BSCO Listening Session Notes, Wed, Apr 11

Wednesday, Apr 11 combined notes from morning and evening sessions

8:30am Session Attendees: Josh Resch, Melissa Gatchell, Hannah Donohue, Kelly Kinzer, Angie Bruxer, Maureen Louie, Ashish Gupta, Ali Montelongo, Karen Rasor-Cohen, Eric Simpson

7pm Session Attendees: Ashish Gupta, Holly Vanderploeg, Jenna Dornblaser, Ellen Rothery, Andrea Steyskal, Janet Maza, Debra Henley, Mike Bertuleit


  • Eric Simpson provided information about the Levy.  The Beaverton School Board is proposing a 5-year Local Option Levy renewal that will appear on the May 15, 2018 ballot.  It has the same tax rate as the existing levy which is expiring. If passed, the levy would allow Beaverton schools to retain 300 teaching positions, and maintain class sizes.

  • Ali Montelongo, Assistant Principal, noted that at Bonny Slope, three classroom teachers and support staff will be lost if the Levy does not pass.

  • If you are a registered voter, watch for ballots to start arriving in the mail starting April 25, 2018. (If you are not registered, you can register here by April 24.)

  • For additional Levy information please see our blog post at

India Cultural Event

Janet was amazed with the India Cultural event - Majority of teachers/staff dressed in traditional clothing generously collected and loaned from the community members. Assembly included BSE student led performance with traditional dances and playing an Indian instrument, a fashion show, quiz trivia and serving Indian spiced rice for lunch..  She is looking for photos to share with the district.


  • Feedback from a parent was the movie night was a success and they suggested we do it again next year.

  • "Bridge the gap" line item is intended to include possible write a check fundraiser, underspending to our budget, utilizing savings or other methods.  Suggestion to rename line item to avoid the possible concern that we are trying to raise ~$30k with the write the check fundraiser people may recall from past.

  • Felt fortunate to have Debra Henely's input.  She shared that she and other BSE teachers often shy away from teacher grants out of consideration for others who may have larger needs.  The result seems to be very few teacher requests at all. Request process not viewed as overly difficult or needing simplification. Bigger ticket items/projects are sometimes funded using "donors choose" which is an online giving program which connects teacher needs with those who wish to help a classroom in need.  

  • One idea discussed was a ‘community support fund’ which would cover purchasing essential items for students in need (e.g., underwear, socks, shoes, coats).  ~$100 per classroom with some flexibility was suggested. Some discussion about way to keep this simple for the teachers, although Debra didn't feel submitting a receipt for reimbursement was overly cumbersome.

  • 2017-18 technology had $10k allocated, but Janet felt more is needed as older devices become obsolete.  Ashish to check with Elia Freedman, BSCO’s technology advisor.

  • Suggestion to consider moving carnival/monster mash to permanent event budget item. We’ve been waiving the admission price of these large events as a way to spend down our budget.

  • Current PYP/Science Enrichment allocation is over $14k - which isn’t being spent fully.  Ashish to consult with Jen Oordt on what is needed for 2018-19.

Other ideas

  • Kinders need headsets.  Suitable size, comfort and microphone feature are key requirements.  Henley has not had success with those procured through scholastic. Kinder team purchased 6 per class and could use more.

  • Old Ipad minis will be going away due to inability to upgrade security software that makes them obsolete.  Kinders would benefit from larger screen size (for larger print books, etc). 2nd grade team could benefit from more Ipads (1 device per student).

  • Possible support to Spanish specials teacher via subscriptions

  • Building/aesthetics improvement - black out blinds for library/classroom doors (replacing black felt).  Board will determine the cost to replace.