Principal Chat January 2018

It was a whirlwind of riveting topics at last week’s evening Principal Chat.  Because time is precious and we’ve all got kids to feed, here’s a recap you can skim in two minutes.  We’ll even time ya.

  • Fourth grade’s lunch hour social experiment got mixed reviews from the students.  Our little cherubs had to pick a number as they walked in to sit at a table with random kids in hopes that it would prompt a bit more outreach and build some social skills and new friends. However, most of the kids thought it was a brutal form of arcane punishment for being too loud. It was only for one week, but something of this sort might make its way back to the BSE cafeteria every now and then for all the grades. Oh, the torture!

  • Fifth grade's No Homework Policy is a misconception. Although expectations are somewhat different for each classroom, homework is a requirement in 5th grade. Most teachers require a minimum of reading 30 minutes per night as well as finishing any classwork that was not completed during the day. Many also require writing about reading and Dreambox work.  Occasionally, you should see the old school type of math worksheet come home as well to support what is being done in the classroom.

  • Is Dreambox optional?  Can we just let them keep playing? Oh Dreambox-- where all your math dreams come true.  Online, that is.  Some parents would prefer a hard copy homework handout, but honestly, it’s the teacher prerogative.  And is your little hooligan surpassing all his math grade level dreams and wanting to climb that dreambox ladder?  Consensus here is to keep him challenged and let him go as far as he wants.

  • How is it possible that people are still parking in the “No Parking” areas of the parking lot at pick-up?  Seriously, folks.  It’s February.  Have we not figured this out yet?  (cue eye roll) Just a heads up-- BSE is taking names and Washington County is on the case, so YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.  

  • Oh hey, turns out your kids need to be IN school to do well AT school.  Beaverton School District is cracking down on their chronic absentee rate. When it comes to reporting absences, there is no difference between excused versus unexcused. Bonny Slope has a pretty large number of students who are characterized as “chronically absent,” so let’s do better, shall we?  Two major indicators of high school grad rates are socio-economic status and chronic absenteeism. And big brother BSD is watching...

  • The new preschool is a part of BSE, but not quite FULLY BSE.  Preschool students will have breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, attend assemblies, and use the playground and community events such as parent education and Carnival.  However, they won’t have all BSCO programs (like Art Lit, Bobcat Trail) or specials.  Each class only has 2.5 hours of instruction per day, so it’s all about hitting those preschool standards with a heavy focus on social emotional growth.

  • We’re not the only preschool circus in town.  This past fall, two other schools in Beaverton School District (Aloha-Huber & Vose) opened preschools. Eventually, our superintendent would like them at every elementary.

  • Our IB higher-ups will be checking us out next fall so we need to get our IB ducks IN A ROW.  Start drinking the kool-aid, people!  We’re still in the middle of a self-study, so if you’d like to participate in taking a crazy short survey, or even being the hero and sitting on a discussion panel next fall, then connect with Jennifer Oordt, our PYP Coordinator (

And that’s a wrap!  Join us for February’s Principal Chat on Friday, 2/23 at 2pm.