October 2018 Principal Chat.... REVEALED

October’s Principal Chat was a cozy affair with all the usual suspects.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

Early Release Police

We are in year two of the glorious Early Release Wednesdays.  Wondering what teachers are REALLY doing every Wednesday afternoon?  Well, Janet’s here to give us a glimpse of what really happens when all the minions have left the building.  

First, let’s talk schedules.  Each Wednesday’s focus is designated by the District.

  • 1st Wednesday– Admin-Directed, meaning Janet & Ali facilitate and manage this Wednesday training for the staff.  These first Wednesdays this school year have included the state-mandated curriculum for Erin’s Law, which requires all public schools in each state implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program.

  • 2nd Wednesday– Team Collaboration, meaning grade level teams meet to go over specific curriculum, projects, students, methods, or anything else that better creates a cohesive team and grade.

  • 3rd WednesdayProfessional Development by the District.  These trainings are held throughout different schools and teachers can sign up for whichever ones they need.

  • 4th WednesdayIndividual Team Collaboration

  • 5th Wednesday (the Blue Moon)– Teachers are on their own to decide.

Different teams focus on the specific needs of their grade.  Some examples this year have been strengthening parent relationships through goal setting, strategies to promote math fluency, and the “three act tasks,” where teachers record student methods to better learn the child’s brain method.

Informative FAQ regarding Early Release

Rocked Reauthorization

The IB bigwigs came to town and LOVED what they were seeing at Bonny Slope.  Every five years, IB schools are reauthorized, meaning IB central comes out to verify that the school is applying the IB methods correctly.  The high level of inquiry instruction found at BSE was impressive and we walked away with some minor feedback and lots of kudos.

Other Juicy Tidbits

  • Bonny Slope’s recent community outreach initiative, the Backpack Project, has been a huge success.  Tons of canned food came in over conferences and the school’s food pantry is already full, ready to be sent home via backpack to families that need a boost.

  • No Outdoor School for BSE fifth graders this year, per BSD’s new no overnight rule for elementary students.  The school is looking into doing Science School (like last year), but it would just be a day trip.

  • Our state & districts funding woes are not over IN THE SLIGHTEST, folks. Beaverton SD is again facing some serious decisions for next year, as every district in the state will again be facing a budget shortfall.

And that’s a wrap, America! Join us on Friday, 11/16 at 2pm for our next exciting adventure with Janet and Ali.