BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: September 18, 2017

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board

September Meeting-- 9/18/2017

This month's meeting was full, as the board continues to learn from one another and prepares for the first Community meeting on 9/26.  DeDe Osborne, one of our Volunteer Directors, was unable to attend.

Ashish Gupta, President, shared exciting plans underway for the budgeted Science enrichment and STEM in residence. Saturday Academy will deliver multiple coding sessions to 2nd-5th grade students, beginning in November.  This vendor is experienced in delivering similar well-received materials to other schools in the district.  Plans for K-1st are still being formulated.  A new school-wide subscription to Discovery science is also slated to roll out to support teachers in the area of science enrichment and inquiry.

The upcoming community meeting had planned to include a vote on incremental technology dollars for needed chromebook/ipad replacements, upgrades and a few miscellaneous projector-related expenses which come after close of last year's fiscal year.  Full itemized list was to be prepared for community vote on 9/26.  Also tee'd up is an update on the classroom projector project.  Because of insufficient notice, the incremental technology dollars will have to wait for the January community meeting.  Technology committee lead, Elia Freedman, has confirmed that this delay and the existing devices are manageable.  

Jog-a-thon, Running Around the World, is underway with pledgestar pages being created and nearly $5k already pledged and climbing daily.  Efforts and communications to encourage broad participation continue.  Josh Resch successfully published the first BSCO newsletter of the year and is on track for the second one Sep 28th with more information on JAT and other upcoming events and opportunities.

Melissa Gatchell, Treasurer, completed an annual audit with no findings to report.  Thanks a bunch to Doug Bergmann for his valuable role in the audit, as our by-laws require participation from a parent that is not on the incoming or outgoing board.  The full financials are available to review here.

Jenna Dornblaser reported 100% of the classroom coordinator roles are already filled.  There is some progress already on the party coordinators but more work to do in the coming weeks.  Kinder lunchroom support thus far has been solid, while the 1st grade group could use a few extra hands, particularly early in the school year.  Two volunteer orientation sessions are planned for this week.  Should these sessions be missed, volunteer badge photos can be obtained at any time in the office.  District policy requiring all volunteer signup genius pages to go through the mVP system has proven confusing and cumbersome.  Jenna and DeDe with the help of Communications Director, Josh, are doing their best to simplify volunteer signups as much as possible.

Holly VanderPloeg, Director of Committees, was excited to share two new leads, Kirsten Forsberg and Reilley Keating, for this year's Carnival.  Many other committees are in the full swing of things - Bobcat Trail Club kicking off this Thursday and the first Geography Club check day will be the last Thursday of this month.  October is shaping up to be a fun and busy month with Walk to School day (10/4), Author visit (10/11), Monster Mash (10/27) and the Book Fair (last/short week in October). Art Literacy team will also kick off first volunteer training during the first week of October.