Calling Volunteers to Help a Neighbor School!

Good morning Bonny Slope volunteers!

Following is a message from one of our 5th grade teachers, Mr. Vaughn.  Please consider this unique volunteer opportunity -- it'll make you feel good to lend a hand!


June 8th: Are you willing to volunteer for one short shift at one of our neighbor schools to help them have a successful event? If so, read on!

Dear Parents,

Every year our 5th-grade students take on projects to study and battle the social injustices we see around us every day; it's inspiring to watch them take on causes they are passionate about.


One cause that comes up every year is the idea of school equality; our students know that they are very lucky to have a school like Bonny Slope, and that many of their neighbors don't have all of the benefits we do. What to do about it, though, has always escaped us. It's a very complex situation. But this year, some students who transferred from neighboring schools mentioned that at their old schools, one thing they didn't have a lot of was ... parent volunteers.

Light bulb!

We checked with our neighbor school, Barnes Elementary, and they confirmed it: their parent population doesn't have as much flexibility to volunteer as ours, which puts a lot of the burden for their field day/Jog-A-Thon back onto the teachers, and restricts what they can do.

After talking to several parents around here and to our volunteer leaders, it seems there is a will to help ... that's where you come in.

If we can get one parent volunteer per class to help out at Barnes Elementary on June 8th, it will make a huge difference to their staff and students. I know they're not our students ... but they're still part of our community. And what could be more Bonny Slope than taking care of our community?

Thanks for considering! If you're available to help on June 8th, please e-mail Jenna Dornblaser with your availability at

Mr. Vaughn
5th Grade
Bonny Slope Elementary