The Garden is Sprouting!

Hello Bonny Slope Gardeners - 

With all this gorgeous weather, the Bonny Slope school garden is sprouting forth with lettuce, kale, garlic - and even edamame!  New spring starts are emerging and lots of students have been visiting to see what's new and to plant and explore. 

A BIG thanks to Ms. Watz class of 4th Grade helpers who regularly volunteer to water, weed, plant and prepare new beds for planting during their Brain Break.



We are just about to begin planting summer crops. This is where YOU come in! 

With 20 small beds, the Bonny Slope community garden is an awesome place to cultivate and share your love of growing things and the satisfaction of harvesting and enjoying your own fresh produce. Between May 20 and 31, the garden needs parent volunteers to assist with planting class beds.

Volunteering in the garden is a fun activity and can be accomplished in about an hour of your time (including set-up, planting with the kids, watering and clean up).  Each plot will receive 3 or 4 plants (think: tomato, pepper, eggplant, squash) and seeds - thanks BSCO! - as well as cultivation tips to plan and plant a garden with your child's class. You are welcome to supplement with additional plants and seeds you bring, too. If you are interested in volunteering in the garden, please let me know the grade/teacher of your child/ren and I will help coordinate plot assignment and plants. 

One thing that has worked really well is planning to plant during "Brain Break" time. You will get a smaller group of highly interested students, allowing everyone to be more hands on and experiential.

Thanks for reading and your gardening enthusiasm!