Winter Community Meeting Minutes, Slides and Video Posted

The Winter Community Meeting of the Bonny Slope Community Organization was held Wednesday, January 30. A recording of the event as well as the slides are posted below.

BSCO Community Meeting

Date:  1.30.2019
Location:  BSE Library and Via Facebook Livestream
Archived Video:

Jessica Canessa, Hannah Donohue, Jenna Dornblaser, Elia Freedman, Melissa Gatchell, Ashish Gupta, Julie Gupta, Katie Kammer, Taylor Kash, Kelly Kinzer, Allison Mair, Janet Maza, Ali Montelongo, Michelle Mulholland, Bitsy Parks, Sara Peters, Meagan Pham, Karen Rasor-Cohen, Josh Resch, Ellen Rothery, Carin Ruiz, Tiffany Sidwell, Tracy Siegel, Julie Stewart, Andrea Steyskal, Holly VanderPloeg, Jacob Whitehead, Stephanie Wilson

Call to Order At:  7:01pm


Approved minutes from 9/25/2018 community meeting


  • $22M, 20% reduction in operating budget is being managed well at BSE

  • 5th grade science school will not be overnight, per BSD policy.  However, an enriching 2 day science field trip is planned. The pancake breakfast fundraiser is 2/2

  • Immunization deadline.  After 2/20, students who are not current or with exemption on file cannot come to school

  • Winter highlights - 2nd grade field trip, 4-5th grade choir concert, various Community Outreach events including backpack program

  • Thank you from staff for ongoing BSCO staff appreciation events/treats


  • BSCO Survey Results

    • 30 responses -- thank you!

    • Requests to add STEM enrichment programs.  ThermoFisher grant will fund expansion of BSE makers space

    • Requests for weekend community meet ups

    • Acknowledged feedback in areas outside of BSCO's scope, such as adding aides in Kinder classrooms, dairy free lunches

  • '18-19 Budget Update: Teacher Grants, Matching Funds, Maker Space

    • Mature grant (funded 2 year in row):  5th grade newbery club, zoo transportation, nature mobile (K, living things unit(1)

    • Teacher funds:  7k out of 16.5k claimed by teachers

    • Teacher grants:  3k spent towards Oregon trail field trip costs, Headphones, Oregon Children's Theater tickets for 2nd grade

    • 2019-20 Board Applications

    • Several opportunities exist for upcoming school year as several board members will roll off their 2 year term.  All community members are eligible to apply. Applications due Apr 5.

SPECIAL GUEST, Tiffany Sidwell

  • Shared tips for how to talk to your student about the safety drills held at school, such as being available when your students wants to talk about it, identifying adults students can talk to, validating students' feelings

  • Janet spoke about the BSE staff's training, school features and things not even publicly disclosed, all of which are intended to keep students safe in real situations.  Local law enforcement officers have visited the campus to lead drills with the staff.

  • Ali and staff are attentive to rumors which may spread and quickly try to address rumors right away

  • At BSE during December's district wide lockout, staff tried to maintain routine within the classroom while following all the lockout procedures

SPECIAL GUEST, Bitsy Parks, BSE 1st Grade Teacher

  • Live demo of table and iPad stand and how it is used in the classroom.  The equipment was funded by BSCO teacher grant $

  • The set-up has positively changed the dynamic of her Bitsy's classroom - supporting her one on one and group interaction with the students, opening up the front space of the classroom and making her completely mobile/cordless within her classroom

SPECIAL GUEST, Julie Gupta, Matching Funds Report

  • Special Guest, Julie Gupta, Committee lead for BSCO Matching Funds, shared actual matching dollars YTD is at over $20k (against goal of $10k).  This already exceeds the amount reported at the end of the '17-18 school year. Significant impact to BSCO and matching contributions are starting to come in from new companies, such as Apple and MSFT.  Donations and volunteer hours are eligible for matching. See BSCO website for help resources for requesting match from your employer. Intel released some new guidelines for this calendar year.


  • Mark calendar for Auction, Sunday Apr 14, 5pm (scheduled to end before GOT season premier).  Fundraising goal is $25k. Committee welcomes any leads on donations for vacation rentals, hotels, season ticket holders, ect.  Still in need of 2nd and 4th grade auction art leads

  • JAT raised over $60k.  Trending to not need “Bridge the Gap.”


  • Upcoming Events:  Artist in Residence, Science Night 3/15, 5th Grade Pancake Breakfast 2/2

  • Ongoing Events:  Art Lit, Geo Club and Bobcat Trail Club

    • Geo club:  Next check day 1/31 - all grade levels

    • Art lit:   Mexican Folk art is up next

    • Community outreach committee:  BSE student/community participation in several great service activities throughout the winter.  More opportunities to come.

  • Special Guest, Josh Madrid, BSCO Artist in Residence Lead, (Ashish covered)

    • This year's Artist in Residence project will be led by Scrap PDX.  Resulting student art expected to line the wall above the circulation desk in the school library

    • Josh’s video here:

    • Science Night, 3/15

    • Holly Vanderploeg shared plans for this year's Science Night on Fri, Mar 15.  Open to both student exhibitors and entire community.  Several vendors expected to attend event and feature makers' space tables, demos and other science inspired information.  $3 display boards for sale in office

DIRECTORS OF VOLUNTEERS REPORT, Stephanie Wilson and Michelle Mulholland

  • Current Volunteer Needs:

    • Pancake Breakfast 2/2,

    • Clothes Closet 2/20 9:15-4:30,

    • Hearing Screening 2/14 8:30-11,

    • OBOB through 2/21

  • Ongoing Needs:  Library, Geography Club

  • Library looking for help M, T, Th, Fr 8:30-3


  • Show and tell of one of the 5 Water Barrels purchased by BSCO for emergency preparedness

    • In a natural disaster, students/staff may lose access to clean water.  The water storage barrel (including siphon and water treatment kit) stores water up to 5 years and will be filled and stored in a locked shed on the school grounds.


Winter Community Meeting Slides