OBOB Update January 2019

Students have been working hard with their teams to read books, practice questions and prepare for the OBOB battles to begin. The last tactic session will be held during recess on Tuesday, January 15th. During tactic sessions students have completed team challenges to increase their OBOB knowledge, learn teamwork skills and earn raffle tickets for the prize giveaway to be held at the school championship OBOB final in February.

A big thank you to students and parents for completing all the needed paperwork, forming teams and getting OBOB off to a smooth start this year.

Some reminder for students:

  • Continue to read and practice as much as you can

  • Work with you team to decide on your spokesperson and practice for the battles

  • If you need questions, look for copies in the school library on the OBOB shelf.  You may also find them online

  • Have fun with your team and enjoy the reading and competition!

The general OBOB schedule has been set and team battles will be released after the final tactic session.  Students may check the OBOB bulletin board or the OBOB website for a listing of upcoming battles.

Parents, we will need your help starting January 22nd for pool play battles.  Volunteers are needed for moderators, timekeepers and scorekeepers. You do not need prior OBOB experience and we will teach you what to do!  There will be 2 battles each day per grade level between 10:50 and 12:10 each day through February 1st. We will be sending sign-ups shortly!