Staff Appreciation to STOCK THE PANTRY

BSCO’s Staff Appreciation committee is starting the teachers’ year off right by embarking on a “Stock the Pantry” initiative.  Co-leads, Stefanie Ebenal and Sierra Lavelle, have filled the shelves of our BSE teachers lounge with soup, snacks, bars, bread, La Croix (obviously), and other goodies to ensure that our teachers are powered up for their day.


Throughout the year, this committee hosts various events, including themed-monthly luncheons, as well as the organizing the Staff Appreciation week in May.  Interested in joining the team?  Be sure and mark your interests in your mVP profile (My Profile –> Interests; then filter by BSE and mark the “Staff Appreciation” box).  Community members can also connect with Stef and Sierra directly at  

The Staff Appreciation committee is funded through community food donations and your generous Jog-a-thon dollars.