November Staff Appreciation Event Brings Friendsgiving to BSE Staff

On Friday, 11/16, BSCO’s Staff Appreciation Committee will be providing a Friendsgiving spread of assorted Thanksgiving sides for the 60+ BSE staff members. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.06.15 AM.png

Yes, forget the turkey.  It's the SIDES that make magic happen on Thanksgiving.

Here is the sign-up to contribute to this smorgasbord of deliciousness on Friday, 11/16.

Some things to consider:

  • Please note what you are bringing so we can avoid duplicates. And please take a moment to look through what others are bringing.

  • Items need to be at the school by 10am.  Dropping off before that time?  Please put in staff lounge and mark the items as Staff Appreciation.

  • Don't be afraid to bring in your favorite specialties, even if they aren't necessarily Thanksgiving sides.  Let's get creative!

  • Working parent?  Grab a cold side from any deli counter (Safeway, MOC, New Seasons all have many cold thanksgiving sides that would be a delicious addition).  These could be cheese and cracker spread, antipasto platter, delicata squash salad, wild rice pilaf, farro salad with squash and feta... you get the picture.

  • Kitchen catch on fire and you can't bring in your items?  Text Hannah (971.221.5561) to let us know. We'll happily pick it up at your house! We are nothing, if not full service.

Questions can be sent to Jenna & Hannah (