BSCO Adds Incoming Kinder Facebook Group

Kindergarten Round-up is coming up fast this April. For those parents ready to get a jumpstart,  BSCO has added a new Facebook group for all parents who will have kindergartners in 2018-19. Search for “Bonny Slope INCOMING Kinders” and request to be added to this closed group.

Also, here’s a quick recap of BSCO’s social media presence.


  • Like our main public page “Bonny Slope Community Organization- BSCO” for any BSCO news or updates this summer.  Every article from our blog is automatically published to Facebook, so you are always in the know. (And don’t be shy about like a post-- that helps spread the word).
  • Join a grade level Facebook group.  Every grade has a Facebook group, which operate a bit more inclusively than our main page and allow for better conversations between parents.  These are a great avenue for announcements outside of general BSCO news that are relevant to your specific student and anyone within the group can add their Facebook friends.



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Questions can be directed to Josh Resch, BSCO’s Director of Communications.