Our Amazing Technology Coding Program

All the time we as the parents and families of Bonny Slope students are saying how lucky our children are to go to this incredible school. And they are, we are. But this isn't an article about that, oh no, this time it is about how incredibly generous our BSCO is and the amazing technology opportunities it is providing for those lucky kiddos of ours.

Bonny Slope's Technology program is alive and well this school year, thanks in part to BSCO's generous grant program. With a little introduction from our BSCO President, I met Andrea (or Andi), our new Technology teacher.  She was warm and welcoming and excited to show me what equipment our children are utilizing from grants given directly to the Technology department.  New this year, students are using Ozobots, OSMO, and Dot & Dash. 

Each of these three programs starts with the fundamentals of coding. Students, from kinder to fifth grade will be introduced to at least three different types of coding, including  Bloxly and Scratch.  It is Andi's goal to allow each student to watch, build, and create code; and then see it come to life. Furthermore, she wants to give students hands-on projects, with direct applications to what they are learning and doing in the classroom. 

This is most easily done with the robots Dot & Dash.  While I was observing a First grade class, I saw several small groups follow the coding directions she had posted and once the student's correctly implemented those, them their robot began to move.  The other small group was working with OSMO.  This is another hands-on set of programs more focused on games, and basic school skills. These programs are on the tablets, but only can be correctly performed with the tangibles the students are using. On a side note, OSMO can be purchased for home use too. 

You could easily see the students' enthusiasm in Technology class, and Andi's own passion came shining through. When I asked her what she would like to be able to expand upon, she mentioned Bloxels and Lego Education materials. She wants to integrate those, with the new materials she already has, to be able to provide more support to classroom teachers. To be able to reinforce what students are doing in the classroom, whilst making the technology aspect the foundation. Well Andi, I think BSCO can get right on that! ️