Bobcat Trail Club Starts Tomorrow, September 6th!

Correction: Bobcat Trail is Mondays and Thursdays at 8:00.

The Bobcat Trail Club is a running/walking program for Bonny Slope Elementary students and staff.  The goal of the Bobcat Trail Club is to encourage fitness in a fun way!  Kids will run/walk laps on the track and accumulate the laps completed.  Rewards will be given after designated milestones are reached.

When Do I Run/Walk?

Kids can run/walk during before school on Mondays and Thursdays.  We’ll kick off on Thursday, September 6th at 8:00 am.  Teachers and family members are welcome and encouraged to run with the kids.  The program will run through June 2019.

How Do I Sign Up?


All kids are automatically signed up and can participate as they wish.  Once you start running on Monday or Thursday, you have started the journey to the marathon distance.

How Do I Track My Laps Ran/Walked?

Each child will be given a card with 40 numbers on it.  As laps are completed, volunteers will mark for each lap ran.

Milestones (40 laps = ¼ marathon)
•    ¼ marathon
•    ½ marathon
•    marathon
•    ultra marathon


Awards presented for running specific distances include: wristband, backpack charms or keychains, a medal and lots of recognition! Kids will be recognized as a group at assembly’s throughout the year.

What if there is Bad Weather?

The Bobcat Trail Club will follow the school’s decision on weather.  If it is not raining we will be on the track, otherwise we will be under the covered play area. 

Please contact Mara or Angie with any questions at