"Make Way for the Nerds" OBOB Team Heads to Regionals

On February 21st the final OBOB battle was held in the school library.  The 4th grade champions "Book Buster" and 5th grade champions "Make Way for the Nerds" met in the final OBOB showdown to determine the Bonny Slope OBOB Champ and the school's representatives for the Regional OBOB tournament. 

With classmates from 4th and 5th grade watching on the edge of their seats....the tied battle was determined by the last question!!  In the end, Make Way for the Nerds was victorious and will move on the OBOB regional play March 9th. 

We wish to congratulate all the OBOB teams this year. There were a lot of very close and hard fought battles.  We had tiebreakers and challenges that determined outcomes of the battle....it was intense for the volunteers and the students!!!

To all of our AMAZING volunteers, teachers, administration and students....we thank you and appreciate all of your support! 

Let's support Make Way for the Nerds and wish them all the best in OBOB regional play.

And finally to all of our students.....some of the OBOB books for next year have been posted