Geography Club 2018-19 Winners Announced

Another year is in the books for Geography club.   A total of 499 different countries, states, capitals, provinces, territories, landmarks, waterways, and land features make up the entire year of geography club. This year we had two students learn and test on ALL 499!  Congratulations to Sahit J. and Gavin M. on a job well done.  In total we had 65 award winners this year.  We couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s hard work.  See the complete list below of this year’s award winners.  Prizes will be delivered to classrooms this week and the winners will be announced in the assembly held on the last day of school.  Congratulations!!



2018-2019 Geo Club Award Winners

Grade Level Achievement

Aarman P. Grade 1

Addie W. Grade 1

Annika A. Grade 1

Arshi P. Grade 1

Audrey B. Grade 1

Carly L. Grade 1

Claire K. Grade 1

Eleanor H. Grade 1

Hazel C. Grade 1

Josephine P. Grade 1

Julia K. Grade 1

Justin C. Grade 1

Keya C. Grade 1

Micah L. Grade 1

Noah S. Grade 1

Owen D. Grade 1

Sana D. Grade 1

Vera R. Grade 1

Aryana S. Grade 2

Colton M. Grade 2

Cora K. Grade 2

Dylan M. Grade 2

Emma B. Grade 2

Iveagh K. Grade 2

Katelyn C. Grade 2

Kinley M. Grade 2

Meryem Y. Grade 2

Ocean W. Grade 2

Sofia Z. Grade 2

Zackary M. Grade 2

Aashir P. Grade 3

Janvi P. Grade 3

Jayna P. Grade 3

Luke S. Grade 3

Melina L. Grade 3

Wyatt W. Grade 3

Adah F. Grade 4

Annalisa K. Grade 4

Molly D. Grade 4

Owen M. Grade 4

Taylor M. Grade 4

Grade Level Achievement and 1 Challenge Level Achievement

Jillynne B. Grade 3

Leighton S. Grade 3

Trevor D. Grade 3

Hadley C. Grade 4

Penelope V. Grade 4

Rohin G. Grade 4

Level 5 Achievement

Erica C. Grade 2

Jessica D. Grade 5

Leila G. Grade 5

Omer Y. Grade 5

Level 5 Achievement and 1 Challenge Level Achievement

Duncan C. Grade 2

Julia G. Grade 3

Karim F. Grade 3

Matthew G. Grade 3

Cora S. Grade 4

Kellen L. Grade 4

Nam-Anh L. Grade 4

Ruby F. Grade 4

Lily G. Grade 5

Max D. Grade 5

Level 5 Achievement and 2 Challenge Level Achievement

Akshaya Y. Grade 4

Tyler M. Grade 4

Geo Club ALL STAR: Level 5 Achievement and 3 Challenge Level Achievement

Gavin M. Grade 4

Sahit J. Grade 5

Thank you to our volunteer team.  We couldn’t do it without you;

Mahwish Aqeel, Bonnie Bailey, Shannon Bekins, Sharon Bertuleit, Jessica Canessa, Marah Clugg, Emilia Cutrer, Jenna Dornblaser, Victoria Foord, Padma Jajam, Jihyun Kim, Tiffany Lee, Laura Lorenz, Kelly Matsushima, Megan McLaughlin, Howard Nakanishi, Nima Patel, Liliana Pavon, Megan Pham, Andy Poorman, Asha Purohit, Currie Reese, Debbie Smith, Barb Ternus, Annie Willen, and Srilatha Yerram.