Tantrums and Meltdown Presentation Scheduled for 10/9

Join us for the first BSCO Parent Education evening, “Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Rage: Parenting Strategies for Calming the Storm” with Ally Burr-Harris, Ph.D., on Monday, 10/9 from 7-8:30pm in the BSE Library.

For information on the whole series of parent education events see here.


This is a workshop for parents of school-age children who are prone to emotional outbursts. Parenting strategies presented will include catching your child before the storm, calming your child if he/she has passed that “critical window,” and preventing future meltdowns from occurring. Strategies for parents to stay calm in the face of a child’s outburst will also be reviewed.

Ally Burr-Harris, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist at Children's Program. She has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years. Previously, she was the director of a child trauma program. She is the parent of three children ages 11, 16, and 21. Ally has expertise in the area of child trauma, adoption, and parent-child attachment. A common thread across all of her work with children and families is coaching both parents and children in emotional regulation skills. This was her primary motivation in developing this workshop for parents.

Please note that childcare is not available for this event.  The Parent Education series is supported via your Jog-a-thon donation.  Questions can be directed to Megan O’Malley-Cook (parented@bonnyslopebsco.org).

For information on the whole series of parent education events see here.