Submit your Student Directory Change Requests and Place Your Order Today

Each year BSCO publishes a Student Directory to assist in organizing playdates, birthday celebrations, etc.  It includes child and parent names, street address, email, and phone numbers. 


The data in the directory comes from the Beaverton School District (BSD). If you have indicated with the district that your address and/or phone is unlisted, you will also be unlisted in the Bonny Slope directory.  If you are unlisted with BSD, but would like to ensure that your information is included in the directory, please submit a change request using the link below. This will not change your preference for being unlisted with BSD.


If you would like any changes made to the information that will be printed about you and your student(s), please complete this on-line form by Friday September 28th, 2018.   Click here to change your student’s information.


The student directory will be available online for free downloading as a PDF in late October.  To order a spiral-bound printed copy, please submit your order online no later than Friday October 5th, 2018.  This year’s cost is $5.  Click here to order your physical copy !