 2nd

This popular party is back for a third round of mixed drinks. Mix, muddle, and shake a variety of unforgettable cocktails with expert guidance from a local Portland bartender. Prepare yourself for an evening packed with savory snacks and light appetizers, as well as all the ingredients you need to learn the tricks of the trade. Take a risk beyond your usual well drink and learn real bartending skills with fresh, fun recipes, just in time for the holidays. Neat or dirty, join us November 2nd.

$45/person. Limited to 35 attendees

Generously hosted by Ashish & Julie Gupta, Tony & Carin Ruiz, Josh & Angie Bruxer, Rachana Dinkar & Pradip Ramani

Attendance can be purchased on the 2019 Auction website.