The Next Geography Club Check Day is Thursday, March 21

Study those maps with your kiddos!  Europe part 1 is coming up on March 21st.   

Fifth Grade Update: Mr. Traller and Mr. Basham’s class missed the February check day due to the Trackers Outdoor School.  We had a make-up check day the following week, but it wasn’t well communicated. (Sorry about that!)  On top of that, due to snow, Mr. Vaughn’s and Ms. Klingner’s class will miss the March check day for their turn at Trackers. Long story short, a missed check day due to 5th grade science school will not count against prizes/awards at the end of the year.  It’s a freebie!  If your child still wants to make up the missed day, they may do so on either of the two remaining check days or on the recheck day on May 30th.  

 Remaining Check Days:

Thursday, March 21—Europe Part 1
Thursday, April 25—Europe Part 2
Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania
Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day


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