Interview with our new Vice Principal Jim Hiller


Each school year brings new faces - and it's not just those adorable tiny Kindergarteners! It's staff too. This year Bonny Slope has been lucky enough to get a great veteran teacher and Vice Principal, in our very own Jim Hiller.

I was able to sit down with Mr. Hiller and find out a bit about him, and now I get to share that with you!!

Mr. Hiller comes to us as our new Vice Principal, but he was actually the V.P. for Hazeldale the past few years, including when they went through all of the construction and various school sites! He has also been an elementary school teacher, an intervention teacher, and a New Teacher Mentor. Wow! So much experience. When I asked if, he wasn't working around schools, what would he do instead? Mr. Hiller was quick to reply that he would probably be a lawyer or judge (I think those skills come in handy at schools too), or maybe film editing (I bet lots of BSCO clubs would love his help!) But, he says, he always knew that he was going to be a teacher. Even in first grade he knew! He was good at school and loved to "play" school. He said, "There was just something about it, I really liked students, and connecting with people...I just knew I was going to be a teacher." Well we sure are happy to decided to come here.

As we have seen Mr. Hiller at school events, or even just walking down the halls (because hopefully not too many people have been called to his office ;-) ) people are quick to recognize that Jim has a deep appreciation of all things Disney! Yes, he has been to Disneyland several times, and even Disneyworld. Even though he hasn't made it down for the new Star Wars land. He has gone before for when it is the holiday season. He recommends not going in between the end of December and New Years - - the park gets just too crowded.

Obviously everyone wants to know, which is his favorite Disney character, and he says the original mouse himself is his favorite. Mr. Hiller has lots of Disney paraphernalia in his office; everything from Legos to plushes, a Peter Pan cup, and books can be seen. He almost rivals Renee and her love of Snoopy!

When Mr. Hiller isn't busy helping out our beloved students, he could be hanging out at Cannon Beach, talking a stroll through Forest Park, enjoying his favorite breakfast cereal HoneyNut Cheerios (has he been hanging out with the BSCO Board too much??), playing with his new dog, or maybe building a new Disney themed Lego kit.

No matter what though, Mr. Hiller is a happy and welcomed addition to our amazing Bonny Slope Staff. Thanks so much for coming to join us over here. I'm sure you will join me in welcoming Mr. Hiller.