Thank Yourselves! Paper Not Required Again


As many of us scramble last minute to prepare for the school year, there’s one thing missing from your school supply list again this year-- reams of paper!  Last spring's BSCO budget again included Student Body Paper Fund, which means those heavy and annoying reams of paper normally included in our school supply lists will this year be provided by BSCO. And when we say “provided by BSCO,” we really mean, “provided by YOU.”

Due to the incredible fundraising effort last school year, BSCO has paid forward your investment and is providing two reams of paper for every student this year at a cost of around $3000.  This new endeavor is cost-effective and convenient for every parent this August, as well as ensures that every donated dollar is actively spent on all families. 

So as you squeeze in the last minute haircuts, dentist appointments, and trips to the (indoor?) pool, rest assured that there’s at least one thing off your list. As always, thank you for your incredible support of BSCO.