Candy Readers Enjoy an Amazing OBOB Run


Parents, siblings, Principal Maza, Mr. Traller and Aparna Srinivasan showed up at Pilgrim Lutheran to support Bonny Slope OBOB school champion and fifth grade team Candy Readers at the OBOB mini regional on Saturday, March 17.

The day started with two rounds of pool play against Fir Grove Elementary and Hazeldale Elementary, both of which Candy Readers won by a wide margin.  Since there were 22 teams at the mini regional, only eight (8) teams advanced into single elimination battles. 

The Candy Readers faced Raleigh Park Elementary in the Elite 8 play-off and defeated their opponent by a healthy lead.  But in the end, Bonny Slope's Candy Readers lost by 1-point to a well-prepared team of 3rd graders from Findley Elementary in the semi-final.

Hope Chinese Charter School, a newbie to OBOB, won the mini regional and will advance to the State Tournament. For Bonny Slope, there's always next year...

Congratulations Candy Readers and thank you to all volunteers and staff involved in a wonderful OBOB year!