BSCO Spring 2019 Community Meeting Minutes and Video Replay

BSCO Community Meeting

Date:  5.21.2019

Location:  BSE Library

ATTENDANCE:  Ashish Gupta (via video), Jessica Canessa, Jeff Cook, Hannah Donahue, Jenna Dornblaser, Elia Freedman, Melissa Gatchell, Julie Gupta, Katie Kammer, Frances Kang, Brian Kash, Taylor Kash, Kelly Kinzer, Janet Maza, Kate Mentesana, Ali Montelongo, Aaron Muhs, Michelle Mulholland, Regina Noonan, Bitsy Parks, Nima Patel, Jessica Osika, Mindy Poorman, Karen Rasor-Cohen, Josh Resch, Ellen Rothery, Carin Ruiz, Tracy Siegel, Andrea Steyskal, Heather Vonk, Jacob Whitehead, Stephanie Wilson


SLIDES: 2019 Spring Community Meeting.pdf

CALL TO ORDER:  7:02pm  

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   Approved 1/30 meeting minutes


  • State testing for Grades 3-5 state wrapping up this week

  • 2nd graders gearing up for their move upstairs.

  • Given Ali's planned transition from BSE, Jim Hiller will join BSE as the new asst principal.  He is currently asst principal at Hazeldale Elem.

  • BSD Budget Mtg to be held at Southridge HS on 5/22, 6:30.  Community members are invited to attend and show support. Focus will be smaller class sizes.

  • Following Monday school board meeting, school board is making commitment to continue PYP.  There will still be no language teacher and no coordinator so how IB gets implemented will look different.

  • Starting 2019-20:  No more early release days, first day for students after labor day

  • Congratulations to BSE for receiving partnership award from BSD.  The district recognized BSE for its commitment and growth of community outreach programs.  This includes the various non profit volunteer events and backpack program organized and led by BSE's Community Outreach team and supported by a number of volunteers and community donations.

  • BSE's immunization rates are public and published on school website.  Janet shared numbers. BSE's immunization rates are within range of normal

  • 5th grade outdoor science experience with Trackers was excellent.  Over 2 days offsite and outdoors, the 5th graders were exposed to and practiced the scientific method and engineering cycle.  For next year, there is a recommendation is to reduce ratio of students to Trackers staff members. Estimated difference in costs for groups of 8-9 students and 6-7 students were shared and could be offset with a small parent contribution.

  • Thank you on behalf of entire staff for the amazing Staff Appreciation week!


Vice President of Fundraising Report, Ellen Rothery

  • Bridge the gap -- Cancelled!  Amazing results from JAT and Auction made 3rd fundraiser unnecessary.

  • Auction Recap

    • Over $32k net, exceeding goal.  Thank you to attendees, donors and volunteers

    • Call for all matching funds.  Money brought in from corporate matching dollars has been significant.  Any donation amount above market value are eligible.

    • Auction lead/committee help for 2019-20 is needed.

Directors of Volunteer Support Report, Stephanie Wilson, Michelle Mulholland

  • Upcoming:

    • End of Year Class Parties, Classroom coordinator will communicate specific times

    • Field Day, 5/7

    • Barnes Elementary Volunteer Opportunity...June 14th Field day, Volunteer slots:  8:30-10:30, 12:30-2:30. Look out for sign-up genius.

  • Thank you to all our volunteers for an amazing year!

Director of Committees Report, Katie Kammer

  • Signs circulated for support of PYP at 6/22 budget meeting

  • Upcoming:

    • Carnival 5/31, Adult volunteers needed for bounce house supervision

    • Yearbooks on sale now through May 28th

    • Community Garden opportunities over the summer.  Contact Christine Hyatt.

  • Ongoing:  Art Lit, Bobcat Trail Club, Geo Club, last chk 5/23, recheck 5/30

  • Open 2019-20 Committee Leads-- Artist in Residence, Box Tops, OBOB, Monster Mash, Auction

  • Thank you to all our committee leads!

Special Guests:  Tracy Siegel, Karen Rasor-Cohen

  • Update from the Food Pantry/Backpack Program

  • BSCO supported purchase of rolling backpacks for students taking home backpacks

  • Pantry Provisions Team and Food Delivery Partnerships

    • Sustaining the weekly food/supplies for Friday backpack program

    • Pacific foods, Resers, Vincent De Paul

    • Thank you to volunteers, BSCO, community support and donations!

Treasurer’s Report,  Melissa Gatchell

  • Reviewed Year to date numbers

  • Reviewed proposed 2019-20 budget (for community vote).  Notable changes include:

    • Auction goal increased to $45k to reflect an event with live auction

    • Educational Support fund to amalgamate PYP and science enrichment into one

    • Teacher grants budget increased to better align to demand and dollars being spent

    • STEM in Residence increased to continued build out of Makers space and funding of Coder in Residence

    • More dollars for Family Fridays to support additional family events

    • Spend downs budgeted include $15k for technology, $5k for library refresh, capital improvements and free monster mash/carnival events

President’s Report, Ashish Gupta

  • Thank you to the board members for the hours, energy and contributions to the community over the last 2 year.  Staff joined in recognizing Ashish and the entire board.

  • Introduction of 2019-20 Board Slate

    • President, Taylor Kash

    • Vice President, Carin Ruiz

    • Secretary, Aaron Muhs

    • Treasurer, Heather Vonk

    • Director of Committees, Katie Kammer

    • Directors of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland and Stephanie Wilson

    • Director of Communications, Jeff Cook

    • Member at Large, Nima Patel

  • Recap of 2018-19 Student Enrichment and Focus Areas (Building Connections via Volunteering, Smarter Giving, STEM Opportunities)

    • Teacher grants total $3.3k and touch every grade (e.g. field trips, OBOB books, headphones)

    • $9k of teacher funds claimed  (out of $16k budgeted)

    • 1k volunteers registered in MVP.  Thank you new parents and new leads, which are so important to the sustainability of 33 BSCO committees

    • Amazing matching funds results:  YTD at $36k (v. goal of $10k)

    • Continued growth of STEM opportunities at BSE.  Support for Science school, science night, Coder in residence, maker space.  5th grade teacher, Jennifer Klingner, committed to growing the adoption of STEM in the classroom.  

  • August Playdates

    • Tentative dates scheduled for 4 Mondays in August, 8/5, 8/12, 8/19 (4:30-6pm) and 8/26 (5-7pm).  Goal is to welcome new families, allow new students to get acquainted and provide and informal setting for questions/info before the school year begins.

  • Vote:  2019-20 Board Slate - approved 29-0

  • Vote:  2019-20 Budget - approved 29-0


  • None