April 2018 Principal Chat... REVEALED

Sun is out and we are here!  Let’s jump right into the fray…

ReTweet Hot Seat

Sadly, former deputy superintendent, Steve Phillips, must have missed his global citizenship lesson.  While his actions don’t match Bonny Slope's or Beaverton School District’s beliefs, here at BSE, our staff strives to ensure that all students–- EVERY.SINGLE.ONE–- can learn and be safe within these walls. Superintendent Don Grotting has offered to meet with any parent who has concerns, so don’t be afraid to take him up on that (Don_Grotting@beaverton.k12.or.us).

Levy Lowdown

Friends. This month’s school levy is a big deal. Like YUGE. It has a ridiculously large impact to teacher positions, both here at Bonny Slope and across the district.  Many people don’t realize how the number of classrooms directly affects how many specialists and support staff a school is granted. So a lot more is on the line than just three teachers at BSE. Again, it is not an INCREASE to your taxes-- it is a RENEWAL of a levy from 2013.

Side note:  Please poll your friends and neighbors who had a child in BSD in 2012. Their info may be eye-opening.

While we can’t tell you HOW to vote, we respectfully ask that you educate yourself and PLEASE vote. Here is the District’s handy dandy info page to get up to speed.

Operation Big Toe

This aptly named undertaking gained its moniker when BSE vice principal, Ali Montelongo, nearly lost her big toe due to the crazy driving maneuvers of an irate parent after Ali pointed out that she was parked illegally on McDaniel.  

True story, folks. True. Story.

Yet even after this close call, our BSE administrators are still out there RISKING LIFE AND (apparently) LIMB to ensure that McDaniel stays clear, traffic keeps moving, and no child is injured during our frenzied and frantic pick-up.

So, here’s a little recap for all you wayward parents who feel the rules don’t apply to your precious self:

  • Please don’t park at the bus stop on McDaniel
  • Be respectful of private property
  • Understand where your car does and doesn’t belong
  • Respect that the car pick-up won’t begin until AFTER our busses leave, so clogging up the parking lot or McDaniel only hurts us all
  • Remember that even school employees value their toes too

SeeSaw Hee Haw

See Saw, baby!  All BSE teachers K-5 have access to this hysterical and insightful window into our child’s classroom. I mean... THOSE VIDEOS!  Half their face is missing! Anyone else want to gently tell them to tilt the screen up already?

But in all seriousness, have you seen those “Parents We Heard You” posters? Those are Janet and Ali’s direct response from the BSD parent survey from last spring.  One recurring theme-- parents wanted to know what was going on in the classrooms. Because let’s be real-- our kids tell us zilch.  

Originally started as an app for primary teachers, parents now find SeeSaw to be a great way to chat with their children about school and listen as students truly explain their learning (often with half their face missing). This year, teachers either provide blog posts or SeeSaw updates on a regular basis (the optimum goal is every other week).

Our Girl IRLA

Oh, IRLA.  Me and her go waaaay back.  So few of you will remember that she was the FIRST topic of our FIRST EVER “Principal Chat… Revealed,” eons ago in September 2015.  Read our inaugural issue to get a refresher on BSD’s English Language adoption (and also some really riveting info on our Spanish program that actually still applies.)

Nearly three years later and… IRLA’s working, baby! Parents are sharing that they really like the IRLA reading program for younger children. Usually, it’s ridiculously complex to know where your child stands in reading. This program helps parents determine not only where their student is, but also words to work on, appropriate reading material etc etc etc. All students at BSE have a power goal, which is more than just reading, but includes things like reading with expression and understanding punctuation. Jen Oordt is still our Madame IRLA, BSE’s resident expert.

Other Juicy Tidbits:

  • Cell phone coverage within Bonny Slope just stinks.  But one parent offered to look into cell phone repeaters within the school, so hey-- maybe there’s hope!  Side note:  Can’t get onto facebook or instagram while at the school?  Shame on you for not being fully present! Kidding. But seriously… pretty sure Big Brother BSD is suppressing social media on their guest network.
  • Not-New News Flash (that will still surprise some poor parent this August): School’s starting before Labor Day this fall. Yup, America. TRUTH.  BSD’s first day of school will be Monday, August 27, 2018. So book those Sunriver plans earlier, y’all!

And that’s a wrap!  Check us out at our next Principal’s Chat on Tuesday, May 22nd at 6pm. Yes, you read that right-- we’re moving this circus to the evening!  Can’t wait to see all our working parents join in the fun. See you then!