Introducing BSCO’s 2018-19 Budget

BSCO’s Spring Community Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd. Included in the meeting agenda will be the approval of the 2018-19 budget, shown [here], with detailed descriptions for each category [here]. This final draft is being presented for community review prior to the meeting.  

Next year’s budget includes changes in both income and committee expense. All adjustments from last year’s budget are noted in blue in the far right side column.  


You will notice our expenses for the upcoming year exceed our income. There are a couple of items that impact these numbers:

  1. We anticipate a simplified Auction format for next year, which will likely result in lower income
  2. We are intentionally spending down our reserves

However, we do not anticipate these negatively impacting BSCO’s cash flow. This approach will allow us to actively manage our savings while still maintaining a reasonable and prudent reserve total for 2019-20.  It also ensures that current donations are spent on current students.


Significant changes to the budget include:

  • Committee Board Discretionary (increased from $1,600 to $3,000).  This is used for unexpected funds during the year or one time committee needs, as well as one-time improvements to the committee’s supplies
  • PYP & Science Enrichment (reduced from $14,500 to $12,000): Combined PYP Support ($7,000), PYP Training ($2,000) and Science Enrichment ($7,500) into a single category. This is overseen by BSE’s PYP coordinator in collaboration with the teachers. Combining the allocation simplifies the paperwork while maintaining the intention. Reduction reflects the amount that historically has been spent.
  • Teacher Fund (increased from $14,500 to $16,000): Each classroom teacher is eligible for up to $450/year for tangible items to support their classroom. Next year we are expanding the program to include more specialists who are currently self funding these purchases, such as our counselor, psychologist and special ed staff
  • Science School (increased from $9,600 to $10,800): Reflects increased costs to send 5th graders to a science school experience. Includes tuition, transportation and an on-site nurse. Note: This may not be an overnight experience due to Beaverton School District’s newly-changed policies. The confirmation and any details of this trip is still tentative.
  • Coder in Residence (decreased from $8,000 to $6,000): We kicked off this program in 2017-18 and contracted Saturday Academy to teach in the classrooms. We plan to continue the program, and the reduction reflects actual costs incurred.
  • Visiting Author (increased from $2,000 to $3,000): This popular program pays for published children’s authors that present to our students. Increasing this budget allows BSCO to continue providing well-known authors.
  • Student Body Fund (increased from $3,000 to $4,000): This line item is Janet’s discretionary fund for projects and endeavors that impact our student body, such as assembly speakers, intervention supplies, and personal supplies for students in need.


The budget includes the intentional spend-down of a portion of BSCO reserves.  The carry-over funds reduction includes seven items, totaling $52,000:

  • Free Monster Mash admission- October 2018 ($3,000). Same as last year.
  • Free Carnival admission- June 2019 (reduced from $5,500 to $5,000). We temporarily increased this in 2017-18 by $500 to purchase cupcakes to celebrate BSE’s 10th anniversary.
  • Technology ($15,000). Funds the purchase of replacement iPads (that are no longer supported by Apple), iPad covers, charging carts and Apple Pencils (for the teachers). This will supplement the annual Technology budget line item.
  • Emergency Preparedness ($3,000). This line item funds the purchase of classroom and school safety equipment, including supplies for classroom emergency buckets, first aid kits and drinking water barrels.
  • Capital Improvements ($3,000) Funds the purchase of additional storage cabinets in the volunteer room and replacement of aging safety blinds in the classroom.
  • Student Body Paper Fund ($3,000).  BSCO provides two reams of paper per student, eliminating this item from the school supply lists. Reducing by $500, based on 2017-18 actual paper costs.
  • Music Grant ($20,000). This line item will fund the replacement of the music program’s aging instruments and equipment, such as risers, xylophones, percussion and ethnic instruments, and sound and recording equipment.

These items were chosen in collaboration between your BSCO Board and BSE’s Administration & Staff.

In addition to approving next year’s budget, we will also vote in next year’s Board.  As a reminder, all parents at BSE are voting members of BSCO.

Any questions or concerns regarding this budget can be directed to Ashish Gupta (   

Please join us for this final community meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd in the BSE Library at 7pm.