2018 Spring Teacher Grants Arrive In Classrooms

Your BSCO Board has approved several teacher grants this spring.  Kindergarten and third grade will soon enjoy an influx of headphones, while the fourth grade classrooms will enjoy a surplus of next year’s OBOB books, all thanks to this community’s continuing BSCO support.


Third graders enjoy the new BSCO purchased headphones.

Third graders enjoy the new BSCO purchased headphones.

Bonny Slope’s kindergarten teachers have received a total of 40 headphones to be divided the classrooms for immediate student use.  Deb Henely, BSE kindergarten teacher, explains how these specific headphones work well, sharing, “We have tried several different kinds and have found these headphones with microphone to be the best so far.  They are comfortable on the students' ears. The integrated microphone has helped us to teach students to talk about and explain their work without the teacher sitting next to them.”

Similarly, the third grade team also requested headphones for use in their classrooms. Third grade teacher, Craig Anderson, described the need that arises from a classroom full of Chromebooks.  “Currently, some students are trying to navigate listening activities by holding their ears next to the speaker of the computer. Other students are unable to focus because their neighboring computer has the volume blaring from the speaker. With these headphones, each student will be able to focus on their own individual activity without distractions. They will be able to watch videos and listen to the corresponding speech, rather than only see the visuals.”  

These headphones arrived in time for state testing, which begins next week.


Finally, fourth grade classrooms will be seeing a boost in their 2018-19 OBOB classroom libraries this week.  BSCO purchased a complete 16-book set for each fourth grade classroom.

“By making sure that each classroom has at least one class set of books, it further allows for participation of ALL students, a more equitable practice,” shares fourth grade teacher, Aliyah Taylor. “While some families and students have the ability and choose to buy the books themselves, we never want this to be the reason students can or cannot participate. Additionally our library is able to purchase several sets of the OBOB books each year with scholastic and district library funds, but these books must support all 4th and 5th graders and are diminished quickly.”

2018-19 OBOB books have arrived & are being labeled and sorted before landing in fourth grade classrooms.

2018-19 OBOB books have arrived & are being labeled and sorted before landing in fourth grade classrooms.

BSCO’s teacher grant program is a specific line item in the BSCO budget that disperses funds for specific teacher requests. Previous BSCO grants have purchased light tables, Hokki stools, erosion kits, calm-down kits, and an aquaponics system.

This school wide staff support is made possible through your generous BSCO donations.  Any questions can be directed to Ashish Gupta (president@bonnyslopebsco.org) or Janet Maza (janet_maza@beaverton.k12.or.us).