Bobcat Explorers Never Stop Exploring

By now you must have seen our Beautiful Bobcat Explorers Wall, next to the volunteer room. We received many great pictures and stories after the summer, but we want to continue receiving them.

Exploring the worlds various cultures, either from your hometown by visiting cultural festivals or by traveling the world, enriches us. With this project and wall, we want to share the fun experience of expanding your horizon. We want to awake and enthuse the Bobcat Explorer in all of us.

Think about the photo opportunity when visiting a monument or location, eating exotic food at a local food cart, or enjoying a folklore performance.  You might be discovering something or somewhere new, or a place with great historical importance. Think about a fun fact too, like how food is prepared or how people greet each other in a different manner. Of course you can be in the photograph, but don’t have to be.

Download the Bobcat Explorer Card For Your Photo here

Send your photograph to Add your name, the place where you took the photograph, together with your fun fact or what you have seen or learnt.  During this school year we continuously will share them on our Explorer Wall.

The Cultural Enrichment Bobcat Explorers team
Mara, Barbara & Marieke