Last Geography Club Check Days for the 2018-19 School Year are Here

It’s happened again, another year has flown by here at BSE!  We have two check days left, both in May.  

  • Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania

  • Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day

May 30th is a special check day to make-up any missed maps or challenges.  To earn a prize and be recognized at the end of year assembly, students must complete at least his/her grade level for the entire year.  

 Please use the sign-up genius link below to sign your student up for the special re-check day if needed.

Don’t know if you student needs to make-up anything?  Send us an email and we will let you know.

Congratulations to the April Geo Club Raffle Winners!!  

Students earn one raffle ticket each month for every level completed.   Geo club currently has three raffle drawings per year.  Raffle winners receive a $5 gift card to Powell’s Books.   The next drawing will be in June and announced at the end of year assembly.  


1st Grade
Cole C. (Swardstrom)
Justin C. (Swardstrom) 
Christopher K. (Swardstrom) 
Addie W. (Johnson) 

2nd Grade
Duncan C. (Acosta)
Yian L. (Hastings)
Aryana S. (Acosta)
Meryem Y. (Breton)

3rd Grade
Tyler C. (McSwain)
Harrison O. (McSwain)
Elias P. (Hammond)
Wyatt W. (Halgren)

4th Grade
Samuel C. (Watz)
Nam-Anh L. (Osika)
Cora S. (Osika)
Penny V. (Taylor/Oordt)

5th Grade
Grace C. (Vaughn)
Max D. (Basham)
Leila G. (Basham)
Carol W. (Traller)

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