The Roving Desk and How Your Funds Revolutionize Teaching

As Bonny Slope prepares for their annual auction, it is natural for families to wonder what has been done with the monies gathered from previous years.  Our family movie nights are due to the amazing projector in the gymnasium, instruments for students’ music classes, iPads and headphones also for the students.  And, now, we have two teachers who have “roving desks”.  Both Mrs. Parks in First grade and Mrs. Tanner in Kindergarten, have been able to ditch their name sitting table desks for ones that allow for more flexible – both figuratively and literally – when it comes to doing lessons and teaching their students.


Mrs. Melinda Tanner was the first teacher to get the fancy set up.  She likes being on the forefront of technology, utilizing it for the possibilities it can give her; and she knows that sitting isn’t as healthy for her as it is to stand.  Thus, her desire to create a working desk station that is cord free, wifi compatible (thanks to the Apple TV donation, also from BSCO), and standing only. In 2018, Mrs. Tanner went to BSCO with her “wish list item” and was quickly given the new set up.

Mrs. Bitsy Parks took notice of Mrs. Tanner’s new desk, and realized she wanted one too.  She liked that the new desk would allow her to give her a better dynamic to move around the room.  And, as a petite woman, it also worked better for her height.  It also eliminated the need for an actual desk.  As she said, “Having the permanent desk in the corner was like a barricade between you and the students.  Now I have more freedom and flexibility.”

Both teachers repeatedly mentioned the freedom and flexibility that has come with their new “roving desks.”  Instead of having to have a desk in one spot, they can go wherever.  All of the cords and plugs are gone, so they don’t have to worry about blocking their students’ views when utilizing the in-class projectors or Internet.  Everything is connected to the desk, which includes: an iPad, with a camera and projector, Apple TV, and then wifi built in.  There is also freedom of movement.  The teachers both noted, they have been given more space, “more real estate” in their classroom and when a teacher is using every possible inch, even going vertical, taking away a bulky desk is a game changer.  They also have reduced their need for “stuff” which is important to both Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Tanner, and Bonny Slope Elementary.  The desire to reduce your carbon footprint is something all students and staff work towards, and these computers allow them to do this as well.

As Mrs. Tanner put it, having this new set up is just like a “delicious day”, it just tastes better now.  Delicious indeed.