Walk to School Details, Wednesday, October 10th

Happy kids, happy teachers!


Bonny Slope and BSCO join the international Walk to School day initiative, this year on Wednesday, October 10th. Walking to school provides children with another way to get the healthy exercise they need. Morning exercise has been found to help increase focus during school.

Since Bonny Slope was founded in 2008, there has been progress made on routes to school with sidewalks, paved pathways, and widened shoulders added. More work is still needed, but here we will explore the existing walkable routes.

We still need some leaders to guide the troops. This is a nice beginning of the year event and often parents can squeeze it in before heading to work.

Click here to volunteer to walk a route!

How does it work? 

There are six different starting locations that you can meet at. K-2nd grade children should walk with an adult (either you or someone you arranged for them), and 3rd-5th graders are allowed to join by themselves at your discretion. At each location a few leaders will guide the walk which starts around 7:50.  The walk takes 15-20 minutes. Once they get to school, they head to the field area and have a warm welcome with some nice treats. Choose a starting point close to your house. No need to sign up, just show up, rain or shine! If you live close to school, but not near a route, you can come to school as normal or try to get in line, somewhere along the six routes. 

Trader Joe & New Seasons were very kind to provide apples for our walkers as well as BSCO President, Ashish Gupta, who plucked apples to make sure we have plenty. The national and local Walk & Roll organizations provided the stickers and pencils. A big thanks to them all!

Walking Routes

  • East Route - 7:50am - NW Harding Ct & NW Robinia Ln
  • North Route - 7:50am - NW Talon Terrace & NW Blackhawk Dr
  • Northeast Route - 7:50am - Bonny Slope Park on NW Thompson Rd
  • South Route - 7:50am - NW Coleman Dr & NW 119th Ave
  • Vintage Neighborhood - 7:50am - NW Appellate Way & NW Supreme Ct
  • West Route - 8:00am - NW Big Fir Cir & NW McDaniel Rd

See the interactive map on our webpage.

Walk & Roll

All children who come by bike or bus are also considered to be part of this event! (Note: Biking is not guided by our volunteers.) Riding the bus helps to reduce the car congestion around school. All “rolling” kids—bus riders and bikers—are also welcome to head over to the field area and get a treat!

Park & Walk

If you have to drive your children there are still options. You may drive to the starting area of a walking route, for example Bonny Slope Park, and let your kids join the walk. If you don't need to accompany your children (3rd-5th graders) you can leave once they are with the group. This will help lower the traffic around school between 8:00 and 8:30. If you can’t make a walking route please take extra care when driving with all the walking and biking activity. Weather permitting, children who got rides may be able to walk around the track and get their treat as well.

Let's celebrate and encourage

If you live near a route, please help put a smile on our children's faces by raising your flag and putting up encouraging decorations or chalk drawings. Please be careful when backing up from your drive way and inform your neighbors to do the same. 

Last but not least, walking to school is a great habit which is safer when children walk together. This event is definitely fun and engaging, so let’s work to find buddies that our children can keep walking with for this school year and beyond!

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Cheers, to healthy habits!
Marieke Pepers
Committee lead, Walk to school 2018.