BSCO Staff Appreciation Hosts Spring Buffet, 4/17, Donations Needed

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Hard to believe that we are in the final lap of this school year.  Spring conferences are in just two weeks and it’s time to make some magic for our BSE stuff. This sign-up is long, but easy.  Zero cooking required.

Burrito Bowl Buffet- Wed Evening
On Wed, 4/17, we will be providing a catered smorgasboard of delicious options so our staff can create their own burrito bowls.  Our budget will provide all the major components, but we need YOU for all the accompanients!

Dine & Dash Smorgasboard- Thursday Morning
Our first go-round last fall was a huge hit!  Let's treat them with another "Dine & Dash" buffet so they can take what they need to make it through those meetings.

The idea here is to have individual-sized items so that our teachers can literally just grab their favorites and head off to their classroom.  If you have a Costco membership - this is the signup for you!  ;) We've listed prices to be helpful - feel free to purchase your items anywhere that's convenient.

Drop-off- Wed, 4/17
Please bring your donated goodies on Wednesday (4/17) by 2pm.  Non-perishables can be dropped off in the volunteer work room (which is located on the first floor, under the stairs).  Perishables can be tucked into the refrigerators in the staff lounge.  Please LABEL your dishes if you would like them returned to you.

Don't wait to volunteer for this awesomely important event for our teachers and staff.

Questions can be directed to Hannah & Jenna (