2017-18 Geography Club Ends Another Trip Around the World


We’ve been around the world once again in Geography Club!  The 2017-18 year was a success.  Students had the opportunity to learn up to 499 countries, capitals, states, monuments, land formations and waterways.  We even had 8 students learn them all!  The overall participation rate was 51% (up 9% from last year!), with 13% of the student body earning grade level achievement or higher.   The achievement levels are described below:

Grade Level Achievement: The student identified the countries up to the level that corresponds to their grade at each check day for the entire year.   (e.g. A first grader completed level 1, a third grader levels 1-3.)  

Level Five Achievement: The student identified countries and capitals in levels 1-5 regardless of their grade level at each check day for the entire year.

Challenge Level Achievement: The student completed one or more of the three challenge levels offered for the entire year.   (3rdGrade Challenge: Landmarks and Monuments, 4thGrade Challenge: States and Capitals, 5thGrade Challenge Land Formations and Water Ways.)

Congratulations and great work to the following students that earned grade level achievement or higher!!

Grade Level Achievement

  • Julia K. Kindergarten, Henely
  • Alyce B.  1st Grade, Johnson
  • Ivy K.  1st Grade, Johnson
  • Kinley M.  1st Grade, Johnson
  • Erica C.  1st Grade, Mcbride
  • Rylan D.  1st Grade, Mcbride
  • Tyler K.  1st Grade, Mcbride
  • Zackary M.  1st Grade, Parks
  • Kabir A.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Emma B.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Ellie D.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Colton M.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Ocean W.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Trevor D.  2nd Grade, Acosta
  • Madeline P.  2nd Grade, Acosta
  • Noah I.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Jasleen K.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Janvi P.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Wyatt W.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Jillynne B.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Aubrey J.  2nd Grade, Maxwell
  • Melina L.  2nd Grade, Maxwell
  • Luke S.  2nd Grade, Maxwell
  • Molly D. 3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Hadley C.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Noah G.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Adah F.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Owen M.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Taylor M.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Annalisa K.  3rd Grade, Vanier
  • Annie K.  3rd Grade, Vanier
  • Isadora M.  3rd Grade, Vanier
  • Nolan P.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Omer Y.  4th Grade, Watz

Grade Level Achievement and One Challenge Level Achievement

  • Leighton S.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Gavin M.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Rohin G.  3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Penelope V.  3rd Grade, Hammond

Grade Level Achievement and Level 5 Achievement

  • Matthew G.  2nd Grade, Acosta
  • Ruchitha B.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Julia G.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Zoe L.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Ruby F.  3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Akshaya Y.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Joshua C.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Max D.  4th Grade, Taylor/Oordt
  • Henry M.  5th Grade, Vaughn

Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement and One Challenge Level Achievement

  • Kellen L.  3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Nam-Anh L.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Cora S.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Lily G.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Rishi K.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Julia C.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Jillian C.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Robert L.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Amy C.  5th Grade, Crannell
  • Zachary R.  5th Grade, Crannell
  • Demi S.  5th Grade, Crannell
  • Jameson C.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Starla R.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Reese V.  5th Grade, Vaughn

Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement and Two Challenge Level Achievement

  • Ahana N.  4th Grade, Taylor/Oordt

Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement and Three Challenge Level Achievement

  • Sahit J.  4th Grade, Taylor/Oordt
  • Izabella V.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Harper C.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Tejas P.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Aaralynn F.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Sakya J.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Jonah L.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Colton P.  5th Grade, Vaughn 

End of Year Raffle Winners

Students earn one raffle ticket each month for every level completed.   At the end of the year we draw one winner for each classroom.  Congratulations to our winners!!

1st Grade

  • Noah B. (Johnson)
  • Sophia B. (McBride)
  • Ainsley K. (Parks)
  • Ellie D. (Swardstrom)

2nd Grade

  • Mathew G. (Acosta)
  • Janvi P. (Breton)
  • Fayyad A. (Hastings)
  • Melina L. (Maxwell)

3rd Grade

  • Ruby F. (Anderson)
  • Nam-Anh L. (Halgren)
  • Adah F. (Hammond)
  • Tyler M. (Vanier)

4th Grade

  • Grace C. (Osika)
  • Serena J. (Scoones)
  • Ahana N. (Tayloordt)
  • Izzy V. (Watz)

5th Grade

  • Robert L. (Basham)
  • Zach R. (Crannell)
  • Aaron L. (Traller)
  • Annice H. (Vaughn)

Thank You Volunteers

Check day requires a team of people to pull it off.  A huge and heartfelt thank you to; Bonnie Bailey, Sharon Bertuleit, Shannon Bekins, Jessica Canessa,  Marah Cluff, Jamie Deurwaarder, Hannah Donohue,  Jenna Dornblaser,  Victoria Foord,  Maureen Louie, Megan McLaughlin,  Padma Jajam, Nima Patel,  Megan Pham, Andy Poorman,  Asha Purohit, Currie Reese, Wendy Russell,  Deb Smith, Rebecca Sutton-Kanyako, Barbara Ternus,  and Annie Wilen.

Cheers to another year of helping Bonny Slope Students learn a little more about the world!   

Mindy Poorman & Stacey Stefanelli
Geo Club Chairs