Box Tops for Bonny Slope!


Now that we’ve all settled ourselves into the back to school groove it’s time to start turning in those box tops.  Box Tops are located on certain product packaging and when turned in they are worth 10 cents each.  Go to to see which companies participate in Box Tops.  Our goal this year is to earn $1,500 for our school.  At ten cents each, that’s 15,000 box tops!  Can we do it?  I think so!

As a fun incentive, the top two classrooms to collect the most Box Tops by the end of the school year will earn an ice cream party!  To see who’s leading the pack, check the score board near the red Box Tops collection bin.

We receive checks twice per year and the first submission deadline is quickly approaching.  I will be sending in the Box Tops we’ve collected by October 31st.  Now is the time to check your cupboards and fridge and follow these tips:

  • Save your box tops in an envelope or plastic bag labeled with the name of your teacher or print out a collection sheet from the Box Tops website.  Don’t forget, teacher name = points earned toward an ice cream party.

  • Have your kiddo put your bags/envelopes in the red collection bin.  The red collection bin is located in the hallway close to the office. 

  • Please double check the expiration date on your Box Tops.  Expired Box Tops cannot be submitted.

  • All Box Tops must be fully intact.  If you accidentally tear or cut a portion off of the Box Top, please tape it back together.

Ask your neighbors, family, and co-workers to help clip those Box Tops.  Let’s fill up that collection bin!