Fall Community Meeting Outlines Focus Areas for 2017-18

BSCO held their first quarterly Community Meeting this week. Over 25 community members joined your BSCO Board and our BSE administrators to hear all the latest updates.


On top of all the wonderful programs BSCO supports, this year's focus areas are: Building Connections via Volunteering, Smarter Giving, Additional STEM Opportunities, and Cultural Enrichment.

Meeting minutes

Slides from the meeting

BSCO Community Meeting
Date:  9.26.2107
Location:  BSE Library

Attendance:  Ashish Gupta, Kaitlyn Watz, Jessica Osika, Ali Montelongo, Jenna Dornblaser, Kelly Kinzer, Josh Resch, Victoria Foord, Julie Gupta, Mindy Poorman, Erin Hire, Bitsy Parks, Jacob Whitehead, Katie Kammer, Shannon Bekins, Jennifer Lundman, Karen Rasor-Cohen, Elia Freedman, Holly VanderPloeg, Brenda Swanson, Ellen Rothery, Maureen Louie, Taylor Kash, Dick Roy, Cindy Madigan, Hannah Donohue

Call to Order At:  7:04pm

Approved 5/23 meeting minutes


Dick Roy, Beaverton Eco-Network
Invitation to Dessert Meetup, 10/3, 7pm (hosted by parent in BSD)
Opportunity for contributing to sustainable practices, leadership training, networking

PRINCIPAL'S REPORT, Janet Maza/Ali Montelongo

  • Community and staff have pulled off 2 early release days (to date) with no major snags/issues.  Time gained from the early release days has given teachers/staff time for professional development, grade level collaboration and more.  There is a weekly schedule to ensure time is getting dedicated across a number of areas and specific topics.
  • Look out for Posters hung around the school with feedback from last year's parent survey.  The poster identifies areas to continue, improvement opportunities and hopes/dreams for BSE
  • New this year is a student success coach, Dolisha, who is supporting staff with techniques for managing child emotional regulation.
  • The new ParentVue online registration did present some hurdles for first time users.  However, the online format replaced a lot of paperwork and enabled earlier collection of information.
  • Are we getting a pre-school at BSE?  Early intervention type of pre-school (targeting pre-BSE students) slated to start in January.


President, Ashish Gupta

  • Reviewed 4 focus areas for '17-18:  Building connections through Volunteering, additional STEM opportunities, Smarter Giving, and Cultural Enrichment.
  • The gym projector project is almost complete, but some expenses are crossing fiscal years. BSCO had originally budgeted $23k for the project. $21.4k was spent in 2016-17. The balance will be spent in 2017-18. A new category called 'Gym projector overflow' will be added to our special projects budget and will be used to purchase required accessories (eg,. new microphones).
  • BSCO will hold community meetings once per quarter. Next one is on Wed Jan 31.
  • Parents are invited to attend the BSCO Parent Education Evening: 'Tantrums, Meltdowns and Rage: Parenting Strategies for Calming the Storm' in the BSE library on Monday Oct 9 at 7pm.
  • The board recognized Hannah Donohue, BSCO's president from 2015-2017 for all her contributions to our community
    Updates on STEM/science enrichment:  Partnering with Saturday Academy to deliver 4 days of 1 hr coding session across 2nd-5th, beginning November.  This program leverages similar, well-received programs done at Jacob Wisner and Findley.  Working with Laurel Nakano to devise similar program for younger grades, K-1st.
  • BSCO budget funds multiple Parent Ed nights, offering talks by professionals on relevant topics.  First one, 10/9, 7pm:  Tantrums, Meltdowns & Rage.
  • Cultural enrichment: This year each Jog-a-thon class will represent a country or region.  Did you know there are BSE families represented by all of the Jog-a-thon flags and then some.

Vice President of Fundraising, Ellen Rothery

  • Excellent progress being made for upcoming 10/6 JAT event, Running around the World
  • Over 100 pledge pages set up to date.  Even those planning to collect pledge money via envelope are encouraged to set up Pledge page for easier reporting.
  • Don't forget about corp matching dollars.  Resources on BSCO site on how to obtain matching dollars from Columbia, Nike, Intel, etc
  • Auction fundraiser still on the table for April.  Soliciting interest for potential leads.  A willing team of help generally follows after leads are identified.
  • Suggestion to survey broader community on what they want out of auction?   Perhaps there is an opportunity to obtain broader participation

Director of Committees Report, Holly VanderPloeg

  • Bobcat Trail Club kicked off, occurring 8-8:25am, M/Th, Over 200 kids attended last Thursday.  Additional hands to help manage this large group of runners are always welcome.  Once the rain starts, additional volunteers become even more important because the runners move under cover.
  • Art Lit, first of 5 artists is Faith Ringgold.  Training starts 10/3, 7pm in BSE library, 10/4, 9am cafeteria
  • Walking routes mapped on BSCO site for 10/4 Walk-to-School
  • Excited for upcoming Author visit on 10/11, featuring author/illustrator of the Bad Kitty books, Nick Bruel.  Author signed books can be ordered at http://www.bonnyslopebsco.org/store
  • 10/27 Monster Mash (completely free event)
  • Book fair:  10/30-11/2 (4 days)

Director of Volunteers, Jenna Dornblaser & DeDe Osborne

  • Classroom coordinators are completely filled, Still in need of party coordinators
  • Most sign up genius links for various volunteer sign-ups will be found within mVP page 

Director of Communications, Josh Resch

  • Newsletter published every other week (alternating with Paw Prints school newsletter)
  • Contains volunteer opportunities, events, Dates to remember
  • New this year, "new families to BSCO" button on BSCO website, where you will find quick steps for connecting with community
  • Also on BSCO site are instructions for subscribing to school calendar via mobile device

Technology Update, Elia Freedman

  • Technology budget supported many newly purchased Ipads, to replace outdated devices.
  • Expect there is still a need for ~10-15 iPads.  Plan to re-assess in October and tee up a community vote in January for any incremental budget need.
  • 2 projectors ordered to test out in 2 adjacent 5th grade classrooms (features significantly brighter projection, easy adjustments well to varying distances from screen and easy compatibility with student Chromebooks/iPads).  If the trial goes as expected, projectors for the rest of the classrooms will be ordered.

Treasurer's Report, Melissa Gatchell

  • Yearly audit completed over summer.  Thank you Doug Bergmann for assisting (as by-laws require non departing and non incoming board member to participate)


  • Feedback on the ParentVue registration and some confusion over media opt out option.  Checkbox did not clearly delineate type of information (photos v. home address).  This format was standardized by BSD.  BSE offered directory opt in/opt out election separately.

Adjourned At:  8:21pm