BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot February 19, 2018

On the cusp of Portland's first snowstorm of the year, the board met to discuss initial plans for next school year, auction preparation, upcoming board member vacancies and a number of other areas of business.  

Kicking off this meeting was a presentation from Ashley Vanderjagt, Emergency Coordinator for BSD.  Ashley shared the district's guidance on emergency preparedness and the training rolled out to all BSD's schools on developing their own emergency plans.  Ashley has also led the distribution of orange supply buckets which reside in every classroom.  Ashley's talk with the BSCO board highlighted opportunities for the various community/parent organizations to contribute further to emergency preparedness of the schools.  The district does not have budget in place to fund water, supplies and other materials which would be needed in the case of a natural disaster (e.g., earthquake), which may leave students on school grounds for several days before being picked up.  The estimated volume of water for BSE's size is 13-19 55-gallon drums, assuming students/staff are stuck on school grounds for 2-3 days.  Storing water (even just 1-2 drums) requires an accessible location within the school or a shed/shipping container somewhere on school grounds.  Outside of water, the existing orange buckets in each classroom are not full.  Ashley recommended toilet paper, ponchos and nut-free snacks such as granola bars may be valuable supplies to add.

President, Ashish Gupta, facilitated some initial discussion around budget and project planning for the upcoming calendar year.  In addition to existing committee/program support and continued free admission to Monster Mash and Carnival, other projects such as music equipment refresh, storage cabinets in the volunteer room, emergency preparedness and other capital updates/improvements were discussed.  Exact plans are pending final fundraising results.  Under Susan Acosta's continued leadership, the cultural awareness team is looking to showcase country flags in the school library.  

Two BSCO board member positions are slated for re-election prior to the start of the 2018/19 school year.  These include Director of Committees and Directors of Volunteers (ideally shared by two people).   The time is now to get the word out on these opportunities.  Both roles are open to all interested community members and both offer meaningful and exciting ways to be a voice and contributor in the BSCO programs at BSE, as well as team with fellow board members.  More communications are expected.  Application form and full description of the positions are accessible at the BSCO website under business.  New board members will be voted on during the final 2017/18 community meeting in May.

The auction planning is in full swing.  While no lead sponsor is expected for this year's event given the departure of Noyes, the secured sponsorship is projected at $15k.  In response to community survey feedback, early ticket price is $50 per individual through spring break.  The committee is still looking for more donations of restaurant certificates and event tickets, as well as those who may be experienced with MSFT publisher for creation of event programs.

BSE's Science Night on Friday, Mar 16th, will feature an impressive number of science demos and booths from local vendors and organizations.  It’s not too late to submit an entry and two more weekends remain to pull together a project.  It’s a fun and unique experience for any age participant.  

The final parent education night is Tuesday, March 6th, 7-8:30 pm, featuring a presentation on Executive Functioning skills in pre-middle school children by clinical psychologist, Dr. Allan Cordova.  

Artist in Residence has kicked off with classroom sessions happening up until spring break.  Volunteers are needed to support the sessions taking place with the Artist Sarah Ferguson.  Sarah will be teaching painted paper techniques and the art form of constructing collages.  

Full financials report is available at .