BSCO Community Meeting Minutes 9/25/2018


BSCO Community Meeting
Date:  9.25.2018
Location:  BSE Library

Attendance:  Jenn Klingner, Andrea Sangston, Chris Massey, Clare Bourquein, Nicole Hastings, Heidi Bossert, Andrea Steyskal, Bitsy Parks, Taylor Kash, Ryan Rotner, Allison Mark, Jessica Canessa, Kelly Kinzer, Sara Peters, Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu, Michelle Mulholland, Mindy Poorman, Jenna Dornblaser, Ellen Rothery, Josh Resch, Stephanie Wilson, Kaitlyn Watz, Jacob Whitehead, Jessica Osika, Frances Kang, Elia Freedman, Katie Kammer, Hannah Donohue, Ashish Gupta

Call to Order At:  7:04pm

Slides attached here

Budget attached here


Approved minutes from 5/22 community meeting

SPECIAL GUEST, Dana Strand, Beaverton Eco-School Network

Organization which offers training, retreats and network/support to help parents promote sustainable practices in schools

Invitation to upcoming events:  Informational dessert meet-up on 10/1, 7pm

Signup sheet was distributed

For more info, contact Rachel Willis,

PRINCIPAL'S REPORT, Janet Maza/Ali Montelongo

  • Important reminders about student drop off/pick-up procedures and safety measures (see slides for details)

  • Ali has caught and corrected many situations since the beginning of the year.  More help needed from parents/community members in adhering to safety guidelines

  • Janet asked for help to keep last minute changes to after-school plans to a minimum.  These changes are disruptive to staff and students' education time.

  • The school-wide initiative to recognize and promote positive actions/behaviors continues in its 2nd year.  Kindness board is up in the school and "Kindness matters" t-shirts are available for purchase. Parents can encourage acts of kindness and kind behaviors at home.  The first parent ed night on 10/9 @7 features Ann DeWitt, MA, MFT on the topic of raising kinder kids.

  • Preschool classrooms in session starting 9/24.  Classes are full. BSE received grant for age appropriate furniture and playground equipment.


President, Ashish Gupta

  • Introduced '18-19 board members.  Several positions will be open for '19-20.  Any interested community member is welcome to inquire or reach out to anyone on the board at any time.

  • BSCO's focus areas haven't changed.  They include strengthening connections through volunteering, smarter giving and inquiry based STEM opportunities.  Pleased to announce recent $2k grant awarded to BSCO from ThermoFisher Scientific to support makers space project. Special thanks to Victoria Foord for providing the contact.

  • Reviewed 2018-19 budget fo $108k, majority of which goes for student enrichment, inclusive of student coding programs, author visits and artist in residence.  The special projects for the year include a $20k music grant and $3k in better equipping the school for emergency preparedness.

  • Special guest - Clare

  • 3 Parent ed nights (funded by community dollars),

  • JAT - in need of the cultural speakers

Special Guest, Clare Bourquein and Chris Massey, BSE Music Teachers

Vice President of Fundraising, Ellen Rothery

  • First and largest fundraiser is approaching - school-wide Jog-a-Thon (JAT) on Friday, 10/5.  School wide participation is encouraged, all pledge/donations are meaningful. Request to continue momentum and creating Pledge star pages if you haven't done so - all students with pages are automatically eligible for raffles.  For any questions, email Ellen or  All parents, relatives and community members who wish to come to the event on 10/5, are reminded to get background checks done in advance.

  • Second fundraiser is the adults-only auction event on Sunday, April 14th at Top Golf.  Reduced $ goal, given the scaled back live auction.

  • Reminder to take advantage of corporate matching programs for both monetary donations and volunteer hours.  BSCO website has great information for how to take advantage of the additional dollars. While matching funds go a long way in supporting BSCO's budget, they will not count toward child JAT prizes/awards.

Director of Committees Report, Katie Kammer

  • As liasan to the 30+ different BSCO committees, Katie shared current and upcoming committee events/programs.  Volunteers always welcome and appreciated.

  • Upcoming opportunities:  geo club, bobcat trail, art lit, walk to school day on 10/10, author Suzanne Selfors visit on 10/10, STEM in Residency

  • Monster Mash, free and popular event for families on the evening of 10/19, requires a lot of volunteers.   Even 30 minutes of your time during the event would help with handing out candy or helping with lines

  • Scholastic Book fair - Nov 5-8

  • 5th grade activities - contact Erin Hire, initial planning meeting on 10/11, 6:30-7:30pm

  • Leading the Community Outreach committee, Sara Peters shared vision for this year's community outreach activities.  Sara and team have already planned and lined up a variety of activities and service opportunities throughout the school year.  Hoping for 50% of student body to participate in 1+ service activity over the course of the school year.

Director of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland & Stephanie Wilson

  • Michelle invited the community to set up and update My Volunteer Page (mVP).  Volunteer interests can be selected so that committee leads know who to contact for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

  • All classroom coordinators are filled.  In need for party coordinators, which are assigned to each classroom and coordinator grade level parties 3x's per year.

Director of Communications, Josh Resch

  • BSCO communicates via multiple channels:  email, facebook, instagram, blog. See for how to get started, connect with the community, and subscribe to notifications and calendar

  • BSCO Newsletter published every other Friday (opposite the Paw Prints)

Treasurer's Report, Melissa Gatchell (Ashish covering)

  • As per by-laws, annual BSCO audit was completed over the summer with no findings

Special guest:  Jennifer Klingner (5th grade Teacher), Andie Sangston (Technology IA), Technology vision

  • Jennifer shared her experience with several hands-on technologies/robots as well as her thoughts on how to utilize tech to enhance the classroom experience.  

  • Examples:  Ozobot, Dash by Wonder Workshop, Coding with Osmo


Thank you to the impressive line up of staff members present for the community meeting!

Adjourned At:  8:06pm